Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!


Yes dear readers, while my day job has been quite demanding and thus a flurry of activities for me with work spilling to till midnight and beyond, I have never lost hope. In fact, as mentioned in my previous update, I watched the opening night of Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzical’s 4th run. It was such a treat!

1. Those who were able to watch the previous runs and got disappointed with the movie had reasons to be so. Well, my first reaction after seeing the musical was utmost and raw hatred towards Mother Lily and her cohorts — how dare them bastardize Zaturnnah! But after a few minutes, of course, I calmed down and somehow understood that it’s all so that they do whatever they can to ensure commercial success for the movie version. Too bad, however hard they tried, it wasn’t really enough. Poor Mother.

2. For straight people out there, go and watch Zaturnnah ze Muzical. The music is fantastic (hello Vince de Jesus! He’s a reader of MGG, and musical director, composer and lyricist of Zaturnnah), the actors were mostly brilliant (I love you Eula! I love you Joey Paras!), and it is funny as funny can get. The theatre is small so you get that intimate feel of a university-based play yet the performance is — no questions asked — 100% professional.

3. For gays and lesbians — kill yourself now if you have not seen this musical. Yes, kill yourself. Or, better yet, go watch it, and savor the fun of seeing yourself in the characters of the play, plus life lessons you surely would not want to miss. I tell you that in the midst of endless laughters, I did cry at least three times throughout the show. If I were you, magkamatayan na , just don’t fail to watch this landmark show. (You can get tickets at Tanghalang Pilipino and CCP - call 8321125, and hope there are still available tickets!)

P.S. After the opening night show, I was able to meet the newest “Dodong” of the show, uber sexy Janvier Daily. Hunk alert!!! Took his pics, so that I can salivate together with you dear MGG readers. Watch out for his pics here! ze Muzical Rocks!  digg:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!  spurl:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!  newsvine:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!  furl:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!  reddit:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!  fark:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!  Y!:Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!


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12 Responses to “Zaturnnah ze Muzical Rocks!”

  1. Little Fish Says:

    Too bad I can’t watch it. My next trip to Manila will be on March. I just hope and crossing my finger, the show will still be running but, I doubt it will.
    When I watched the movie version, I slept. Rustom and Zsa Zsa were great but the production damn hell……kung pwede pa lang buhayin ang mga baklang nasa sementeryo, gagawin ko…we will stage a rally at Regal.
    I envy you…..MGG! I got other commitments. Mamatay na lang ako sa inggit!

  2. vincedj Says:

    At sa wakas. Nakilala na rin kita, Migs!!!

    Thank you for watching the show. Mwah!

  3. Raf Says:

    Can’t wait to see the Janvier Daily pics. :) Who played Dodong on the opening night?

  4. riffraff2000 Says:

    Hey Migs, are there any plans for a US tour???

    Maybe if there is one shimmering benefit to the disastrous movie version is that it will generate buzz overseas of its original stage production, doncha think?

  5. aries Says:

    pano kami dito sa cebu(and other cities)? wahahaha
    will that be shown here?

  6. Mikee Says:

    Nice blog/Web Migs,
    I already include urs in my daily updates. Keep it coming!

  7. jase Says:

    OMG! I wanna go home and see this musical!

  8. vincedejesus Says:

    January 26, 8pm
    January 27, 3pm and 8pm
    January 28, 3pm and 8pm
    at the Huseng Batute, CCP

    Tickets at TicketWorld 8919999
    CCP 8321125

  9. Carver Says:

    Migs… I didn’t see you. Or maybe I did but didn’t realize it was you. *bonking head on wall* :-(

  10. Matteo Says:

    I Just called CCP Ticket Office and Ticketworld and was informed that the Fri, Sat, and Sun shows (3 p.m. and 8 p.m.) are all sold out. Crazy. Anyway, I hope this imited run will have another “limited run”. Anybody who has extra tickets? I’ll buy it for a thousand bucks. Hehe.

  11. jOEY sONGBIRD pARAS Says:

    Thank you…thank you very much for your love and support! I hope i could get to meet you in person….

    GOD BLESS YOU! And thank you very much for “believing”….muah!

  12. jOEY sONGBIRD pARAS Says:

    I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!

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