Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy


I chanced upon a site where Benilde folks chat about this cutie eye candy named Angelo Bryce… then I saw the pics. Hmmm… cute alright. I heard he was in the Fita Commercial, as well as in a Pancit Canton commercial, but since I have not had the chance to really watch enough TV, I have not seen those ads. Here’s Angelo, brought to you by self-confessed TV-ignoramus Migs… hehehe!


Angelo with Eula Valdez as Zsazsa Zaturnnah.



(Photo credits: Malandinggay) Bryce, Fita Boy  digg:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy  spurl:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy  newsvine:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy  furl:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy  reddit:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy  fark:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy  Y!:Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy


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25 Responses to “Angelo Bryce, Fita Boy”

  1. mtguy Says:

    cute sya..

  2. trevor Says:

    fashion no-no.

    *wag kang magbelt pag naka-suspender ka na!

    saka panget ang pagkakaayos sa fedora niya.

  3. aeriol Says:

    kabog naman sya!!!!!!! crush ko na sya !!!!!! ang cute cute nya hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dokd Says:

    mas guwapo si kian kazemi ng st benilde. i wonder if they know each other.

  5. Kai Says:

    Where’d you see him Migs? Yes, he’s done FITA, Coke, and Lucky Me Pancit Canton plus the Advertising Congress ad. He’s a cutie. He’s still in Benilde ata. He used to work part time sa video store sa makati and I told myself.. Hmm cutie!

  6. josh Says:

    Cute mag pa cute. Migs, now that ur in to commercial boys, hope u can feature yung isa pang nagpapacute sa new commercial ng pldt MyDSL “ways to convince ur parents to get DSL P999″ :) tnx.

  7. monsour abraham Says:

    tumpak ! cute nga eh …

  8. eric Says:

    type!!! i like kalbo guys!!!!

  9. baby_phat Says:

    He looked so gay

  10. mao Says:

    the guy in the pldt dsl ad is dino imperial. he’s a mainstay in let’s go!

  11. monicalewinskiing Says:

    hahaha belt at suspenders???? siguro maluwag talaga ang jeans nya noh?

  12. niki de los reyes-torres Says:

    that black & white photo with him in the hat and suspenders was taken at my house… sorry for the fashion faux pas, i was at the kitchen at the time cooking -could use a little queer eye touch nga.

    check out his photos at my ‘duyan ng kagitingan’ folder at

    astig si bryce, he’s a really great theatre actor…

  13. empress maruja Says:

    I’m pretty sure mahal niya ako. CHAROTEE!

  14. miss chivas Says:

    i know bryce! he’s my friend. sobrang bait nya. he is a fashionable guy. sometimes too fashionable na parang mapapaisip ka na “hmm…gay ba to?” pero he’s not. i heard he is one naughty guy :P

  15. drew Says:

    ka-batch ko sa CSB yan eh! i always see him sa corridors

  16. Kai Says:

    nope, he’s not gay. very cute indeed. He hangs out sa capones. he used to be cute chubby but he lost a lot of weight recently. medyo mukha na syang dry

  17. ian Says:

    josh, crush ko rin yung si myDSL guy. haha… cute nya habang nagpapa-cute. :)

  18. smoothshaver Says:

    I do go crazy about bald shaved men!!

  19. vinvin Says:

    hwaw! ang gwapo nya dito ha!

  20. Daizuke Says:

    hahays!!.. Minsan Nakaka-umay kung puro nlng cute or shall i say mga katulad ni Angelo.. Prang gusto yung medyo exotic ang beauty (pero ndi panget) :-)

  21. joef Says:

    cute talaga xa at ko na xa thru my friend na taga st.benilde.

  22. Robbie Says:

    Well guys… he’s not only “looking” gay… he’s one… actually, bi to be exact. A friend of mine is his ex-bf..

  23. rodier Says:

    hello eric at smoothshaver pareho tayong tatlo. Mahilig din ako sa kalbo. Poging pogi ang tingin ko pagkalbo ang guy.

  24. serge Says:

    omigosh…i like saw him in one of the plays held at CSB, he played a military guy there…oh, i didn’t know he appeared in commercials too…
    but yeah!…soooooo hoooooot! heheh:)

  25. starbucks Says:

    yes serge i saw that play too! he even kissed the other guy with an unattractive body lips to lips. He’s really cute though 5′5 lang ata at hindi proportioned un nipples nya sa chest nya wen he appeared on that play.

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