My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo

He’s igorot. He’s cool. He’s heavenly. He’s my kind of cute. Huli ka, Marky Cielo!

Marky Cielo

Full Name Mark Angelo Cadaweng-Cielo
Nick Boknoy
Birthday May 12, 1988
Birthplace Butuan City
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5’8”
Dialects/Languages Ilocano, Cebuano, Kan-kana-ey,
English, Tagalog

(Generally, is not fond of favorites, but just so people would know…)

Movie You Got Served, Matrix, MI3
Actor Keanu Reeves
Song Fallin’
Singer Regine Velasquez and Janno Gibbs
Music Hiphop, Techno, Ballad
Food Chocolates
Hobby/Interests Watching TV, Drawing
Expression “Sus”, “Hugz! Hugz!”, “Putik!”
Color Blue

Q & A
>> Simple

Reasons for joining starstruck
>> I just decided to try “buhay artista”.
>> For curiosity as well.

Biggest Frustration / Regret
>> Be a good singer

Role Model:
>> My family. As a whole, no one in particular. I just select characters/traits from various people and have them as my example.

Message to aspiring “artistas”:
>> Just always give your best, grab all the chances ‘cause you’ll never know if it is the last

Mahiyain ka ba talaga Boknoy?
>> Hinde

Do you drive? Taking lessons?
>> Nope. Don’t have time.

When did you learn how to dance? Any formal training?
>> Since I was 7. There was no formal training. I just joined dance troupes.

If you were not able to make it to the Top 10 of SS3, what could have you been doing today?
>> Studying.

What are your goals in Life?
>> That’s my problem. I still don’t have a goal in life. I’m working on it, though.

If your friends would look on your picture album, what will they be surprised of?
>> Nothing. I will be surprised if they’re surprised.

What did you sing during the Lang-ay Festival?
>> “Sa Kanya” (suicide yun ah! Hehehe)

What’s your religion?
>> Roman Catholic

What is your shirt size?
>> Small to medium.

Who is your favorite Judge in SS3?
>> All of them.

What was the hardest Starstruck Test for you?
>> Singing.

What do you look for in the opposite sex, Looks or Charm?
>> Anything.

sigh. I wish you were one of us, Boknoy. LOL! kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  digg:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  spurl:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  newsvine:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  furl:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  reddit:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  fark:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo  Y!:My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo


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26 Responses to “My kind of cutie: Marky Cielo”

  1. bluerain Says:

    Marky is my kind of cutie because more than his good looks, he has the purest heart iver ever seen..for someone who’s entered showbiz. He’s charisma is his good nature, and having no false pretenses..rather watches out for his actions..

  2. mcvie Says:

    Malay mo…. He’s still young, he could be a VIP (vahklur in progress).

  3. manila gay guy Says:

    mcvie! yesss…. i want, i want… i want him! sige hintayin ko siya :)

  4. charlize Says:

    Marky Cielo is my kind of cutie because he is the man of my dreams…hehehe(how I wish I was his age ;) ) ! Kidding aside, Marky is a true gentleman with amazing talents. Aside from his great looks and killer smile, his good heart and his humility and love for his work and family, friends and supporters are his best assets! Such a wonderful person and a good inspiration to all the people who get to know him.

    This young lad is simply extraordinary… amazing…one of a kind…remarkable…exquisite…magnificent…gorgeous…impeccable…yummylicious…and the list goes on and on… just love love Marky!!!

  5. ionmap Says:

    Marky Cielo is my kind of cutie because he not only has good looks, he has talent, charm, and a down-to-earth attitude. He doesn’t allow himself to be affected by his increasing fame. More than that, he’s an inspiring young man because he always gives his best in everything that he does. And anyone who has watched him perform can attest to that. :)

  6. MisAcc Says:

    he’s one of a kind…..dat wen u look at him when he’s performing…wow….he’s IT…u know…d smiles…d moves…d facial expressions….wow…superb….when it comes to acting….he got the talent…attitude….he’s real….to sume it all….HE’S MY KIND OF CUTIE…( too…how i wish…we r of the same age….lolz….)

  7. bakekang Says:


  8. (^_^) Says:

    coz…he’s cute but not only for he is cute but also in terms of his talents….he’s so talented or in simpler words he is versatile…he’s good in dancin, acting, singing(hehe) and many more..i’m sure he will become successful in his career…he’s got the guts to be called as sole survivor…he has the looks,the talent,the attitude and etc….pakichech na lang kung tama gramar ko..hehehe

  9. dorky Says:

    I am so relieved that this handsome young man won in starstruck! Its about time we appreciate Pinoy features - dark skinned, tall, button-nose. Guwapo di ba? Actually, cute ang mga Igorot. Chinito pero dark. Yummy!!!

    Nakakasawa na kasi ang mestiso.

  10. lovehurts Says:

    You got it Right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Arman….a fighter….(encantadia)

    Daniel…..a martial art lover…(Fantastikids)

    Joe….a sweet lover (Young at Hearts)

    Bryan….a romantic guy….(Till I met You)

    Michael…obsessed lover…(Bakekang)

    ?????….a treasure hunter…(Asian Treasure)

    He himself…a dancer,a singer,simple but charming (SOP, Startalk-StruckAttack, Sis, etc….)


    I’VE GOT U,BOKS!!!!!!!!

  11. Ruben Sebastian Says:

    I really felt bad when they killed his character in Bakekang. He is one of the freshest faces in the soap. His character showed real conflict and his portrayal was very realistic.

    I really wish they hadn’t kiiled him off int he show.

    The only way we can see him is through flashbacks.

  12. watduh Says:

    his dance move rock!!!

    some of my friends tell me we have resemblances, harhar…but that’s beside the topic, anyways, yeah, he’s got that distinct appeal, he may not have those striking features, but his totality is lovable..pang masa siya talaga…

  13. jz Says:

    he looks common… but his acting is good

  14. andrew Says:

    Cutie-cutie Marky Cielo. Someday he’ll turn into a real hunk and fine actor. He’s got the grooves to boot. Mas magaling s’ya di hamak kay Mark Herras sa dance floor. Si Marky may arrive, may force ang bawa’t movement sa pagsayaw; si Mark parang lantang ewan, basta na lang makasayaw.

    But I like them both. I just loOove Marky Cielo more. ;)

  15. cast Says:

    love u marky

  16. ewan Says:

    hahai…sana nga bakla cya…i have the biggest crush on him….sana lang…he is the only one who could make me come out…
    go for it marky…i know sisikat ka!

  17. roxanne Says:

    go marky..since starstruck na struck talaga ako sa galing mong sumayaw.walang iwanan…always marky fan ako

  18. jeffrey Says:

    Marky Cielo is the perfect example of a Pinoy beauty. In a sea of countless forgettable mestizos who lord it out in local showbiz (with most of them not amounting to anythingn due to lack of talent), here is a very down-to-earth young man oozing with talent and sex appeal winning the Ultimate Starstruck title. I just get mesmerized when I see Marky dancing because he is such a fantastic dancer. I love his moves! So graceful yet masculine! And that body! Marky is gifted with a naturally beautiful body. Nice chest, arms, legs that are all not exposed to hardcore bodybuilding (which most celebrities indulge in to look more appealing and attractive). Marky is a natural inside and out…The Ultimate Pinoy Hunk…Let us have more handsome kayumanggi guys in local showbiz…

  19. BAKIT? Says:

    waaaaahhhh… bakit lang ibang movie c marky???? taz ung iba meron….????

  20. gago Says:

    glad that pinoy skins up cuz of markey

  21. iloveboom Says:

    The best talaga si Marky….go go marky

  22. Jeni Says:

    Just wanna say my own opinion…sorry to say he but for me he is so OA never amaze me even with his dancing…and he always try to look pleasant and nice kind a hiding something…yes hes cute and really adorable but was just a little gay for me he must act more masculine… thats all sana wlang magalit.

  23. ewan Says:

    he can go overboard at times but that’s sole proof that he tries to do his best…he may need a lot of hastening but the dancing is way fine (he could go dance gay-like without looking gay…do i put it right ba?hehehe)…i also love the pairing up with glaiza de castro…

  24. fattyacid Says:

    wala namang dating kasi eh…

  25. ewan Says:

    maghubad ka na please…

  26. Bulge Galore! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] go, go - Marky Cielo, Dennis Trillo, and Aljur […]

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