Luke Landrigan, surfer hunk

lukelandrigan13.jpg Luke Landrigan is one of the most famous surfers of the country — and he’s hunky as athletic hunks can be! Luke has won various surfing competitions such as the 2005 Lanuza International Longboard Invitational and the La Union Long Board Open. Luke is half-Filipino, and half-Australian — but frankly he seems very Pinoy in my eyes (maybe because of the permanent tan that surfing gives him?). He owns the Billabong San Juan Surf School in La Union — anyone here who is interested (in surfing, or in the surfer hunk that is Luke!), well, you know where to go. So, ehem-ehempaano, kitakits na ba in La Union? Hehehe!






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18 Responses to “Luke Landrigan, surfer hunk”

  1. londoner Says:

    I would love to learn how to surf.How much and for how long do you think is the teaching session? I have a limited time coz i need to travel from london to manila. any contact numbers that i can have? Mant thanks.

  2. harajuku Says:

    hes so-so… mukhang inaantok hehe..

    but yeah id like to learn how to surf.. siargao is like 8 - 10 hours from my place argh

  3. dildo-gal-collector Says:

    nalulukekalukah ako kay luke !

  4. popo zaragoza Says:

    panget niya

  5. chad Says:

    Is that Nel in the pic with the pink bg? XD

  6. what_boys_want Says:

    Luke is a personal friend. He’s every inch a Pinoy! (hear him talk and you won’t think he’s Australian).

    you can reach him (his resort) at (6372)24261601, (6372)7050833, (6372)7200310

    and no, that’s not PBB’s Nel on the 3rd pic!

  7. what_boys_want Says:

    ^ oh, mali yung unang number na naibigay ko. that should be (6372)2426101

  8. noel Says:

    Kamukha nga ng panget na nel…. yung na ka white shirt na katabi nya sa isang pic panalo

  9. eric Says:

    hey hes cute!!! sometimes iba ang dating ng tao sa pic…for sure cutie ito sa totoong buhay!!!! eto mga type ko na men!!!! i like him!!!!
    i like his bod!!!
    pumapatol kaya ito sa bading???
    wish ko lang!!!!

  10. Nadriamez Says:

    Yeah, i’ve seen him in La Union twice.

    Dun kasi kami nagbebeach ng family ko sa La Union.. 1 hour lang from Baguio.

  11. michael Says:

    Luke is good looking. Luke has a very nice body. And yes Luke is a hunk yum

  12. sinuso-si-balboa Says:

    goodlukes and panlaban ni luke ! all i can say he is delicious !

  13. Naughty Luke Landrigan | manila gay guy Says:

    […] I first featured Luke Landrigan (the surfer hunk), I didn’t know he can be this […]

  14. jhEPh Says:

    Ive been to san juan beach resort and surf…. ive seen him luke face to face together with his dogs!!! his so HOT!!!!

  15. fattyacid Says:

    hotta! energyzer bunny!

  16. xian Says:

    he looks like piolo on his last photo.

  17. Tita Glo Says:

    san ko ba makikita itong luke na to

  18. namannaman Says:

    nakita ko na to sa la union. so gwapo.

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