The Tiger in Tiggah

I was bloghopping and found these pictures of a 23-year-old Pinoy living in San Diego, California, USA. His screenname is “Tiggah” — “Tigz” for short. At first I was not sure he was Filipino, so I read through his blog posts. As soon as I saw some reference to Pinoy food, I was almost sure he was Filipino. But I felt I had to find out for sure. So I added him up as my Flickr contact, and emailed him. “Are you Pinoy?”

And he answered:


Why did I bother checking? or better yet, why was I so interested in him? Well… I hope the pictures can do the explanation!


More pics ahead!

By the way, Tiggah responded affirmatively - “Yes I am Pinoy!”






Tiggah has a partner, nicknamed Pooh… in the following pics, Pooh (semikal) is on the left while Tiggah is on the right. Pooh is Pinoy too. Ain’t they such a cute couple?



By the way, since Tiggah is a lover of Shakespearean Love Sonnets, with this I’d like to thank him for allowing me to post his pics here. Tiggah, this is for you…

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed,
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course untrimmed:
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st,
Nor shall death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st,
    So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
    So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Tiggah maintains a blog, and has lots of pics in his Flickr account too. There you will see how tame these pics are, and you will see the real Tiger in Tiggah — you know what I mean. He doesn’t call himself an exhibitionist for nothing. *wink wink* Hehehe. Tiger in Tiggah  digg:The Tiger in Tiggah  spurl:The Tiger in Tiggah  newsvine:The Tiger in Tiggah  furl:The Tiger in Tiggah  reddit:The Tiger in Tiggah  fark:The Tiger in Tiggah  Y!:The Tiger in Tiggah


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45 Responses to “The Tiger in Tiggah”

  1. mcvie Says:




  2. wrestler Says:

    pinaka HOT talaga mga PINOY :-)

  3. paowi Says:

    sh*t i visited his site.. and sobrang bumilis ata ung heart rate ko.. porn bloggers ata si tigz.. wow! such guts!

  4. chino Says:

    although caucasians are HOT..i find pinoys HOTTER.. lol..

    migs did you email him or something?.. or did you comment? :P

  5. tiggah Says:

    Hello Migs!

    Thank you for the wonderful post and for the sonnet! It is definitely one of my favorites :) You have a great blog and I’ve been a reader (and avid viewer of images) for quite some time now, so to see myself in one of your posts is very quite flattering. Take care!

  6. anton Says:

    i have been reading this blog for 3 months now. ang galing…… you rock…….

  7. chismoso Says:

    *gulp* the photos are HOT!!! i am super crushing on Pooh… yummy… yummy yummy!

    maybe i’ll visit the couple on my trip to LA… or wherever they are.


  8. neon Says:

    he has this nude photos.

  9. Kim Says:

    An out Filipino “gay” couple in America? Interesting..

  10. joey Says:

    Who doesn’t like an exhibitionist?

    Hot guy.

  11. daemoneyes Says:

    been reading his blog since kanina morning…

    must say…

    aside from his nudies and action pics…

    i envy them… because theyre open…

    the intimacy…
    the sweetness…
    the passion…
    the sex…

    wish my relationship with my bf is as this open (no pun intended)…

  12. josh Says:

    hoaaaoow… what more can a person ask! Hey tigah, really love your blog & pix (tigah & pooh together!) you seem to be very free… I have couple of pix (of me0 like you. Wala lang sometimes you just cant help but picture yourself in uncompromising or artful situation. I wonder where to post them??? they are all in one cd. naah, i just put a self exloding bomb with my cd (ala mission impossible) because my pix r for my viewing only… kc pag matanda ka na, ol you do is reminisce your youthful looks….

  13. vinvin Says:

    shet. ang hot nilang 2 no?! i happen to have come across one of tiggah’s nudie pic na sobrang treasured ko. naghahanap nga ako nung kay pooh. hehehe.

  14. N Says:

    Wowww…. Tiggah and Pooh look super cute together. I’m very envious. Excellent compilation of photos, Tiggah.

  15. taylor Says:

    I remember chatting with this guy online and he sent me a few of his nudie shots.
    I must say he is quite “blessed”, haha

  16. chad Says:

    wow a hunk who knows his Shakespeare! san ka pa?

  17. DENNIS Says:

    Dear Tigz,

    I will take my vacation in the States in September. Hope to see you.

  18. AJ Says:


    He just posted his naughtier photos on his site! :) Yummy!

  19. khalel Says:

    tiggah is sizzling hotter than the summer sun!

  20. paurong Says:

    tiggah’s hot!

  21. mtguy Says:

    I love ur blog dude! i like u being the exhibitionist! hahaha!go on as what you doin’ u got all what it takes! mwah!

  22. KittyQT Says:

    Yup, nice blog Tiggah, very DARING!!!


  23. andrew Says:

    Super-cute sya sa first pic, parang commercial ng Lucky Me Supreme, hehe! I’m pretty sure he knows that he’s hot kaya sya super-pose ng ganyan. Sana lang hindi sya mayabang gaya ng ibang mga tao dito sa Pinas na hindi rin naman kagwapuhan, kung mag-aasta eh akala mo kung sino. Galit? Haha!

  24. islandboi1983 Says:

    Yep, Tiggah has a bad-ass alter ego named tigguh!! hehe..

    Tiggah and Pooh..
    That’s Erny and Carlitos folks..

    Im not sure but yes they look like erny and carlitos.. hehe

    Know where I got my Info? tag me..

  25. andrew Says:

    Where’d you get your info, islandboi? And I think I like your name. It’s interesting. I think I like you already. *blushing redness sa pisngi na parang pinagsampalan* hehe!

  26. tiggah Says:

    wow comments! Well, I dont read tagalog that well but I’m pretty sure that “mayabang” and “akala mo kung sino” are insults…::gasps::! haha maybe I’m reading it wrong…oh well, can’t please em all (^_~)

    Anyway, thanks fer the luv everyone!


  27. andrew Says:

    Ei there, Tigz. Looks like you put me on the spot, haha! :P

    You’re definitely reading my comment wrong, hehe! Lemme translate what I was babbling about. I said, ‘I’m just hoping that you’re not an airhead like some (or most?) people here in the Philippines. Those people are not even close to being cute and yet they go around making others feel that they’re a god.’

    …roughly translated as that. :D

    I think you’re hot, Tigz. I’d loOove to see what’s behind the gift you were ‘blocking’ the view down there with (in your pic). LOLZ! Hope to see more of you here.

    Migz, thanks for bringing Tigz to your site. Klap, klap, klap. :)

  28. tiggah Says:

    lol andrew, I guess I was reading it wrong but dont worry, I wasn’t mad especially since I didn’t understand most of the sentence anyway haha :) I definitely should brush up on my tagalog haha…i understand it really well verbally, but I suck at reading it because I dont know how to pronounce certain words correctly =P Anyway, Thanks a lot! and take care :)

  29. josh Says:

    Hey tiggah, its good thing that you reply so fast to comments on this blog. really really love your adventures.

  30. andrew Says:

    Aww, Tiggah’s such a sweet little thing. I think ‘MAHAL ko na sya.’ (Hope you get that part, Tigz. *wink, wink*)

  31. docki Says:

    woooh! i am right here in NY and the weather is chilly outside. but it is smokin’ hot here in my room because of TIGGAH! migz, thanks for the site. and Tiggah, you are smokin’ dude. how i wish i was pooh…hey tiggah, more posts please..Pooh. i think i love you too!hehehe!
    you both are my icons!

  32. neon boy Says:

    its nice to see gay couples in the open, tigah i love your pics soooo sexy. me too have a bf and were out in the open too.

  33. aquaman Says:

    you and pooh are very inspiring. i miss my ex all of a sudden. reading your blog till morning. its so much fun. thanks for sharing your life with us.

  34. andrew Says:

    I mishu, Tiggah… ;)

  35. iloveBoom Says:

    wow! im envious of their sweetness…wow! we used to be like that! my partner and I but after being together for more than a decade….hay!heheheheh

  36. iloveBoom Says:

    tigz how long have you guys been together? hehehehe..inggit p rin ako! hahahaha..(still envious of you guys)

  37. tiggahtigz Says:

    thanks for the sweet words guys :) Pooh and I have been together for 5 years. It will be 6 this next october.

  38. dokd Says:

    tigz, checked out your site dude. way cool! the pics were great and the pics of the food made me really hungry. the pics from around west hollywood made me really miss the place. i’m from the sfo bay area and although we’ve got the castro, west ho is still the hottest place to be and the best place to check out hot guys especially filipino guys. i’ve added your blog to my favorite bookmarks and look forward to following your blog. take care bro!

  39. iloveBoom Says:

    wow! 5 years and still going strong..GOODLUCK! hope you’ll be together till eternity..u r such a lovely couple…

  40. cast Says:


    i love you na …..

  41. docki Says:

    belated happy birthday tigz!

    don’t forget to post more pix!and don’t forget to tell us about u and pooh!

  42. dax Says:

    hey tigz!… i’ve read all your posts on your blog from the start… too bad i’m here somewhere in the middle east and was blocked… i can’t view your photos! (waaaaaahhhh!!! huhuhu…) could you just send me some on my email? send me some of tigguhh’s photos too! hehehe… well… just curious… its cool that you guys are very open with your sexuality there in your place… send my regards to pooh! u both look good… and even better when together… take care buddy! oh! by the way… belated happy birthday!(apr.20)…

    @migs… thanks for bringing tiggah and pooh here! great site! woohoooo!

  43. taz_kid Says:

    Hi all, hi tigz! Wow ubber inspiring. How did you and pooh started (pretty much your love story)or is that mentioned in your blog?

    It seems like a fairy tale, wish more people can experience the love that you have for each other.


    (parang me pinaghuhugutan…) *sob*

  44. Jared Says:

    Tiggah or Carlito in real life lives in SAn Jose, not San Diego Migz.

  45. cordy Says:

    ang pogi nito ah.

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