Dino Imperial, Cute Coke Kid


Dino Imperial is that cute Coke commercial kid. He also is that guy in the PLDT MyDSL commercial, and he also appeared in ABS-CBN’s Abt Ur Luv and in the movie Shake, Rattle and Roll 8. Cute, yes… hunk? Not quite yet.




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53 Responses to “Dino Imperial, Cute Coke Kid”

  1. Justin Says:

    yeah but more on the effeminate side

  2. sushi77 Says:

    thanks migs for finally posting dino here!

    mind you, he actually has cuter pics than these. the ones here just so show his
    a-dork-able side. there are some choice ones on his friendster account that are really to drool for!

    from what i know, he just turned 19 and is currently single. he just broke up with his current girlfriend johana villeta, another Star Magic talent. if you want to see them together, take a look at cueshe’s video for “back to me”.

    but in any case, he’s SOOOO yummy! :D

  3. julian Says:

    those arched eyebrows are amazing! and he is a nice guy to boot! i think this crop of andrew gordons and dino imperials are so worth watching…and more of that sibak guy too!

  4. empress maruja Says:

    Ang cute niya sa PLDT commercial. Mahal ko na siya…hahah!

  5. reyville Says:

    real cute…

  6. CMx Says:

    his brother eric ejercito is way cuter than him! ;)

  7. Tita Glo Says:

    Mukhang duwende.

  8. Junki Says:

    I’ve seen him before sa Gateway Mall and he’s a real cutie! I love his Coke commercial, tara Dino, bonding tayo. I’m loving this guy!

  9. wj Says:

    i loooove the perfectly arched brows….

  10. chad Says:

    He looks arrogant dahil sa eyebrows niya. Pero sobrang cute niya dahil dun!

  11. monsour abraham Says:

    absolutely cutie ! he looks nice & handsome… i love him…

  12. le bone Says:

    Hi Migs. Please feature naman ‘CHARLES’ . The guy in the rexona ‘first day high’ commercial . I really think he’s cute. I don’t know his full name. I once saw him in Y-speak. Quite a brainy guy. Pleeeease.Thanks.

  13. rj Says:

    not quite!

  14. freshweng Says:

    may i know his height?

  15. freshweng Says:

    ano po height nya? email me here

  16. ian Says:


    thanks for making an entry about this guy… i love him! hehe…

  17. ian Says:

    le bone,

    i believe charles lejano yung name nya…:) cutie rin… hehe…

  18. josh Says:

    so dats his name. Tnx a lot migs for featuring him! his pldt commercials i really enjoy watching…

  19. josh Says:

    He reminds me of d young albert martinez

  20. Denvi Ho Says:

    Hes cute and yummy, Can I taste him?

  21. eponine Says:

    @le bone, i think the guy you are refereing to is taking up law. yeah, a smart guy he is - dean’s lister ata sa ateneo. :) he’s had many other ads - more on the prints.

  22. sushi77 Says:

    @ freshweng: he’s 5′7″ dear :D

  23. jazzie Says:

    he is cute… and definetely a sutil type of guy who likes having fun…….

  24. ohwelldear Says:

    this is what you get when you morph a female face in a man’s body

  25. ana Says:

    ……….hai!!! cute… alam moh crush na crush kitah super!!! number one fun mokoh!!! remember that..saka lahat sinusubaybayan koh bastah andun kah!! i love you!! muah

  26. cb3 Says:

    grabe sa pagka-trim ang eyebrows davah?! nakita ko na sya several times, and i think he looks better in the tv ads

  27. neon Says:

    xa ung may malaking billboard sa C-5 kalayaan intersection na nakataas ung isang kilay at nakataas din ang buhok na may patong na books. ano pa kaya ang tayo sa kanya?

  28. gelai Says:

    tumahimik kaung lahat!
    natikman ko na siya…:)

  29. sapphire Says:

    hindi siya ganun ka-cute in person at super layo pa niya sa pagiging hunk

  30. empress maruja Says:

    arrrgh…nakalimutan ko address ng blog niya…grrr…

  31. michael Says:

    Of all the guys in Abt Ur Luv,he’s the most handsome.Promise! A stand-out among the others!

  32. jackie Says:

    CUTIE!! hahaha:)

  33. Marlon Says:

    noon ko pa gusto malaman name nya shocks!! sobrnag cute nya sa pldt commercial roooaaar!!!

  34. ganja Says:

    Eric ejercito is not his brother… there just friends… and i know this kid is a real asshole… he’s on his rebel stage as of this time…

  35. kingstan Says:

    i know dino. and yes, eric is not his brother for pete’s sake! haha! hindi gwapo si eric noh! haha!

    dino is such an ass, napaka raskal nyan andami galit sa kanya sa csb.

  36. kingstan Says:

    i also have to agree na mas gwapo sya in stills (print ads) and tv ads, cos in person hindi sya stand out. no star quality na parang glowing na ewan, unlike my other friends from the shuuuubiz haha. no honestly, normal looking lang. not a hunk. just a cute face. dami nga mas stand out sa kanya sa csb eh. point taken, dino is cute. but not gwapo for my taste.

  37. kingstan Says:

    break na sila ni johanna, saw johanna with a different guy from csb rin!! oh gosh!!! ewan ko ba dyan kay dino. meanwhile, go check out the new bf of dino’s ex. compare and contrast. i dont know the new guy personally but i always see him at school.

  38. danish Says:

    …ah pahingi naman ng coke..ha ha ha ur cute

  39. fattyacid Says:

    awww cute sya…

    can’t wait for him to mature na!

  40. ion Says:

    the 1st pic was taken inside csb..

  41. win win pero lost Says:

    weee.. un pala name niya. :)

  42. jhamaine Says:

    ur so cute mahal na kita

  43. mike Says:

    i think he’s gay,kc pag nakikita ko sa tv,my pitik eh hehe

  44. mayflor Says:

    hi dino. cute cute mo tlga az in! luv yah! muahh!!

  45. Calvin Says:

    i like the second pic best… he’s so cute there… :)

  46. tim Says:

    he’s got some nice pair of legs…post some with his legs…thanks again

  47. thin Says:

    hay DINO!!!such a lovely boy!!!!!hope to see you in person!!!!!you are the 1 who makes me happy!!!hehemmwwwwwwwwwwaaaahhhhhhhhh

  48. model Says:

    he’s my friend he studies in benilde

  49. michelle Says:

    hi dino sana makita kita sa personal fan niyo ni empress ingat lagi

  50. sivan Says:

    cutie sups.

  51. sivan Says:

    god bless aweiyz……

  52. [D.W.A] Says:

    Ang cute cute mo :)

  53. tophe Says:

    ..i really like you dino..hope to meet you in person.more blessings on your career.god bless!!!

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