Polo Ravales, from cute to hot

From cute boy to hottie — that’s Polo Ravales. Check out too his sizzling kissing scene with co-actor Luis Alandy (Manay Po).







BONUS: Polo fooling around with John Pratts and Mark Herras


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17 Responses to “Polo Ravales, from cute to hot”

  1. astroboi Says:

    LOVE ko si polo!!!

    POLO!!!! i love you!!!!!!!

    hehe serious ako.

  2. troyboy888 Says:

    he’s a gym-mate. Mabait and friendly, all in all, real cool dude.

  3. Little Fish Says:

    Borgy you are a hunk, no doubts about it. But, eat your heart out…here comes Polo Ravales…..hunkier and a cool dude!

  4. eric Says:

    i’ve been going to the gym for 7 years now…i know when a guy has a good bod …i’m sori polo is not one of them..his bod is not proportion..too much bulk in the chest area…i saw him once in rockwell..just like any ordinary joe…

  5. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Ang cute ni Polo! Ang linis linis tignan!

  6. Secret Says:

    Bakit hahawakan ni Mark yung abs ni Polo!!!!

  7. andrea de guzman Says:

    nakakainis ung tatlo, polo, john p and mark h…arg!!

  8. Jonathan Zamora Says:

    Ang guapo ni Polo. Malinis na malinis. Parang ang bango amoyin. Ano ba ang height mo.

  9. polo who???? Says:

    A lot of ppl said we look alike…
    but I don’t see it……
    I think I am better looking.

  10. hunkystud Says:

    polo is gay. a versa-bottom for that matter.

  11. butterflyrhai Says:

    natikman ko sia nung nasa uste pa sia younger year sia hehehe kasi ang pinsan nia na gay ay barkada ko… di pa sia nun t..e hehehe

  12. gago Says:

    s that wht u call hot hindi kaya pang high fashion sory to foldid and hang …

  13. michael Says:

    I have seen Polo’s gay kiss seen manay po. Polo looks like enjoys that kiss. I enjoyed watching him kiss.

  14. michael Says:

    polo is still cute. Even though Polo is Hot, Polo has a great looking body now

  15. fattyacid Says:

    one day, he’s so hunky…

    the next day he’s so cute…

    he’s one beautiful creature.

  16. michael Says:

    Is Polo Gay? Please answer this question. I am not sure if Polo is gay are not.

  17. pepron Says:


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