Straight Guys in Gay Kiss

What is it in straight guys kissing? As in lip-locking, tongue-mish-mashing kind of kissing.

Here are celebrities doing just that, well, as they say, “part of the job” or the classic 80’s excuse, “for the sake of art.” He-he-he!

Tyron Perez William Martinez Kiss Fresh, fresh Tyron Perez, who plays a male prostitute in Twilight Dancers, in sex scene with William Martinez who plays a gay customer. (Click here for the YouTube video.)

Polo Ravales and Luis Alandy Kiss
Luis Alandy and Polo Ravales, torrid kissing scene in local movie, “Manay Po” (Click here for the YouTube video.)

Colin Farrel Kissing Scene
Colin Farrel’s gay kissing scene in “A Home at the End of the World” (Click here for the YouTube video.) Guys in Gay Kiss  digg:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss  spurl:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss  newsvine:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss  furl:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss  reddit:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss  fark:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss  Y!:Straight Guys in Gay Kiss


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11 Responses to “Straight Guys in Gay Kiss”

  1. manila gay guy is your manila gay guide » Blog Archive » Twilight Dancers, coming soon Says:

    […] Publicities abound about Tyron Perez’ 1-minute torrid m2m kissing scene with William Martinez. When asked about how it felt french kissing another man, Tyron just said, “okay” and “enjoy.” Hmmmm… Tyron also has a quick frontal nudity scene while dancing on stage (he plays a young macho dancer, right?), where he commented that he has no qualms showing off because he has something to be proud of. Well, we’ll see. […]

  2. Ang-ang Says:

    love it kiss me c’mon

  3. neon Says:

    sarap naman niyan.

  4. Polo Ravales, from cute to hot | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] From cute boy to hottie — that’s Polo Ravales. Check out too his sizzling kissing scene with co-actor Luis Alandy (Manay Po). […]

  5. jobetski Says:

    a gay themed movie (hindi porn ha)that i was able to catch sa cable centuries ago was that of matthew broderick (super bagets pa sya) and a mature gay actor na hindi ko matandaan yung name but sya yung kapatid ni robin williams sa mrs. doubtfire. anyway, hope anyone who reads this na napanuod yung movie can tell me the title cuz so i can look it up cuz ganda yung movie. kakaiyak pa yung ending….

  6. Gerry Says:

    that movie is called Torch Song Trilogy

  7. michael Says:

    I have seen the Mano Po kiss it looks like they enjoy the kissing

  8. giodude Says:

    @michael: it’s not Mano Po.. it’s Manay Po!

  9. batutang_ Says:

    wow.. hot kisses

  10. michael Says:

    These kisses look real. It looks like they are enjoying the kiss. There mouths are open and it looks wet

  11. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    Que ricura q rico cuerpo.estas de chupete. se ve que estas que te quemas jajajaaja…ntc

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