How Was Your First Kiss?

Tell us about your first kiss. Who was it with? How old were you?

patrick.jpg From Patrick, the Galavantiator. I was 11, he was 10.. He went to the same school where I did when we were in Grade School. He’s the first guy I’ve kissed, I was his. This guy and I are friends, we’ve been goin’ to each other’s houses.. we hang-out, kids’ stuff, and simply having fun, one day, we decided to study at their house for the finals so I brought my school things over and just when we are about to end the day, his hand went to my waist.

I didn’t know what it meant.. I did not refuse but I know it’s not “friendly”.

I replied back.

So I had my hand around his waist, and we were tickling each other but we were smiling at each other. weird!

Anyway, the instincts were telling me to leave, but when I was to stand up, he pulled me to the bed, and the next thing I knew, we were kissing.

Guess what, I stayed another hour.


What a cute story!

The first kiss (in the mouth) of Manila Gay Guy was also with a fellow guy… I was 23, he was 28. His name was Frank, and we were officemates. We were having a fun beer drinking session at my place, and we both got really drunk. That night, as we were about to doze off, it happened. And it was such a sloppy wet and sucking kiss! Ugggghs! I cringe as I remember it. Now, we’re still friends and he’s married. And I am a single Manila Gay Guy. LOL!


How about you? Tell us about your first kiss. Who was it with? How old were you?

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19 Responses to “How Was Your First Kiss?”

  1. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Gosh! (shy)…. twas with my first cousin. We were both 10 or 11. I asked him if I can kiss him. I got no answer. For me, silence means yes. There! I kissed him and he kissed me back…. and ran away. It didnt happen again.

  2. mcvie Says:

    Oh god this is so sad… I don’t remember anymore my first kiss on the lips! Jeez.

  3. jonas Says:

    the story’s cute and so is the guy, friends ba kamo kyo? wahehehehehh.

    unang kiss ko, sa girlfriend ko nung hayskul, pero inamin ko sa kanya na gusto ko rin ng guys. ok daw skanya. ang sarap ng pakiramdam. pero naghiwalay kami pagkatapos, pero prends paren!

  4. sean Says:

    my first kiss? hmmm… it was with my puppy love, my “girlfriend” from grade school up to middle school…but we’ve split up before graduating high school…with a guy? as far as i can remember i was just five or six but it was just a smack, torrid? third year high school with my best friend Paul. He’s in the US now, I’m in the UK; but we still see each other when we go home to manila.

  5. Migs Says:

    wow salamat lyka, jonas, sean for sharing your 1st kiss experiences! :) mcvie - you can’t remember? c’mon….. hahaha!

  6. howard Says:

    firs kiss ko honestly parang kinder1 ako.. i would take this girl sa likod ng blackboard and kiss her.. WALANG BIRO.. i could still remember kung pano ako pinagalitan nung teacher namin.. WALANG BIRO TALAGA.. i was in preschool..
    then my firt time kissing a guy was.. 4th grade.. yup 4th grade… pero it was not a malicious kiss.. para bang nagkabiruan kami puro mga magkakaklase na lalaki then someone dared both of us to kiss.. hahaha..

  7. patrick Says:

    hi..! i didn’t know you featured my entry here. =)

    I love my queer stories too. it’s just fun, right..? *lols.

    well, i guess everyone else’s stories are really exciting. =)

  8. leo Says:

    i think i was 7, my male cousin and i used to fool around with a female cousin. but when she went on a vacation… well we were both horny…

    but ngayong medyo tumanda na ako, i’ve never kissed another guy, girls medyo maraming beses…

  9. giodude Says:

    wel.. when me and my bestfriend at that time were in grade school.. i think about grade4? well we usually had our lunch at the gym, so, there was this one time when we were going up the stars to the gym, he suddenly pushed me to the wall and started french kissing me, i didn’t know what to do so i just went with it.. and then, i pushed him back and ran away.. then.. i don’t remember anymore..?;(

  10. islandboi1983 Says:

    way back in grade school.. can’t remember.. wakeke!!

  11. Bud Says:

    the first time i kissed a guy i was 17. it was with one of my closest friends who was 17. we both played sports 2gether n one day i went over 2 his house n we were in his room. he kept gettin closer n closer n asked if he could kiss me. i siad yes we can try. so we kissed n ended up making out on his bed n taking off each others clothes it was so hot !!

  12. honey Says:

    hmmm…i dont remember what time is it.maybe 10. i was 17 and he 20. he my tutor. hahaha.. that day my parents not at home a week. of course i’m study in my room. i dont know what happend he just kiss me and push me in my bed. we kissing and then he taking off my clothes and we did at time. what a lovely night that time. hehehe now he my boyfriend

  13. Tappy Says:

    my first kiss hmmm…… is with my first boyfriend we kiss in his bed ….it was a sleepover when he entered t6he room he was naked and we just kissed and nothis happend

    but now i don’t know where he is!!!

  14. batutang_ Says:

    my first kiss…it was with my first boyfriend..i was walking in the campus with my college friends…(in the humanities building at uplb)..and out of nowhere, biglang may humalik sa lips ko.. it was so matagal and everyone in the building were shouting.. (annoyed ata) nway, we decided to continue it, so we went to his place..i lost my virginity after that first kiss..

  15. Calvin Says:

    My first kiss with a guy is a blur! But I believe it was when I was below 10 years old (young and innocent, but not totally)… It was with several guys in there late teens or early twenties (one-on-one, for consecutive days because they work at our store’s hardware)… I’m absolutely sure that I’m kissing the same sex by that time, but didn’t know it was wrong in the eyes of society… I allowed it to happen, until i said, “no, i don’t want to do it anymore”… But I do know, and exactly sure, that my first oral was around the same age… I was like, “ok”, definitely no idea that it shouldn’t be happening… i was only able to ask him a couple of times before i allowed his penis to enter my mouth was, “are you sure you’re not going to pee on me?”… and he said, “no, of course not”… and he just go on and said, “sige pa, sige pa”… and while i was growing up, i completely forgotten all about it until my first masturbation (di ko pa nga alam na masturbation pala ang tawag, and that is normal for guys to do, nahiya tuloy ako aminin sa mga kaibigan ko sa HS, inamin ko naman sa college nang may nagtanong sa akin, but still i’m not very open to it even now kapag may ganyan na topic, conservative kasi ako eh! :D)… and so i was masturbating thinking about a girl (i never really like men that much before) that i had a crush on my mind… pero di nagtagal, naalala ko iyon na memory from my past… so ganoon, nalaman ko na lang na bisexual ako (slightly asexual and androphobic, loko-loko kasi ako eh! :D)… THE END!

    P. S. technically and theoretically, i’m still a virgin… di nila ako ginalaw all the way… i wanted to be at the top when i was a kid, but now i want to be at the bottom… in japanese terms, i want to be the uke! :D
    seme (not semen) is equivalent to ‘top’… :)

  16. jang chul soo Says:

    it was with this guy i went to the gym with. i was 21, he was 22, i think. He came over to my house one night just to hang out and he said i looked like he needed a massage, so he gave me a backrub, then he took off my shirt and i started caressing his legs (he was on my back)i then turned around and he kissed me. It was awful kasi i didn’t know how to kiss. hahaha, i thought i was supposed to swallow somehthing so i kept opening my mouth wide. so embarassing. Hahahaha.

  17. lanz Says:

    ako…first kiss ko?

    siguro mga summer ng 4th year high school ko (meaning, before ng graduation ko that april…). Ung ka-kiss ko nun ay ung crush ko nung 3rd year na talagang napak-cute, lalo na ung sa may eyes niya…aun lang…

    u know kng bakit parang ang casual lang nung narration ko at parang maiksi at bitin…???

    kasi,…lahat ng mga ka-kiss ko sa panaginip lamang…

    kasi sa totoo lang, wala pa, at wala nang (sigurong) magbabalak pa na makipaghalikan sa akin…aihwuuuhhh…ganoon kalungkot ang life story ko…parang kay hwang jin-i…mas maganda nga lang yung kay jin-i…

  18. monroeic Says:

    i was 17 years old then… after a Saturday night-out, my friends decided to spend the night over to one of our barkada’s house. one of our gal friend’s boyfriend joined us.

    we all slept together on one bed. i suddenly woke up feeling somebody’s tongue inside my mouth. it was very dark that i did not recognize who’s kissing me at first, until i was able to get a clear view of the face infront of me- t’was my friend’s boyfriend. my initial reaction was kissing him back and kissing him harder. he was trying to tell me something like going outside the room but then i got scared that the other people or his girlfriend might wake up… so i tried to go back to sleep. seems nothing ever happened when we had our breakfast the following morning, and I did not give a damn.

  19. cluelessgayboy Says:

    waaaaaaa pareho pala tau mister migs ayaw ko din ung 1st kiss ko… 23 ka pa pala since your 1st kiss… akala ko pag hindi pa ako nakapag kiss before 20 kamatayan ko na eh haha kaya ayun panget 1st kiss experience ko…

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