The Mind of an Exhibitionist


I tried interviewing Tiggah (the famous Filipino blogger and self-confessed exhibitionist) because I’ve always been curious what is in the mind of an exhibitionist. I have not done the interview yet, but have continually seen Tiggah’s life in random.

I’m proud to have Tiggah as an occasional reader and sometimes commenter on MGG. So maybe if he sees this post he can share some thoughts on the matter of exhibitionism.

How about you? Do you like being watched?

(If you prefer watching instead of being watched, don’t miss this recent post by Tiggah entitled “Morning Wood“.)

Photo: Pooh (Tiggah’s partner) from Tiggah’s Life in Random Blog. Mind of an Exhibitionist  digg:The Mind of an Exhibitionist  spurl:The Mind of an Exhibitionist  newsvine:The Mind of an Exhibitionist  furl:The Mind of an Exhibitionist  reddit:The Mind of an Exhibitionist  fark:The Mind of an Exhibitionist  Y!:The Mind of an Exhibitionist


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19 Responses to “The Mind of an Exhibitionist”

  1. chitskie Says:


  2. blue_harajuku Says:

    dang laki ng pic umaapaw!! hehe
    yeah i have read his blog already and its quite enjoyable…

  3. wrestler Says:

    what a tiger tiggah is! GRRRRROWL

  4. David Says:

    i am sort of an exhibitionist.. although i have been quite successful at suppressing that side of myself for quite a while now..

    i guess the appeal of it is in the adrenalin rush.. also, it somehow makes me feel attractive everytime i see someone staring at me..

    o siguro ksp lang ako.. XDDD

  5. fattyacid Says:

    hindi ko kaya yan…maging exhibitionist or even manood sa kanila.

    cguro hanggang porn movies lang ako hahaha.

  6. eponine Says:

    tiggah tiggah
    burning bright
    in the forest of the night…

    ala lang….
    naalalala ko lang rudyard kipling. hehehe

  7. jimg29 Says:

    Tiggah and (winnie) the Pooh’s morning wood intwigs me! very lightweight!

  8. maverick Says:

    hotness galore. nagising ako doon ha

  9. sardonicnell Says:

    it was really HOT!

  10. josh Says:

    Miggs, ever since you featured CArlito here in ur blog, i always made it a point to visit his site! and these pix take d cake! :)

    Migs pa advertise, hey david, try to visit AsianXhibit, kits blog! :)

  11. Kai Says:

    though i love doing it outside the bedroom, i prefer not being watched. however, i always like watching myself through a mirror while fucking someone.

  12. [email protected] Says:

    Gwapo ni tiggah mukha xang celeb!

  13. chismoso Says:

    i guess i’m more of a voyeur, i do love to watch, that’s why i’m chismoso :P i love to keep abreast of things happening around.

    migs, i have bad news for you. Ethel Booba and Janvier Daily are together na. :(

  14. peterpic Says:

    i’ve seen, met and shot pics of quite a few exhibitionists.
    pero tiggah and pooh don’t strike me as one.
    at least not in the truly sexual nature or exhibitionism.
    their kind of exhibitionism just borders on cam-whoring.

    maybe in a few more months when they get braver
    with their pics. right now, there are just too few cocks
    for it to be hard-core exhibitionism.

  15. Isaribi Says:

    i like pooh!

  16. MsNinja Says:

    I like being watched but not to this level … magkaroon tayo ng konting privacy at delikadesa … sabi ni Aling Charing na kapatid ni Aling Charito.

  17. Glenn Says:

    i also regularly visit the site… the guy is really hot…

  18. yuriki-kun Says:

    Never had an exhibitionist as a friend but I wish I had.
    Hmm. I guess there a certian kick of kink at the thought of being watched.

    eponine: that’s blake, not kipling

  19. tiggah Says:

    peterpic: lol you are very right that I don’t seem to be much of an exhibitionist on my blog but believe me…i am :) it just doesnt show on my blog because I don’t want my blog to be viewed as a gay-porn-photo type blog. I definitely do have more “hardcore images” in my flickr also in a certain link my “hot links” section. :)

    Migs: thanks for posting about pooh and I! very sweet of you for mentioning us :) And yes, I like being watched. I dont know why but I have a “thing” for it. However, as uninhibited I am online, I am actually very shy and conservative in person…which is why I always refer it to being an alter ego. Anyway, cheers! I hope all is well!

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