Gay Guys’ Summer Get-Away


These days I get asked this question a lot: where can gay guys go this summer? What are the best places to hang-out in? The traditional answer would be Puerto Galera. But I’m sure people here have alternatives in mind. Mind if you share? Comment away, guys! (Who knows, maybe we can have a get together there!) Guys' Summer Get-Away  digg:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away  spurl:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away  newsvine:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away  furl:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away  reddit:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away  fark:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away  Y!:Gay Guys' Summer Get-Away


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24 Responses to “Gay Guys’ Summer Get-Away”

  1. anton maton Says:

    where can they go?
    1. unahin na ang parlor … para magpagupit at magpa-pedicure (kadiri ang maruming kuko sa paa!) that’s what I meant!
    2. tapos mag-gym para mabawasan ng konti ang umaalog-alog na bilbil
    3. bumili ng matinong swimwear …
    4. pumunta sa BALARA … para mag-swimming!
    yun lang!

  2. arm Says:

    una magpapayat muna!!!

    pangalawa bumili ng maraming sun block kung ayaw nyo mangitim at mag ka skin cancer the higher the spf the better

    pangatlo bumili ng ticket sa superferry o sa pal papuntang palawan!!!

    pumunta sa el nido

    enjoy the luxurious beauty of el nido

  3. Joey Says:

    i heard there is this gay group organizing a tour of batanes. interesting.

  4. Schizo Says:

    Sonya’s Garden … Very Romantic and Quiet place … Bantayan Island Cebu … walang tao … pwedeng maglaro sa dalampasigan hehehe

  5. chad Says:

    El Nido Palawan. water is very clear, ang gaganda ng black marble caves tapos sarap pa ng seafood. don’t forget to bring tons of off lotion along with sunblock or suntan.

  6. mcvie Says:

    Bohol! Hindi siya “party-place” unlike Boracay or Galera, but there are more things to do than just hitting the beach. Although kung beach ang habol mo, winner din siya.

  7. anton Says:

    the island of mindanao, is least likely to be considered as the IT place to be, but here’s the grasp: we do have our own bora sans the groove, noise and pollution. it’s pristine, quite and idyllic. it is called the ISLA RETA in Samal. it’s an hour ride by a motorized banca from davao city wharf.
    manila-davao-manila: about 4 thousand pesos, davao airport to city proper: 80 pesos ( taxi ); city proper to sta ana wharf: 40 pesos ( taxi ); wharf to Isla Reta: 70 pesos; a cottage for 6 costs 600 pesos a day; hehehehehehehehe.

  8. peterpic Says:

    e kung out of the country?

  9. anton Says:

    OOC? well i guess peterpic it is for you to share a piece. never been outside the phil.. and will never be.

  10. crushingonchef Says:

    I will stay in baang coffee in tomas morato and watch my crush chef cook. does anyone here know who he is? kamukha niya si wentworth miller.

  11. leo Says:

    anton, bakit naman never will be… you can never can tell…

  12. mcvie Says:

    ANTON: Php600 a day for a cottage of 6?! Talaga? Dios ko, kung ganoon, saan ka pa?! Eh mas mura pa yung from the airport to the cottage versus the plane fare! Go, Isla Reta, go!

  13. DavaoGuy Says:

    tama yung isla reta at yung ibang beaches dito sa samal island sa davao. mura na, maganda pa. dami din cute guys nagspe-spend ng holy week dun :-) the total experience: priceless!

  14. butch Says:

    try baler, aurora province. it’s relatively nearer and very quiet. unfortunately, it’s not a party place. but hey, you can bring the party with you, di ba? and i heard the boys are really boylets. but then, it’s a different story.

    been there and really enjoyed the rivers and the falls. the beach though is quite rocky, but the waves are great for surfing.

  15. pbottom Says:

    personally i prefer staying in manila in a hotel/serviced residence during the long vacation days…luxury and privacy yet with the convenience of the metro whenever you want it

    the best part? most of the people are out of the metro, leaving the malls and other people-filled areas yours for the picking. i am always in awe whenever i see the metro without its people. its the time i get to appreciate it and wonder how can a third-world country like ours can sustain this many malls, these high buildings, and relative luxury.

    party? that’s where the privacy part of a hotel room comes in handy. a few minutes on the web is all you need >:)

  16. anton Says:

    hi mcvie. from where you from?

  17. anton Says:

    hi leo.

  18. eric Says:

    wala paring tatalo sa jurassic park ng puerto galera!!!!!
    kaya punta na this holy week sa sabang, white beach hahahaha
    hey guys i’ll be in boracay march 16-weekend…
    if you happen to see a half-naked guy(of course 6-packs!!!!) wearing a camouflage A&F cargo shorts or billabong board shorts, dont hesistate to appraoach that guy because that guy is certified bading and ready for action!!!hahahaha

  19. myke ryanne carlo Says:

    Never been in a summer vacation. Twas a long time ago where I was able to enjoy it before my professional work. I visited a lot of beautiful places like HK, Singapore, KL, Bora, Hilton, Plantation Bay, Pearl Farm, Isla Reta, Paradise Island, Baguio, Subic, Clark and a lot more…but never been out during the summer. Those places were beutiful but been there not on a summer. For now, I am planning to go to Puerto Galera with my confidants this Holy Week, oopps not for anything else but for the right time to spend the summer with my buddies. Galera here I come!
    If schedule would allow I will also be in Bora for my birthday or either be at the beach of Tropica Beach Resort for the Bikini Open. I know for others this is not extraordinary but for me it will definitely be coz I will be out this SUMMER!

  20. myke ryanne carlo Says:

    Just remembered also that this 28th, I will be in Clark akso for a gig. I hope I get to enjoy it as i need to rest from my busy schedules and commitments. See you there if you will be there too!
    Message me if we could meet up for friendship sake. Tata!

  21. astroboi Says:

    hi anton… do u have any contact info or #s of isla reta? was trying to search na net but i couldn’t find any.

    kindly email me if you can!


  22. anton Says:

    to astroboi: will look for it…..

  23. myke ryanne carlo Says:

    I would like to ask, aside from Boracay and Puerto Galera, where’s the better place for a gay man to go aside from the city/metropolis?

  24. titit Says:

    ay naku mas maganda dito sa cebu.. talisay beach!.. maganda sya. likaylikay beach.

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