Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger

For the third straight day, I was at Greenbelt 3. My friends and I went to Blue Ginger (”taste of Thai”) near the cinema area. Lo and behold, a Mr. Nice Guy waiter served us — all smiles, and yes he’s such a darling!

Cloyd at Blue Ginger

Cloyd was his name. He looks much more attractive in person, and he has such a nice aquiline nose, paired with that cute, cute smile. His game personality, evidenced by his agreeing to pose for my camera, adds to his charm. He may not be the cutest waiter there is, but he sure is one interesting personality.

Visit Blue Ginger, and look for him there. Start a conversation by saying, “hey I saw your picture in the internet!” O ayan, I helped you with your intro spiel ha! Go, go, go! Hehehe!

Another picture of Cloyd, click to enlarge:
cloyd_blue_ginger.jpg Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  digg:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  spurl:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  newsvine:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  furl:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  reddit:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  fark:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger  Y!:Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger


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18 Responses to “Mr. Nice Guy Waiter at Blue Ginger”

  1. mcvie Says:

    Actually Blue Ginger is fast becoming one of my favorite restos because, one, they have yummy Thai food that I like and more importantly, two, they seem to be the resto with NOT ONE NOT-CUTE WAITER at all! It’s as if the owner had a casting call for the waiters. So far sa lahat ng nakita kong waiters doon LAHAT sila may cuteness factor in one way or another. Makes me wonder if bading ang may-ari’t marunong mamili ng waiter!

  2. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Ano ang inorder ng mga bading? Thai sausages? Ching!

  3. Migs Says:

    @mcvie - malamang-lamang! may isa pang kasama si cloyd na waiter, mas mestizo, cutie din. but he was assigned sa ibang tables kaya di namin naka-chika. there is a next time! hahaha!

    @lyka - hello miss lyka “ugarte” bergen. salamat sa pagtangkilik — at hindi thai sausages ang inorder namin. di na ako kumain sa resto, take home na lang. one cloyd, to go! ching-ka-ling!!!

  4. shocker Says:

    yeah, i like cloyd, i’m glad someone appreciates him too. :) pero when i’m there, he’s always hiding behind the bar. i always look at him na malagkit. :)

  5. marky Says:

    i knew this guy! he was in HUE restaurant pa before and yes he is cute in person, and he has a nice smile that makes him very unique to other’s! cguro i’ll visit cloyd one of this days! kapag hindi na busy! try ko ngang yayain lumabas! sumama naman kaya? ching!

  6. southdude Says:

    ayan na intriga na tuloy ako!

  7. fiona Says:

    yah…he’s such a cutie…

  8. rommel Says:

    Ang Chaka

  9. jazzie Says:

    hindi xa photogenic…. pero y nuts?!?! baka naman magaling xang mag serve…. try ko ngang um-order ng breakfast in bed!!! wahahahay!!!

  10. harajuku Says:

    he doesnt look good in the photos, nut ill take your word, migs.. makabisita nga one time ehehehe…

  11. harajuku Says:


  12. chesca Says:

    where to find cute and yummy waiters:

    1. music 21 timog
    2. cafe bola- araneta cubao
    3. flavours of china- sm the block
    4. chocolate kiss- up diliman
    5. oodys- greenbelt

  13. michael Says:


  14. yoch Says:

    i’d say that he really are cute in person and mukha talagang mabait! such a nice person! cutie talaga!

  15. juana Says:

    ay naku! cute nga sya in person and very simple! and member ko sya sa friendster! try to look for his pict. there kc chaka ng kuha nya d2 ah! search for CEV CEV yan kasi name nya sa friendster!

  16. jek Says:

    nice and cute! and thank u juana for helping me see other picts. of him!

  17. ahr_ku Says:

    maka punta nga!! wink wink (^o^)

  18. Glenn Says:

    oh my, I know Cloyd! I used to eat dinner w/ my friend there since one of the waiters (he left already to work as a seaman) is a friend. He introduced me to Cloyd and his kinda suplado though I tried to flirt w/ him. I guess he is straight and not sure if he can be hired hehehe Please say hi to Cloyd from me…I am not based at the City of Angels (LA).

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