The Truth About Dingdong’s Nips


It all started with this post here in MGG: “Is Dingdong Hiding Something?” As if it was such a matter of consequence, it hit the gay blogosphere and all were abuzz about Dingdong’s nipples. Was it a naughty Photoshop trick? Or not?

Here’s a photo by Vince Lopez, taken during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2007 event. Virginal, untouched — the photo I mean. Now judge for yourself.


Here they are up close, with no Photoshop or any digital magic involved:

closeup.jpg Truth About Dingdong's Nips  digg:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips  spurl:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips  newsvine:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips  furl:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips  reddit:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips  fark:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips  Y!:The Truth About Dingdong's Nips


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28 Responses to “The Truth About Dingdong’s Nips”

  1. aries Says:

    why is dingdong hot?


    di ko talaga makuha. sensya na.

  2. Alberto Says:

    He’s hot. nips or no nips

  3. Nadriamez Says:

    well,the pointiness is a bit gone

    if you were a fatty before, you’ll end up having pointy nips no matter how hard you do those chest presses.

    at least there’s improvement, god its huge especially in the upper pecs!

    still hot!

  4. sapphire Says:

    i agree with nadriamez, tingnan na lang natin ang kanyang hotness ni DINGDONG sa point of view (to emphasize pointness) ng improvement ng katawan niya. he has the height, the looks and now the body.

  5. Tobal Says:


  6. midas Says:

    hindi pa developed yung area around the nips… nagsasag pa rin. eeewww, parang boobs ng lola.

  7. fioux Says:

    AMEN! If you were chubby before you will always have a pointy nips, even if you do bench press in your sleep.

    I know 6 people who were chubby before and are now leaner that have pointy Nips kasi mataba sila before, ganoon lang talaga siya, wala na tayong magagawa.

  8. rabbit Says:


  9. Kai Says:

    yep. pointy nips. no doubt.
    but he’s gorgeous so what the heck!

  10. fattyacid Says:

    ke may boobs o wala…hindi ko sya type.

    hindi kasi ako familiar sa mga guys ng GMA7…pero may mga nakikita ako na malakas ang dating! ire-research ko kung sinu-sino sila.

  11. astroboi Says:

    totally not good lookin and definitely not HOT.. for me :)

  12. ATI_007 Says:

    hahaha…ang panget! parang dodo ng cow hahaha…

  13. Joe Cruz Says:

    I agree… Nakakawalang gana… Hindi mo malaman kung emaciated na siya o mataba pa rin. A basta, ang pangit!!! Sana wag na niyang ituloy ang pagpapa-seksi kuno. It doesn’t work at all. O kaya semi na lang, para tago lahat ng unsightly parts.

  14. peterpic Says:

    i was the cosmo bachelors bash and despite the fact that he is a cutie and he has improved terribly, they jiggled like the worse man-boobs i have ever seen. dyoga talaga! and i’m no gym bunny but it just turned me off (and a lot of the other sisters in my immediate viscinity. the girls were oblivious).

    and one comment on the pointy nips thing. it is more because of genetics than obesity. fat pockets, like man boobs as well as saddle bags and love handles, are genetically pre-determined.

  15. Joey Says:

    The man-boobs can be hidden behind a shirt. He must do something with his teeth. Mukha parin kase siyang walang ngipin. A great improvement on his body though.

  16. vince Says:

    cosmetic surgery can easily solve his problem. he should consult calayan or belo.

  17. vincedejesus Says:

    He is good-looking yet he seems… uhm… what’s the word?
    Uninteresting? Siguro kasi masyado niyang alam na may hitsura siya. Really gorgeous men don’t take themselves too seriously as “gorgeous.”

    Too much effort. No mystery. But he’s not chopped liver either.

  18. mouthworxz Says:

    parang dodo ng friend ko na nag-pills tapos ngayon ayun tambay na ng gym! toink!

  19. tonyboy Says:

    may hitsura naman si ding….pero wala talagang sex appeal….kahit maghubad pa sya ….never rings with me

  20. KittyQT Says:

    Obviously, iba sa live and iba sa pic. Why did cosmo resort to alter his nipples? So what kung MAN-BOOBS or simply DJOGA!!! Nawala tuloy credibility ng Cosmo!!! purrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

  21. eponine Says:

    mmmm i am a sucker for nice pair of nips. but his? gives me the creeps. sorry. world peace!

  22. eam Says:

    to each his own!!!
    no big deal!!!

  23. gheff Says:

    dingdong is really hot…nice face …body…and exceptionally talent in acting and directing…he really rocks…love you ding

  24. kies Says:

    his really a guy…walang duda…di gaya ng iba jan…hehehehehehe
    mathenie idol na maituturing..
    go sergio…
    ur da best…

  25. Jonathan Says:

    hmmm… may magagawa ba si Dra Vicki Belo dito?

  26. toot Says:

    akala ko nga nagpalagay ng silicon sa breasts si dingdong. taba lang pala ang inookray niyo.

  27. isabel Says:

    that is what you call gynecomsatia, it happens due to hormonal imbalance caused by IRRESPONSIBLE USE OF STEROIDS!!!

  28. aga Says:

    nag iisteroids kc…yan tuloy naging pointy..haha

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