Success At Work: 3 Truths

In my career, as a gay man and as a corporate citizen, sometimes I get bogged down with, by hindsight I would say, trivial stuff. It is reality though, especially here in the Philippines, that gays are still subjected to undue discrimination and prejudice. I am a believer though that we should always be proactive — which means accepting what we cannot change, yet discerning and acting on what can be, and those that at the very least can be influenced. Kirk Snyder, author of the book “G-Quotient” offers three (3) Truths to live by, and I quote him here.

Overcoming the impact of prejudices and bigotry begins by replacing old lies with new, empowering truths. Begin incorporating these three empowering truths into your professional belief system; make them your mantra, and never allow yourself to believe in the falsehoods of homophobia again. Remember that prejudice and bigotry will never produce the truth because they’re built entirely on a foundation of ignorance and hate.

Truth #1: I do not have to accept less in my career because of my sexual orientation.

Truth #2: I have the authority to define my own value.

Truth #3: I am fully empowered to find a professional environment where I can achieve and succeed as myself.

Write them down, say them out loud and anchor them into your consciousness. Make these three empowering truths your guiding principles. Now, why are these your truths? Because you’re as valuable as everyone else in the world. Gay people, in virtually all career fields and stages of their professional development, can be out of the closet and successful as themselves. Creating a career where who you are and what you do are in total harmony is possible. Believe in the value of your identity and your right to incorporate all of your individual strengths into your professional life.

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