Jon Mullaly, Superbod

Century Tuna Superbod winner Jon Mullaly. Very lean body I must say…

I’m sure you want those clothes removed, right? Well…

Your wish is my command!




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28 Responses to “Jon Mullaly, Superbod”

  1. tottle Says:

    you can never have it all jon… SMALL!

  2. santoro Says:

    jejejejeje, ive been trying to control my urge not to get atracted with same sex but this pic of jon gives me a hottie feeling…..whew….

  3. josh Says:

    i think this guy is a favorite model of Metro Him

  4. marlon Says:

    i love jon so much and if i given a chance to see him and spend a one night wt him am going to do wht ever he wanted jst to make him happy

  5. Ron Reyes Says:

    Is there anything that i can c him more or this a posibility to send me a whole pic of jon in my mail. His so gorgeous and lovable.

  6. LEY Says:

    adorable! i reallu luv this guy his an awesome model and very nice. ;)

  7. perfeeduh limping Says:

    he’s got that campy look about him. not my cuppa.

  8. partee Says:

    yes he is lean and nice body thru taking ecstacy, ive seen him pop together with Gwen Garci and Andrew Wolfe in Bora Slinky party… he’s like Brent Javier who is also a partee addict

  9. jz Says:

    nothing special

  10. Bogs Says:

    He’s cute!!

  11. droo Says:

    hes hot!

  12. mitch Says:

    ur the hot icon in the whole wide world. u rock my world jon… i love you..

  13. harajuku Says:

    he looks bading in some ways.. not that im guessing he is..

  14. jenmullaly... Says:

    i seen him a while ago….

    he’s so cute!!!

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  16. cents Says:

    Hes so hot!!!! I love it…

  17. tere Says:

    i dont care wat others says about him.. for me he’s perfect! a nice face plus a nice body! he’s the perfect model for bench undies!! i think, im in luv with him!!!

  18. jansen Says:

    ang cute nya, ang gwapo pa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hay naku sana makita ko siya in person. hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never seen a hunk as hot as JON.
    sana maging mainstay na siya sa PEDRO PENDUKO PARA LAGI KO SIYA MAKITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. dino Says:

    hindi ko cia kilala pero nakita ko na cia in person kaso hindi ko alam ung name nia at one tym na meet namin sya nag pictorial cla ng kasamahn nia!!!!!!!!!bute nalang bench ung product na indorce nia!

  21. jhepy Says:

    biggie bulk

  22. gelly Says:

    ay bagu lang ang mukha nya sa akin….. pero may k xa…..

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  24. chris Says:

    naks ang gwapo nya!
    woii penge pics at
    videos nyan


  25. Pepron Says:


  26. raffy Says:

    wow! Jon is so hOt! i love his body and face…. Grabe!!! Go Jon!

  27. vAnEsSa Says:

    haru diosko… now q lng nkita c jon na nka brief,sa pbb ndi q xa nkita nka brief…

  28. eponine Says:

    parang me hawig ke jon santos…

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