Who is this hunky Justin Cuyugan?

HUNKS, HUNKS, HUNKS! It’s raining hunks once again, ladies and gentlemen… But wait, who is this hunky Justin Cuyugan?

Justin Cuyugan 1.jpg

Look at the pic closely… is that the head of his **** peeking out?… or maybe just his thumb? Look again…

What is he doing in this pic?
Justin Cuyugan 2.jpg

And these suggestive facial expressions… wow. Had to screen the pics and show only this here (we’re not a porn site, ok?). More of this kind where this came from…
Justin Cuyugan 3.jpg

Lastly, his cute, cute face:

Who is Justin Cuyugan? When I saw the above pics, I knew I had to know him better. In person preferably, hehehe. But the internet is a great quickie tool so here goes… what I have searched about Justin. Read on:

From iGMA.tv:


A. Basic Info

Name: Justin Paulo Cuyugan
Nickname: Justin/Paw paw
Birthday: October 11, 1980
Birthplace: San Fernando, Pampanga
Showbiz Anniversary: November 17, 1998

B. Favorites

Hobbies: Collecting coca-cola products
Sports: Swimming
Pet/s: Golden Retriever, Persian cat
Local: Joel Torre
Foreign: Al Pacino, John Malckovich
Movie: Of Mice and Men, Children of Heaven
TV Show: Power Zone
Singer: Dave Matthews Band, Dream Theatre, Dish Walla
Song: Ants Marching
Music: Alternative, jazz, rock
Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad
Author: Anne Rice, Robert Kyosaki

C. Personal

Adjectives that best describe you: Thinker, kulit “minsan,” simple, quiet
Fashion Icon: Cozy casual
Most treasured item: Contact lens
Unforgettable childhood memory: Ligo sa gate walang damit at salawal
Goals: To be recognized as one of the best actors
Role Model: Joel Torre

II. Q & A

Why did you enter show business? Accident

What do you consider as the turning point in your career? Aside from my gay role, Arkrey of Etheria

If you weren’t in showbiz, what kind of career would you have? Drummer, musician

What is your biggest frustration/regret? I can’t fly

What is your most unforgettable moment/experience? When I had my babies

What are you most proud of? Quino and Ava

What do you value most? My kids, family and friends (DRAT, he’s married! Hmpt!)

What do you want to achieve? Hollywood recognition

What is your advice to aspiring artists? Do it from the heart!

From showbizpinoy.com: (on ex-girlfriend Gwen Garci)

It’s okay for good-looking hunk Justin Cuyugan to talk about his ex-girlfriend sexy starlet Gwen Garci.

Justin says that he has always had this great amount of concern for his ex-girlfriend especially when she is caught between nasty and outrageous intrigues.

“It’s true that I still have this concern for Gwen,” says Justin. “Gwen became a part of my life for more than two years. First love namin ang isa’t isa noon. Even though she said some untrue things about me, I forgave her for doing that. I’m not the type of person who would throw away good memories.”

And if there was a chance for Justin to have a heart-to-heart talk with Gwen, he would do it only because he wants to know how his ex-girlfriend is doing.

“I would just like to talk to her regarding her issues. Kasi bakit nababasa ko na binubugbog daw siya ni Andrew Wolfe tapos makikipagbalikan pa siya? I mean, weird na yon, di ba? But if she doesn’t want to open up on that, I would understand. Ang sa akin lang, concerned ako kasi baka kung ano ang mangyari sa kanya balang araw if she doesn’t take care of herself.”

Justin has a non-showbiz girlfriend that he has been with for the past three years. He chose to have someone not from showbiz so that it would not complicate his life.

“Mas okay na sa akin ang hindi artista. Less intrigue and less scandal. I want to keep this part of my life private.”

From imdb.com:

Justin Cuyugan’s filmography –

1. “Love to Love”
… aka Love 2 Love (Philippines: English title: informal title)
- Fat Is Fabulous (2006) TV Episode …. Bruce
2. “Komiks”
- Momay (2006) TV Episode
3. “Encantadia: Pag-ibig hanggang wakas” (2006) TV Series …. Arkrey
4. “Etheria: Ang ikalimang kaharian ng encantadia” (2005) TV Series
… aka Etheria (Philippines: English title: short title)
5. Volta (2004) …. Percy Magtoto
6. “Kay tagal kang hinintay” (2002) TV Series …. Dave Imperial (2003)
7. Jologs (2002) …. Conductor
8. “Sa dulo ng walang hanggan” (2001) TV Series …. Dondie Leviste

9. Hey Babe (1999)

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  3. manila gay guy Says:

    uhmmm… danny…. thank you for leaving a comment. but: (1) there is no group to join here, everyone is welcome to look around; (2) i don’t really have totally nude pics, just sexy ones. come visit often! thanks!

  4. Piolo Says:


  5. rj Says:

    wow! i can’t believe it is really him!!! hahaha from what site can i see more of his pics? thanks

  6. marion davies Says:

    B O R I N G

  7. dakath Says:

    justin is a real looker….crush ko na yan nung una pang lumabas :):):)

    sometimes, it’s better to just enjoy and not be too jaded and critical of everything we see…..makes life simple….dont you think?

  8. Migs Says:

    amen to dakath! :)

  9. eric Says:

    hi justin!

    what i want is your frontal nude picture. you know i’m an avid fan of nude photos specially MEN.

    please i beg of you. promise that this will be very very confidential.

  10. gary Says:

    thnx alot.pls send me a family picture of justin paulo cuyugan.with his parents,brothers and sisters.a family picture pls. thnx a lot and more power.

  11. MURASAKI Says:


  12. jhe Says:

    deliciuos nmn nya!!!

  13. joy Says:

    paw paw!…pwde b ktng maangkn kht sandli?i was realy shocked s pic m!gbi2 k 2loy pinag p2ntasyhan…LOVE YOU

  14. Euges Says:

    Justin Cuyuga is Married? I recall he used to be posted at face.com and was ever looking for young male na ka chat. Thats news to know he has now kids.For Justin to be a good actor, he must first accept reality na sya ay kapuso kapmilya ka uri nating lahat

  15. Doc Says:

    He has a nice face & it even became better after having rhinoplasty (nose job).

    Yes, he is gay.

    Justin was referring to his pets when he said “my kids”.

  16. hehehe Says:

    where to get the pics?

  17. Em Says:

    where do i get the full pictures ?

  18. Durian Troy Emick Says:

    I am an avid fan of justin and i dont mind either he’s a gay or what…. the thing is he’s good looking and a good actor aswell. Hope i could have more sexy pics of him! Please send me or let me know where i could found it.

    More power….


  19. jazzie Says:

    eeeeeeekkk!! kaya pala ang galing nyang mag portray as gay dun sa isang nilabasan nya sa television (i don’t know if that is a nobela or what) kasi he is a bading talaga!! sayang ha ang cute pa naman…

  20. wel Says:

    i want to get his pic.

  21. mikel Says:

    Its good to be true

  22. tracy pascual Says:

    s0 h0t naman nya!!sexy siya…Tingnan niyo mga pics nya hihihi

  23. monsour abraham Says:

    hmnnn kapampangan yan ,nuh ! mga masanting at maragol ying boto mga yan kc mistezohin sila.ay naku,maski anong sabihin nyo laban sa kanya mahal ko pa rin sya ; lamang tiyan din yan … lol… gwapo na , mabait , matalino , at devoted sa pamilya… amen !

  24. mark Says:

    hes good

  25. fheng Says:

    you’re so cute justin…

  26. mark Says:

    maganda ang posh mo nakakaaliw talaga di nga magand nga eh basta ako nagugustuhan ko di ba /////////

  27. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    whats this??? totally bottom!

  28. gelly Says:

    grabe kay mo talaga yun……?!
    i never thought na kaya mo yun……
    until heto na nga….
    kita na nga dalawang mata ko…… anu pa nga ba masasabi koh…

  29. maan Says:

    Sorry but he’s not gay. I know his ex girlfriend who comes from a prominent family and is a lawyer actually. They have a kid, but she left him coz he doesn’t want to get a job and education i think or something like that coz the girl’s really smart but snobbish. So now he’s with another girl who’s more of his level (he didn’t graduate hischool) where he has two kids already but not married so the girls still have a chance. Hehehe.

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