Men in Uniform in Great Form


I was at Powerplant Mall in Rockwell last Sunday and noticed a good number of police officers walking around in the mall. And they had a quite noticeable absence of beer bellies. Hmmm. Is this a sign? Is this the advent of hunky and good looking police officers? Maybe I should take the Hunk Pinoy Policemen Calendar project seriously? What do you think? in Uniform in Great Form  digg:Men in Uniform in Great Form  spurl:Men in Uniform in Great Form  newsvine:Men in Uniform in Great Form  furl:Men in Uniform in Great Form  reddit:Men in Uniform in Great Form  fark:Men in Uniform in Great Form  Y!:Men in Uniform in Great Form


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8 Responses to “Men in Uniform in Great Form”

  1. Bryan Anthony the First Says:

    i cant say i havent slept with a police officer before

    hey i think is still am sleeping with an officer

    woofies from PNG!

  2. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Actually, adaming cute and fresh looking policemen sa Pasig tuwing madaling araw. Sasarap nila haahhahahha!

  3. neon Says:

    yeah, minsan s.g. cute din

  4. Conckon Says:

    10 reasons why man kisses man
    1. because he is not a gay
    2. because he is a psychologist
    3. because he can taste the real beer
    4. because he says goodbye
    5. because he loves himself
    6. because he has a son
    7. because he is a showbiz man
    8. because he is not a boss
    9. because he can teach
    10. because he is a friend

  5. varga Says:

    yes, there are young policemen(married and with children at that) who continue to carry on relationships with gay men (of the richer, moneyed variety). these young men in uniform are more polished in style and mannered in speaking, but still very very masculine. in bed, they are the best sexual partners as these men let out all their frustrations on their gay lovers.

  6. millet Says:

    for one, i am one of those persons who are bewitched by men in uniform, yun nga lang mga malilibog na guards lang ang nabibiktima ko or shall we say ako ang naging biktima

  7. Andrei Says:

    police officers in shorts showing off their strong masculine and hairy legs are very very erotic and can give a hard on till the next day..

  8. john Says:

    check out, andun yan!

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