He Loves Only Straight Guys

Last week, I met with a group of fellow gay bloggers in Gateway, Araneta Center. One of them was Rico, a lawyer. Because we were seated at the dinner table just beside each other, we had the chance to talk one-on-one. He intimated to me something that nearly made me fall off my seat. Rico falls only for straight guys. And he does not mean straight-acting, he means straight, heterosexual guys.

“That’s an oxymoron!” I was trying to explain how it is impossible for a heterosexual man to love him back 100%. “Maybe he will love you for your money, or for whatever benefits he can enjoy from you, but he cannot give you the love you deserve,” I said.

Rico did not seem to want to hear any of it, and so he explained further — that whenever a guy he is dating starts to show signs of falling in love with him, he snaps out of it. He said something like, “I desire the affection, of course as much affection I can get, but if it gets to a point that he is swinging towards loving me more than he loves his wife or girlfriend, the attraction just fades away. Parang ayoko na sa kanya.” He illustrates with an example of a guy who, while they were dating, started crying. He was expressing his dilemma that he may be more in love with Rico than his girlfriend. That made him dump the Cry Baby in a jiffy.

By this time, perhaps sensing my violent reaction to the blasphemy I was hearing from Rico, the other gay bloggers in the dinner table joined in the discussion too. Gibbs attempted to offer a rather amusing explanation, “Try to understand, Migs, Rico is a provincial lass.” According to him, that is how gays are in the rural areas — they are expected to get attracted only to straight guys, much as they are expected to be parloristas. Ang sabi ng alamat, kapag na in-love sila sa kapwa nila bakla, bubuka ang lupa at lalamunin sila ng buo. Another blogger jumps in with, “the gay-to-gay relationship is such a Western idea,” which I understood as, here gays who love men are expected to assume the role of a woman. At dahil hindi tayo babae, wa talaga! I was almost violent with all I was hearing that the whole table had to remind me, “Migs, World Peace nga di ba?

- o -

All I wanted for Rico to realize is that he deserves to be loved 100% Everybody does! Apparently, what I was not getting was that there are gay guys who are “programmed” like Rico — preferring straight guys even in spite of the fact that they cannot reciprocate the love. How about you dear MGG readers? If you were with us in the discussion table, what would you have said?

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58 Responses to “He Loves Only Straight Guys”

  1. anton maton Says:

    simple: to each his own and good luck! i’m sure makakatagpo din siya ng katapat niya.

    kaso nagtataka lang ako, kung straight yung guy tapos pumatol sa kaniya - eh di hindi na straight yung guy. kasi kahit papaano meron din siyang homo tendencies. as to what degree of homo tendencies is debatable!

    yun lang! nyahahahaha!

    hoping to be a querida,
    anton maton

  2. gay blogger in the closet Says:

    hay naku, marami na akong na-meet na katulad ng rico na yan. umaasa sa wala.

    di ko rin alam where the other blogger is coming from. am i so western that i have never considered getting involved with a straight man? i don’t think so.

    i am not a woman trapped in a man’s body i am a man who happens to like other men. but i will not settle for just any man. i want someone who can love me the way i love him.

  3. escolarina Says:

    wow. my eyes were opened. im from a city pero i think thats my mind setting also. pero now ive realized it. im new kasi in this “thing”. kala ko we have to play the role of a woman. thanks for opening my eyes.

  4. pirena Says:

    well..kung talagang ganun ang paniniwala nya at sa tingin naman nya ay masaya siya sa ginagawa niya kahit kung minsan nakakasakit sya…e gow!!!!…..just inform me kung makatagpo talaga siya ng tunay na lalaki na mamahalin siya ng walang kapalit…gud lak na lang ulet…..and world peace!!!!!!!

  5. Finzione Says:

    @ gay blogger in the closet

    i am not a woman trapped in a man’s body i am a man who happens to like other men.

    couldn’t have said it better myself.

  6. Fritz Says:

    well… i’m more into straight guys too… eh, kaya nga dumarami na classifications ng third sex eh… so posible rin na classified na rin ang mga lalaki ngayon… ah basta! yun na yun!

  7. Ares Says:

    Naman ang topic, ang serious!

    I also know some people like Rico, and we have the same sentiments about it Migs. Ang problema nga, we cant tell people kung nao dapat nila gawinsa life nila, dabah? Kung masaya sila sa gingawa nila, then we’ll just have to be happy for them.

    Kagaya nga ng sinabi ni gaybloggerintheclost, im a man who happens to like men who likes men.

    Dapat si Rico, pumunta sa middle east, sasaya sya rito! Ang daming straight guys (its debatable, believe me) who likes to be with guys.

    Anton Maton, naghahanap ako ng querida.

  8. Rhap-rap Says:

    hay naku ganyang ganyan din dito sa Tacloban… talagang mga baklush dito naghahanap ng mga straight na mga menchus… ewan ko ba… talagang provencyana talaga…

  9. Misterhubs.blogspot.com Says:

    I pity the crybaby. It seems like Rico just toyed with his feelings. Shame.

  10. iloveBOOM Says:

    Im with Rico..To be honest i was never attracted to gays, effems or trans…I like men who are married or has a girlfriend..i dont know..but thats how it is…btw i have never experienced giving anything to a guy just to be with me…heheheheheh

  11. effie Says:

    i’m just like rico. i only fall for straight guys, but don’t really beg the heavens for the guy to love me back. actually, natatakot ako pag medyo over na yung attention na ibinibigay sa akin. andun yung feeling na i don’t deserve it, na nakokonsensya ako na he could be turning gay, too, because of my actions/affections towards him. minsan, sobrang mahal ko yung guy na wini-wish ko na magkaroon sya ng happy family and all, and i’d be pretty contented to be the ninang of his kids.

    i’m happy to show a guy how much i care for him, pero minsan syempre naiisip ko pa rin, parang this isn’t enough. ewan, magulo ako. masokista. gaga. martyr. whatevahyahwannacallit. yun yun. :)

  12. Ace Says:

    I think it is clear that Rico does not really desire love or relationship with anyone, that is why he prefers “straight” men. He knows that they can never trully love him back, so what could be safer. Rico is in fact afraid to love or to be loved – maybe it is just sex that he is after. What is sad though is that to say that straight men are more desirable than gay men smacks of internalized homophobia. However, the human mind is often more complex for most people to understand. If you combine sexual orientation, sexual preferences, sexual fantasies, childhood experiences and cultural norms – the possible combinations of behavior can be very large indeed.

    There’s the power of seduction, for one. Getting a straight guy to do stuff he is not supposed to, gives a gay person a certain power over him. It is a mind game - a conquest.

    Also, there’s the concept of “masculinity”. At some level there are some behavioral differences between many straight guys and many gay guys. And since gays are basically attracted to men, the thinking goes, why not chase after men who are traditional men?

    These are just a couple of possible explanations about Rico’s preference. But I think he needs to ask himself if this preference is going to get him anywhere, because from the looks of it, his preference is a good recipe for a very lonely and loveless future.

  13. ariel Says:

    the idea of a straight guy falling for a gay guy is so out of this world and frankly, 100% impossible. because once a straight dude falls for another guy, be it straight or otherwise, then he’s not straight anymore. it’s as simple as one plus one which most of the gay guys i know couldn’t or doesn’t want to understand. personally, i may get attracted to a straight guy but i cannot fall because i know that it is absolutely impossible. i’d love to love someone whom i know will love me back. just my two cents.

  14. summer Says:

    i agree with rico..i really love straight heterosexual guy..pareho kami ng ambisyon..hehe..anyway im a provincial lass too from leyte..i think mero yatang straight heterosexual guy namglolove sa atin na mga gays, ryt not for money or just sex..just take care of them..ako nga when i am falling inlove to guys i take care of them na parang bf ko pero at the end they dumped me..hehe..pero ok na un,,i thought bibigay rin sila sa akin..hindi pala..haha

  15. ap Says:

    kawawa naman.

  16. davaweño Says:

    i find it unusual for a gay to fall only for straight men. i mean, stop living in a world of fantasy–Heterosuality is defined as the sexual orientation or affection towards the opposite sex and when you cross the line that becomes bisexuality or homosexuality already, which has a totally different meaning.

    anyway, that’s my opinion and evryone is entitle to have have one. my point here is that straight men are for straight gals only and straight men and gays just don’t mix. just like what Steve Sandvoss as aaron, in the Latter Days, said colors and whites dont mix!

    am i getting a point here? hehehe. any way, again, i would like to emphasize that its just my opinion. ehhehe. world peace people!

  17. james Says:

    Attraction, perhaps, plays a major role in Rico’s attitude. Come on, you may not notice it, but in this site alone, when did you ever worship an openly gay man? (That is, feature an openly gay man to sexually arouse us? Wala pa, so far, ryt. I mean, even if you feature a closeted, the thing is, he’s acting straight, hence attractive.) If we play our cards right, most of us would always prefer the “straight” ones because they ooze hotness more than effeminate gays. Have you ever equate HOT to a BAKLITA?
    However, I guess that we could take Rico’s claim that he’s only attracted to “straight, heterosexual guys” in a different perspective. Maybe he’s attracted to men AND/OR gay who act straight, ‘coz when he referred to a man crying as a turn-off, I’m taking it as a sign that guys that are effeminate are not his type(most of us, I presume) Deep inside us, we want a hot stud. What makes them hot is that they’re acting like real men.

  18. docki Says:

    yo. i haven’t said it quite enough. i am a man who loves another man.i could never ever see myself as a woman trapped in a man’s body.and i don’t think a heteroguy would fall for a gay guy. EVER.simple lang talaga at hindi ito Rocket science.opinion ko to. walang kokontra! ang saya natin!

  19. josh Says:

    Nahuli yata ako sa biyahe, and somehow many of the answers here revolved around the male acting person who love another male acting person… yeah may point si pareng (para manly) james.. like me i find HOT those who exudes (tama ba 2?) masculinity & i am a male person who happens to like another male (like gayblogger)… Kanina watch ako chanel V, yung isang host na guy (d sya pinoy..di si harvey) may kasama ding VJ na girl… i told myself how lucky it is to be in the shoes of that girl just to be with that VJ… then I told my self…perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are gay guys who wants to be transformed into a woman (frm their physical to their soul)para guys will look at them as real female.. I dont know if i make sense here…

  20. sire lee Says:

    well sa totoo lang mas feel ko makipagrelasyon sa tunay na lalake. feeling babae ang pakiramdam. im happy for rico for we have the same mind setting of gay love.

    iv had the same experience. it is with my straight guy bestfriend. i fell in love with him, i tried to hide my feelings, pero syempre lunabas pa rin ang truth na love ko sya. turns out pala na unti unti na rin pala sya na fall in love sakin. but wala na rin kmi.

    db si zsazsa zaturnnah ganun din. si ada minamahal si dodong, but with out her/him (hehe) knowing na matagal na rin pala may gusto si dodong sa knya.
    maybe sa ibang tao ang tingin nila sa mga ganitong relasyon, eh pera ang minsan ang kapalit. kung mnsan naman ung sexuality naman nung str8 guy ang in question. coz ayon dn sa iba pag ang lalake pumatol sa bakla eh bakla na rin. but still for us naman na ganito ang setting and thinking sa love, ito cguro ang fulfillment for them.

    maybe we can be just be happy for those who enjoy this, pati ako. at least masasabi rin natin na they have found their perfect match. kaya im happy for rico. happy din ako sa lahat d2 sa mgg. sana lahat tayo makatagpo ng perfect match. str8 man o gay din..

    mwah! :)

  21. vince Says:

    Dhay, kapag andoon ako sa table baka inabot tayo ng hanggang madaling araw. Not because I will spend every minute trying convince him to “feel’ differently but rather hear more of his stories and why he chooses to fall only for straight men.

    Noong mas bagets pa ako, dumaan din ako sa stage na ganun: ang umiibig lang sa mga lalaking straight talaga. But like I said, DUMAAN lang ako. Hindi ako pumarada.


  22. justin Says:

    getting involved with a straight guy?? define “getting involved”. anything romantic and sexual would make that “straight” guy not straight. there’s no such thing as “getting involved” with a straight guy since the moment the straight guy is “involved” with u (beyond friendship), he’s not straight. and if everything stays within “friendship”, u two aren’t involved.
    i guess that’s how i see it :)

  23. justin Says:

    something to add… when i said the guy won’t be “straight”, he might not be “gay” either. just definitely not “straight”. could be bi, could be something else, but definitely not “straight”.

  24. davaweño Says:

    when you say that there are some gays who acts as if he is straight…well, for me that’s plain rubbish. there’s no such thing as gays acting to be straight. Your physical self doesn’t define your sexuality. Gay’s dont have to act as if they are straight. it doesn’t work that way because there’s no such thing as a code of ethics for gay people or for straight men. you may dress like women do or like any other men but it doesn’t define your sexuality. at the end of the day, being gay is still a sexual orientation towards the same sex and not by the way you walk, dress or even talk

  25. chriscapade Says:

    dami nyo sinasabi.. ang hahaba pa.
    Isa lang masasabi ko about this..

    “Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan!”

  26. mickey Says:

    sa mga katulad ni rico, na bakla pero hanap straight, dyan nag mumula ang “homophobia” within the gay community sa you previously discuss in a separate topic. sa kanila nag mumula ang negative sentiments sa katulad natin na bading na pumapatol sa kapwa bading.

    in my opinion, when you love a straight guy, i handa mo na wallet mo, parang tubig yan sa isang butas na dam, tagas ng tagas.

    ika nga sa above comment, i respeto natin ang trip, wag na wag lang syang mag discriminate ng kapwa bading.

  27. john Says:

    so what kind of guys do we like in this blog? aren’t most of them straight? has a feminine guy been featured in sexy photos here?

  28. cliogoddess Says:

    m transgendered so im doomed not to be loved by a gay guy. the only chance i have is with a straigh guy who would forget my sex when i was born and accept my sex now as a reformed woman.

  29. Mimi Says:

    i undeztand rico…..love knows no gender…..

  30. Brad Says:

    James and John have a point which is that the kind of person we always want for are straight-acting guys, and not the feminine ones, which is actually a tragic fate for most of us. Bummer. Just to add to what they said though, I often wonder why we, in the community, insist on outing closeted gays… I mean, like James pointed out, what makes a man physically and sexually attractive is the fact that he’s straight-looking or the idea that he’s straight. If we out most of the famous celebrities, don’t we take the risk that they would become unattractive afterwards after they’ve admitted that they’re gays? Like for example, Rustom Padilla, etc. What I suggest is that, let’s leave the closeted gays alone, para hindi maubos ang pinagpapantasyahan natin. =)

  31. sire lee Says:

    well everyone has a point talaga(point down there, ahehe). us gays are smart kaya we should be proud of our sexuality. i totally agree din naman sa mga sinasabi ng iba na ihnada mo ang wallet mo sa ganitong relatonships, given fact na un. but if it makes them happy aus na un!!! :)

  32. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    i still prefer straight guys, syempre iba kasi talaga pag ang bf mo lalakeng-lalake…nga lang, as you’ve said already, ilusyon lang yun..mga ilusyonada!….
    wish ko na lang sana naman in my next life girl na talaga ako..not just a girl trapped in a boy’s body..para naman maramdaman ko ring lumigaya..ay magdrama daw ba?!..haay kaloka!..

    yung request ko ha, dont forget, paki-feature naman si PHILIP YOUNGHUSBAND dito sa blog mo ha?!..PLEAAAAASE!

  33. Jayson Says:

    omg get real, if thats impossible to fall in love with a str8 guy, coz no point in day dreaming and thinking it will happen, u just going to be disappointed and please live in reality people ! not in fantasy island lol

  34. andrew Says:

    Kalokah, ang dami talagang nag-react ha. (Ay, pati pala ako naki-react na. LOL!)

    Mahirap talaga magsalita at mahirap iinsist ang mga gusto natin. Kung ganyan ang pakiramdam ni Rico, ang ating dalagang-bukid, hayaan na lang natin sya. Nasabi nyo na rin naman ang gusto nyong sabihin, diba? :)

  35. MsNinja Says:

    Ako puro straight lang nakakarelasyon at nahahada ko. Dito sa amin sa Laguna dameng nakikipag relasyon na strait ha. Pero aminin natin, ciempre gumagastos ang mga bakla to maintain the relationship. Although hindi nagtatagal mga ganitong relasyon, dahil in the end, babae pa rin ang hanap ng mga lalaki. Bakasyon na, punta kayo dito, more buking, walang allowance mga ombre. hehe

  36. MsNinja Says:

    Tsaka, diba, kapag nikikipag “ANO” ka lalaki mo, bababe tingin nila sa yo. Kase ang sinasabi nila, ang kinis knis mo daw, ini-L to L ka pa, pati dodo mo ginagawang sa girl. Pag hinada ka din, cguradong iba na tingin sayo non.

  37. cast Says:

    talaga bang nakadikit na ung notion na “pag bading ka at gusto mo straight na guy probinsyana ka?”…. lol,…. pero totoo yata un, kasi ako ’syana din at mga karelaysyon ko mga straight din…. cheers to rico and all those who said otherwise…

  38. Mimi Says:

    move on people……haven’t we learned something from the famous movie Borkebak Mountain? Love is a force
    of nature! That love knows no gender….do you still remember the scene where Ennis told the following to
    Jack: “I aint gay.” Then Jack replied, “Me, niether…” I think they meant
    that…that they really are straight
    guys amid what happened the previous night…..but, and but, they couldn’t deny the very fact that they fell in
    love with each other and that they felt they belong together….walang kinikilalang anumang rules and
    pag-ibig…wala kahit na ano….also take the case of Arnel Ignacio and alike…one might immediately say that
    what they feel or felt towards their wives is just another form of friendly love, sugar-coated by the hope that
    someone would take care of them when they get old…..but this kind of thinking, I’d like to say. is too

    immature….sino tayo para husgahan sila? It’s not logically impossible for them to feel romantic love towards
    the opposite sex……they are genuinely gays by nature…it just so happened that, along the way, they felt
    something romantic for gals…..and there’s nothing wrong with that….so in the same manner that a gay can fall
    in love with a girl or that two straight cowboys can keep their affection for each other, it’s not impossible/unacceptable/ironic for a straight guy to fall in love with a gay guy…iyon lang po…

  39. Mimi Says:

    Brokeback Mountain pala…xenxa na…kung may mali pa…xenxa na tlaga

  40. chu chu caracas Says:

    napaluha talaga ako habang binabasa mga comments niyo…

    sa tingin ko naman we cannot blame rico for falling in love with straight guys. depende naman yun kung paano siya nagfa-fall. kung parang crush type lang i guess normal lang satin yun minsan we make extra effort pero crush ay crush lang. o baka naman nagfall siya kasi nagpaparamdam rin naman itong “straight” guy na ito.

    ayoko na lagyan ng label na straight o bi-curious o kung ano mang chuvaness pero sa tingin ko it happens… i’ve been with guys who were traditionally straight pero as expected it didn’t last yung pinakamatagal was a year. i had a relationship with another gay guy pero 3 months lang siya. minsan mas worthwhile na mage-end yung relationship niyo knowing na kasi may gf na siya o magpapakasal na siya kaysa dahil may bago siyang lalaki at hindi siya kagandahan hahaha…

    one of them even told me… love knows no gender. basta sincere ka sa pinapakita mo wala namang masama dun. kung umabot sa point na kailangan na maglet go i will not regret it kasi i was sincere and honest.

  41. zealot Says:

    I’ve fallen for a so-called “straight guy” and that happened to be my boyfriend before…or i was to him, since he never was affectionate towards me…no intimate moments, no kisses, no hugs and anything you can think of that lovers do when they’re together…he was always full of crap reasons to weasel himself out of a situation and you know what?? He just used me…for personal gain…material things, mostly, since I’m not stupid enough to give him cash. It’s a shame he did that to me because I really did love him…he’s my first boyfriend and he had no idea how much he has lost…eventually, I came to a realization that when straight guys wants to be your boyfriend?? It’s either he wants something from you or he’s serious about it…I agree that everybody deserves to be loved 100% but as of now, it’s just hard for me to trust a straight guy…

  42. jholou Says:

    in most provinces men are BI… at eto ang mga totoong BI!!!ndi yung mga andito sa city(AS I SAID CITY!!!) na BI-yot!!!

    whats nice in these provinces, is, that gays are really accepted…

  43. sikma... Says:

    actually, i understand rico. kasi me din, i like straight guys only. di ko pa masyadong feel ang mga bi and fellow gay men… huhuhu…

  44. josh Says:

    Hey people speaking of provine & the city.. May mga naglabasan ng teaser ng new indie film na KUMPISAL (Confession) from the same director of TROIKA.. about a bi (josh ivan) in the province who had relations with a beautiful girl and a stud.. sana ako na lang siya (hehehe..josh din naman ko eh)

  45. Jayson Says:

    Ur comparing brokeback mountain to gay guy whosse attaracted to str8 guy. oh yeah that makes sense. yeah first of all, both of them are in the closet and back before i was born. anybody can fall love anybody, but in realtity check. u just going to be disappointed so why bother putting urself in that situation.

  46. ghel Says:

    Im 27.

    I know I’m gay since I was a kid. During the first 26 years of my life, I never find myself falling to a gay or bisexual guy. Nandidiri ako (just me, of course).

    I cant stand having sex with them (gays/bis), gusto ko ako lang yung kumikilos kahit tuod yung kapartner ko, yes I even paid for sex.

    Until I met my current BF who once a straight, then became a certified bi, but now I think his preference is no longer straight, however I think he still want to have his own family (but thats another story).

    Im eating my words now, I love my BF today more than any person or thing, whatever he is then and now thus I think I can now fall now to the same preference as me…

  47. alexie Says:

    basta ako gustong gusto ko sa mga lalaking lalaki ang dating pero mabait at hindi umaabuso.. inaamin ko bading ako na ladlad pero di nagbibihis ng pang-girl. Gusto ko nga ring mag gym para kahit pano i look like a man pero yung kilos at pananalita at puso ko gay pa rin. Iba ang thinking ng girl at gay - that’s what i believe.. Kaya iba rin ang kaya nating maioffer sa isang tunay na lalaki. On the other hand- kapag nagtagal na sa relasyon at nafall na yung guy sau- tendencies or baka nga may pagka - moher din siya.. E wala na ako care dun.. for as long as he would stay the same guy I knew when we met at alam kong ako lang wala ng iba.. ganyan kase si jun jun.. i love you jun jun.. whaaa..

  48. john_aspen Says:

    I understand Rico because we both like straight guys only. I also understand Migs for saying that no straight men will ever love him back. They will stick only for somethng in return, more often than not — money. But I am not saying most straight guys are only after money.

    I have fallen for many straight guys. I have confronted them. I expected them to despise me. They may not have given me love, but I like what they have shown me — respect and treasured friendship. They are my closest friends now because they say, I respect them. I guess that is how I’d like to keep them and I am happy with that.

    As for erotic pleasures, I can really say that I do a straight guy. And I have. Paid, that is. Not having sex with another gay guy does not mean I despise other gays. It is my orientation and preference. Like what my straight friends say, respect.

  49. Jordi Says:

    Gay men go for gays who have money too, partners who can help them advance their careers. Kaya ako, mas pipiliin ko nang lokohin na ako ng staight kesa lokohin ako ng kapwa ko dushka!
    Tawagin nyo na akong maaisim!

  50. bitch Says:

    Ako i do understand with everyone’s opinion. I’m in the situation of Rico thats why he need someone to understand him. lumaki din ako ng province and no one knows in my family na i have tendency na maging gay. i was one of a swimming team in our school during my college days at di pa rin ako bumigay despite na andami kong ka team na gwapo. pagdating ng manila at andito ako ngayon sa modeling world, ganyan din ang nararamdan ko kay rico. never pa ako nagka crush ng gay or straight acting guy. na inlove din ako sa isang straight guy na isang model. we have a good relationship as being close friends. we always go out and at gusto nya laging kami lang ang magkasama. there are times na nag jealous sa akin coz nag papa jealous ako. i did not spent money so much for him coz he doesn’t like it. lagi kaming nag aaway pero laging nagbabati after one day. sobrang nice and good looking at sobrang malakas ang appeal. sa kanyang mga ipinakita i realized when he left the country, he only need a companion who is nice and understanding. pero some of my friends, straight guys, girls and gays, talagang akala din nila na kami kasi ganon din ang feelings ko. there are times na tina tanong ko sya kung kailan kami mag sex kasi alm nya rin na wala pa ako experience makipag sex sa lalaki, at lagi nyang sagot na baka mawalan kami ng respito sa isat isa at lalo akong parang umasa dahil parang gusto nya mangyari ay platonic relationship. on that situation i never took advantage coz i wasn’t pretty sure if his feeling was the same towards me.
    i always ask him if he really loves me and he always answer yeah i love you so much but as a good companion. until now we still have a communication even if he is far already. 3 times na ako umibig ng ganito pero walang nangyari kasi mahirap talaga ang straight dahil pag umibig ka may mga kapalit yan lagi na di maganda on your part. ang masasabi ko lang dapat e enjoy ni rico kung ano ang meron pero don’t expect na dont expect so much sa guy na tatagal ang relationship. may makaka encounter kang mababait na iibigin mong straight pero be careful sa mga darating sayong buhay na mag take advantage lang.

  51. wrestler Says:

    i’d say i understood his predicament. i too would leave once the other guy falls for me. but since i wanted to be loved too, i had to change my attitude.

  52. pio Says:

    I think there’s nothing provincial about your friend.

    Bka more on Zodiac pa. PISCES ba yun?

    Or Psychological, more like it.

    You see, there are some people who fall in love with someone the more that person seems so far from possible to love him/her.

    He will keep on falling in love the more na alam niya na hindi siya mahal nung tao.

    But once the person shows affection and love for him/her, all of a sudden nawawala yung love niya kc he/she wants to keep running after that person.

    Pag wala na yung thrill, ayun! ala na rin yung love!

    Mga ogags yung ganitong mga tao, may psychological imbalance to the max.

    and most of them are Pisceans! hahahahaha

  53. leon Says:

    gud day everyone.i can see that the topic is very serious. actually, ive been into that kind of thing also. may cousin, who is a gay tried me.I just want 2 ask, is it true that if once u tasted a gay, ur always looking for it?straight guys, what can u say?

  54. whocares Says:

    ewan kay rico. pano sya makakahanap ng long time partner kung ganun ang gagawin nya? kung apatol sayo ang isang lalake pwede na syang i-category sa bi class. pero homosexuality n din yun.

  55. rain143 Says:

    i dont think its such a crime for gays to fall in love with “straight guys”. it depends on his orientation….aminin na natin na since bata pa tayo, we were gays na talaga and we really wanted to be a woman. kaya lang, as we grow old, daming factors and influence from other culture and people. I still go for straight guys kasi, i am a gay and i cant really find myself falling in love with a gay too. siguro di ko lang talaga kaya kasi feeling ko pareho kaming gay eh. so….the point is, i am much happier to be with straight guys kasi eveer since i was a child, girl na kasi feeling ko eh so bakit maiinlove ako sa kapwa gay na girl din yong feeling? but i have gay friends who are open to it, i am just not that open yet…..im not closing the windows though….!

  56. paul Says:

    i agree wd u rain!its not a sin nor a crime to fall for a straight guy.bcoz in the first place kaya nga tyo tinawag na bakla bcoz u get attracted to another guy not wd another gay.imagine if u fall for a gay guy hindi na bakla ang tawag sayo!anu nga ba ang dapat ang itawag sa ganun?di ba its very seldom u get attracted to gays once you know na kafatid mo pla sya sa pananampalataya?i dont want to put myself in a situation just like my friend,who has a gay lover also, na sabay nagkakagusto or nagkakacrush sa isang gwapong lalake kpag magkasama sila!immagine sasabihin nung isa ay gwapo, crush ko!at sasabihin dn nman ng lover nya ay oo nga,crush ko din!kakaloka di ba?ayoko rin mangyari sa kin ang nangyari sa friend ko na kpag wala yung isa ay lumalandi naman ung isa sa ibang bading or lalake!i wouldn’t mind my boyfriend spending his time wd his gf or wife if im not around, rather than thinking that his flirting wd another gay or guy!nakakapraning!

  57. WilMark Says:

    straight ang bf ko… and we’ve been together for almost 2 years now, i’m 27 and he is 20.

    i prefer having relationship with straight guys than having with same gender preferences coz sa first relationship ko with a bisexual, hindi ako masaya. all he wanted is sex while me, im not into it or let say not ready to do it.

    sa bf ko ngayon we take it slowly. sa ngayon hanggang hug at kiss lang kami.

    although minsan lumiliko sya ng landas at nambabae. the good thing is at the end of the day sakin sya umuuwi, he never take them seriously…

    lahat tayo me karapatng mag-mahal at pumili ng taong mamahalin…

  58. markmercir Says:

    all i can i say is that i prefer straight acting gays…anyway, i think the barrio notion really got him so deep into his bone…i think we need to be realistic in matters that pertains our sexuality and let’s open our eyes on what the world has to offer and not just live on what kind of fantasies our minds has to say…live up to reality Rico…someone may love you being in a straight mode as what you would like to have, but still he will always have a pinch of gayness as to the fact that he loves you…and if you will not compromise with that, then just be happy being single.and i know anyone can still be happy, even in incompleteness state

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