Hunk Of The Year 2006

Announcing, the first ever H.O.T.Y. award - Hunk of The Year 2006!


You may participate in the pre-selection by leaving a comment here with your recommended hunk candidate (indicate full name please). I will select 15 to 20 finalists, from which I will ask all readers of this blog to choose the top 3 hunk of the year for 2006. Note: we will include only those hunks that have Pinoy origins/blood. Of The Year 2006  digg:Hunk Of The Year 2006  spurl:Hunk Of The Year 2006  newsvine:Hunk Of The Year 2006  furl:Hunk Of The Year 2006  reddit:Hunk Of The Year 2006  fark:Hunk Of The Year 2006  Y!:Hunk Of The Year 2006


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21 Responses to “Hunk Of The Year 2006”

  1. renemaximo Says:

    hunk of the year for me is mike tan. he has a certain charisma that makes him exceptional.

  2. arbiter Says:

    victor baesa
    aj dee
    jason abalos
    mike tan

  3. hunter Says:

    alfred vargas is my H.O.T.Y.

  4. j-bo Says:

    1.joem bascon –> piolo lookalike sa lets go

    2.sam milby

    3.alfred vargas

    4.john lloyd cruz

    5.piolo pascual

    6.mark herras

    7.dion ignacio

  5. Gennady Says:

    Dennis Trillo
    Piolo Pascual
    Rafael Rossell

  6. neil Says:

    yael, lead singer of sponge cola. he just need to smile no need to bare…

  7. crimson phoenix Says:

    definitely, my HOTY will be Dennis Trillo. Yummmmmyyyyyy!!!!!

  8. gen Says:

    enchong dee
    joem bascon
    atom araullo

  9. estanbul_roffa Says:

    YucK!!! MIKE TAN??? e reyna nating mga effems yan. Super galactic ang pagka-vaklush ng ineng na itech sa dressing room ng studio3 ng GMA Network. No wonder LJ left her for ALFRED VARGAS.

    My List:

    1. Dennis Trillo
    2. Polo Ravales
    3. Arthur SOlinap
    4. Hermann Weber
    5. Victor Basa
    6. Lead ng CALLA LILLY
    7. Yael Yuson
    8. Champ of Hale
    9. Alfred Vargas
    10. Paolo Paraiso (paradise ka talaga haaayy)
    11. Zanjoe Marudo
    12. Jay-R

    1. Gerald Anderson
    2. Mark Herras
    3. JC De Vera
    4. CJ Muere
    5. Patrick Garcia
    6. Marky Cielo
    7. Andrew Schimmer
    8. Harry Santos
    9. Gian (Phil Idol)
    10. Miguel (Phil. idol)

  10. Jessica Dayrit Says:

    me? of course HERO ANGELES

  11. paolo antonio Says:

    rafael rosell

    mark bautista

    borgy manotoc

    christian vasquez

    andrew wolfe

    marky cielo

  12. francis Says:

    rafael rosell
    jake cuenca
    victor basa
    luke jickain
    arthur solinap
    chad peralta (PDA)

  13. caru Says:

    victor basa
    gerald anderson
    zanjoe marudo
    atom arraullo
    mark herras
    dennis trillo

  14. Last Call for Hunk Nominations | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Go to this post to log in your nominations. […]

  15. Chris Says:

    1. SAM MILBY
    2. Dennis Trillo
    3. Victor Basa
    4. Fernando Martin Manotoc
    5. Zanjoe Marudo
    6. Kaskade (he’s cute, I promise)
    7. Jay-R
    8. Tim Tayag (guy from “go on foot”)
    9. Gerald Anderson
    10. Piolo Pascual

  16. kurara_chibana Says:

    woah…i never really thought that kean cipriano (lead singer of callalily) could actually be considered a hunk. maybe just a cutie for me.

    anyway, here’s my “tantalizing ten”:
    1. victor basa (even though a lot of ppl think he’s gay or bi…not that i mind!)
    2. enchong dee
    3. zanjoe marudo
    4. vince saldana (closeup to fame 2 runner-up)
    5. dennis trillo
    6. joem bascon
    7. rafael rossell
    8. sam milby
    9. arthur solinap
    10.hermann weber

  17. Ghel Says:

    Hermann Weber
    Hermann Weber
    Hermann Weber
    Hermann Weber
    Hermann Weber

  18. paolo antonio Says:


  19. joms Says:

    1. piolo pascual
    2. zanjoe marudo
    3. dennis trillo
    4. victor basa
    5. rafael rosell
    6. yael yuzon
    7. jay-r
    8. geoff of PDA
    9. jake cuenca
    10. justin cuyugan

  20. slydiva Says:

    1. richard gutierrez
    2. dennis trillo
    3. alfred vargas
    4. mike tan
    5. sam milby
    6. andrew wolff
    7. rafael rossel
    8. arthur solinap
    9. dingdong dantes
    10. gerald andersson

  21. Migs Says:

    I’m closing the nominations now. Will launch the poll shortly.

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