Vince Canizares, next Superbod?

Six-footer Cebuano model Joe Vince Canizares is one of those vying for the title Century Superbod (sponsored by Century Tuna) previously won by Icon coverboy Jon Mullaly. Will Joe Vince — body beautiful with glowing smooth skin — be the next Century Superbod? We’ll know by April 28, 2007, as the competition unfolds in the powdery white beach of Boracay.





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41 Responses to “Vince Canizares, next Superbod?”

  1. julian Says:

    This guy has such great looks…it’s too bad it’s all wasted on his horrible attitude. Sobrang feeling. Every time we’d try to cast him in a commercial, he’d be such a turn-off, feeling magaling…hindi naman. No wonder his only commercial to date was that passing Close-up commercial where he proposes to a girl in the rain…48 takes and not a single good one!

    Still, he is quite a looker. But hear him mouth off on his conquests and whatever…and you wish he’d just pose and shut up. Let’s see him stick to print ads and ramp. Or maybe he ought to get onto the bomba bandwagon.

  2. chismoso Says:

    maybe he’s hiding the fact that he’s gay? rumor has it he has a colorful gay life in his native province of cebu

  3. MsNinja Says:

    flawless na sana … my tahi lang sa tiyan

  4. onicotto Says:

    eh me magagawa ba kung ma-appendectomy?

  5. ian Says:

    oh my, so hot!!! hehe… pero sayang naman kung masama talaga ang ugali nya like what julian asserts. kasi nakaka-disappoint. like with andrew wolff, i like him so much. inaabangan ko pa nga yung commercial nya ng sunsilk ba yun, yung nagdaydream yung gf nya na he’s flirting with the other girl. kaya lang nakaka-turn off kapag nakarinig ka ng bad news about him. kahit di pa natin alam kung ano ang totoo.

    anyway, back to the topic. hot ka talaga!

  6. flipguyph Says:

    oks to, lakas dating. kaso may pagka feeling nga. bumped into him sa fitness first sa singapore, cia lang magisa. tumitingin tingin din si loko sa locker room and sauna. ibang bansa e kaya siguro mas ‘pwede’ hehe.

    he hit the sauna in his undies lang (and an mp3 player). weirdo. but with him definitely made the sauna much hotter.

  7. cebu_gwapa Says:

    the difference between andrew and joevince is that you don’t see joevince gallivanting around with rich gay business men (i will give you a name: Rey Pamaran). andrew is part of that group of male models who hang around greenbelt, embassy and boracay during holy week with their gay benefactor. “mama rey” as they call him. (search nyo na lang sa mga friendster ng mga male models na to ang pictures nila sa bora…. in fact bruce quebral is included in this group of male models)
    joevince has only had a couple of commercials in the philippines since he chose to concentrate in singapore and bangkok.
    i’ve known him since he was a chubby 17-year and he hasn’t changed. if you feel na mayabang cya, that’s probably because he has done a lot in his career.
    and i don’t think he will join the bold bandwagon since he does not need the money.

  8. jay juaton Says:

    hindi sya suplado noh mabait sya,, ive been work with him nung tv commercial na beer mabait naman sya,, isa lang nakita ko problem sa kanya ang hirap nya gisingin,,pereo he’s so yummy

  9. effie Says:

    ako. ako na lang gigising sa kanya.

  10. ap Says:

    you guys are all so negative..
    if youre not finding fault, youre concocting gay rumours..

    just enjoy the photos and chill..

  11. rico Says:


  12. lex Says:

    ap - can’t agree more! hiya people if you don’t have anything nice to say better shut up, aight?

    effie - LOL!! witty one-liner =)

  13. chuchu caracas Says:

    actually medj mayabang nga siya. super cute siya pero super turned-off din ako sa kanya.

  14. jhobert Says:

    uy nakita ko ang website ni vince! kakalurkey!

  15. choti Says:

    kapitbahay namin nung bata pa ko!!

    naaalala ko tuloy nung mga panahon sabay na naligo. ^_^

    who would have known he get to become this hot..
    i should have smoked his pole when i had the chance.

  16. what_boys_want Says:

    saw this link of the century tuna beachfest:

    and yeah, he’s joining the event.

    from what i know joevince’s doing the rounds of singapore and hong kong modelling circuit.

  17. andrew Says:

    Wala syang dating sa’kin, sorry. Maka-Pinoy kasi talaga ako eh. I think Pinoys ooze with the ‘makatindig-balahibo’ sex appeal, lalo na yung maganda ang pagkamoreno. Think Rocky Salumbides and Bruce Quebral.

    Speaking of Bruce, pahada ba talaga sa bading yun? Nalungkot naman ako bigla :(

    Parang yung kwento nung kaibigan ko na may barkada syang yamin (as in Rica). Nahada daw nun si Zanjoe nung model-modelan pa lang ito. 5K daw. Crush ko pa naman si Zanjoe. Hmp.

  18. peterrr Says:

    hi migs! been reading your blog for the loooonnggest time, and i think it’s time to pay you some tribute! i think you’re doing an excellent job! :) and you’ve become even more fantabulous now that you’ve featured my personal fave joevince in your website! thanks a lot..super! hope to hear from ya!

  19. romevad44 Says:

    hes’ not gay but his bro is!

  20. babaklabakla Says:

    ang sarap sarap naman maging gay ! goodlooking guys here there and everywhere i go ! like this guy na ito nakikita ko sa computer ko ! o anong say !

  21. envy Says:

    flipguyph which fitness first in singapore was that? i must make myself a member of that gym!!! seriously.

  22. hOrIzOn Says:

    RE: cebu_gwapa Says:
    March 27th, 2007 at 6:37 pm

    FYI, It’s widely known that his certain Rey Pamaran is attracted to bodybuilders / buff guys and often takes groups of boys on holidays to Boracay & Cebu. It’s understandable to take a couple of friends when you have extra cash but to take dozens of muscle-dudes to a beach vacation is flamboyantly ridiculous. I heard he’s a “nice” person. It’s unfortunate that he’s given himself a pedophile like image. People say he “buys” the company of his boys. If it was one or two ok na sana e but he takes an army of them. I find that disturbingly weird.

    Back to the topic: As far as Vince is concerned. Yeah i’ve heard he’s may pagka- mayabang but I’ve also heard from those that know him well that he’s a really nice person. Medyo mahangin nga lang ng konti daw but overall he’s really nice daw.

    Well, at least I give him credit na hindi sya isa sa mga boys ni Mr. Pamaran. hehehehe

    Good Luck VINCE !!! :)

  23. dyna Says:

    i’m not gay but i might as well be - i’m a gayman trapped in a girl’s body - with working parts - yeah! well, ako ang nag-make-up kay vince sa century tuna elimination round sa westin sofitel…he’s such a looker talaga…pero married na po ako so wala pong pagnanasa na naganap hehe…polite naman siya…hindi naman maarteng ayusan…mabilis lang mag-oily ang face-but that’s not the point. i guess he’s seemingly yabang attitude is simply just confidence…at saka kasi huwag kayo masyado pa-overwhelm or pa-starstruck pag may mga guapo diyan…cool lang kayo mga kafatiiiid!

  24. Mac.Mac Says:

    Vince being gay aint true. I know the guy personally. Hang out with him a lot of time with our common friends.

    We share the same trip with the rest of the gang. He currently is staedy with Tabatha, a Brazilian Model for a year or two now.

    He is very down to earth. The reason why ganun ang portrayal ng iba kay Binsot kasi di nyo pa sya kilala. But mah bud is one hell of a nice guy.

    Of course deins nya alam that am one of you peeps. Medyo may pagka Homo phobic si mokong eh. Although he has high regards to his mentors in the industry.


    Just text in CT MO4 and send to 2922

  25. gainz Says:

    hay nako ask mo na lang fellow models namin sa Carries, sobra attitude niyan, as in “feeling”, mayabang and maarte, di porket rich eh ganun ang attitude. Di siya bading pero nunca, helloooo. common knowledge samin how he got where he is now. so wag ka na manlinlang no. Ga tuldok lang ang wengweng niya. Ngayon kinaiinisan na naman ng mga kasama sa Mercator. haaay di na siya nagbago. Sana Makuha ng Century na endorser maganda attitude kasi Spokesperson nila will reflect ung kind of product na gusto nila ipalabas sa market. Vince hayy Jose Vicente Canizares Sobra attitude mo dude.

  26. koki_motok Says:

    wow,, madami palakng kafatid na mga models,, look who are posting their comments here??

  27. john_aspen Says:

    Kay ALIZON pa rin ako!

    Well, if katawan lang ang basehan, mas panalo si Vince laban kay Alizon. Pero love ko pa rin si Alizon. I’d build him a shrine if I can hehehe.

    Vote ALIZON for the next Century Tuna Superbod! Just key in CT MO1 and send to 2922 for all Smart, TnT, TM and Globe subscribers.

    Migs, sorry sa ulit na plugging hehehe.

  28. gabriel thomas Says:

    Dear Vince,
    Wala akong pakialam sa mga negatives na comments nila. Basta ang laki ng chance mo na manalo sa Century Superbods dahil obviously taob mo ang mga jologs. Anyway ako nga pala ung ka Gold’s Gym member mo na obsessed sayo. di mo panga ko invite sa friendster mo. Magbiblink yung eyes ko ng 3 times para marecognize mo ko. Good luck tol! Spot?

  29. john_aspen Says:

    Gabriel Thomas, World Peace!

    I don’t wnat to use the J-word (jo**gs) because using the word makes you one. Hehehe joke. Anyway, I don’t think the CT Superbod contests j****s as you say. Actually, I don’t want to describe anyone as j****s. Actually, kahit supproter ako ng ibang contestant for Superbod, I said that mas maganda nga ang katawan ni Vince. He does have good chances of winning (ayan objective ako ha) pero wish ko lang manalo si Alizon. Sino man ang manalo, ok lang. Sabi nga ni Migs, World Peace!

  30. projekchill Says:

    vince is sooo handsome than bruce quebral!.haha!

  31. juliet Says:

    i don’t think he’s gay.. & i believe that his current girlfriend is this stunning girl who modeled for the Tomato (clothing brand) ad, just check for yourselves:
    oh what a great couple! ;)

  32. hecate Says:

    Like waht the heavens above had dwelt when it came to the land. A being with exceptional beauty.

  33. Prince Monsour Abraham Says:

    kiber kong may tahi sa tiyan,nuh!nota rin yan loka!lol…laman tiyan din yan ah! hmnn,sawa na ako sa mga ganyang ganda eh.marami d2 kc sa pinoy fa rin ako kc ngoso ko majokit na…jwotay kc dvah?eh mga ombre ditits eh super duper dakota harrison papunta fa ng baguio at muli babalik ng harrison sa laki…lol…

  34. Duane Says:

    hahaha i have a funny story bout my friends with vince. 2005 vinc was in singapore modeling in singapore fashion festival i always saw him every day in california fitness in orchard road i work in ochard road hes quite nice naman and he have cheap taste in orchard building in the front of HMV. at the back of calif. ftness thier was a starbucks you know what i saw him drinking coffee of seven eleven thats so cheapgeek hey dude the coffee at 711 is 2.50 dllrs and at starbucks is 4.95 dllrs…. why buy cheap if you earn 1000 dllrs a week?????. i also saw him in the mrt in newton station in singapore hes wearing flipplos. my 2 girlsfriends and i was chatting at starbucks and vince wer at thier back my to girlfriend was fighting whos got the most handsome bf and i said shut is your bf better looking than that guy at your back and vince wer at thier back they said u crazy my bf is moore better goodlooking than that guy they didnt know that vince can speak tagalog and the fully understand what my friends at talking bout, hahahhaah. this year i also saw vince at rockwell powerplant mall….. with her amgirlfriend so vinc is not gay okey…. medyo mayabang cya may be but quite nice naman cya…..any moore u want to know vince life in singapore email me for questions…

  35. Felipe Says:

    I heard stories that a certain Manila designer sponsors his air fares and lavishes him with gifts.. hmmmmmm.. why not?! we all do it! if we can afford it!

  36. trist_cum Says:

    yummy!yummy!yummy!his like food for the gays!!!!!hehehe

  37. Brixxx Says:

    I am from Cebu and I am gay. I am 100% sure that Vince aint gay. He is straight people! We went to the same school back in College (University of San Carlos) and this gay thing about him was never heard.

    So, needless to say, that is just a product of the wild imagination of some who wish he’s gay like Chismoso here.

  38. vince Says:

    i wonder if anyone making any negative comments and criticisms about joevince actually know the guy or have actually spent even 5 minutes talking to the guy… hhhmmm… if joevince had a colourful gay life in cebu, id probably be one of his buds. being rich doesnt mean buying expensive coffee is a prerequisite. that mentality is so peenoy. if ur poor, u only deserve cheap things, ur rich u cant be seen indulging in the cheaper luxuries of life. so put a sock to it and take a hike. get a life people.

  39. kevin Says:

    he looks like gerald anderson.

  40. khenzo Says:

    hahaha he’s gay and his brother joefrance too. He’s my classmate in USC.

    Remember the night ur sneaking inside ur “bestfriend’s” room…Guess what they’r doing…hahaha

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    […] presents, hunky Joe Vince Canizares and friends… getting naughty! […]

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