Beauty and what else?

Andrew Wolff, I admit, is such a sight to behold. He’s a real eye candy - just look at this:

Andrew Wolff

But really, I feel something is missing. In his TV interviews, I don’t see character, and maybe not even some substance. But you know I also don’t believe that. Everyone has a character. I reckon that showbizness is getting into him. It is forcing him to be just the pretty face because if they see who he really is, maybe he is not that sellable. Speculating here…. oh, and have you seen this pics? He’s such a teaser — in public!



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35 Responses to “Beauty and what else?”

  1. On The Moon Says:

    i so love him…he is the man of my dreams

    hot hot hot!!!

  2. spaniel Says:

    Wow…where did you get these pics? Do you have any more of Andrew? Please share.

    I love him too.

  3. nico Says:

    me too. ilove him the most

  4. peterpic Says:

    naked driver… damn hot…
    at wala pang tint!

  5. ejearl Says:

    wahhhhhhh…. he is really damn hoot… grabe… hehee…

  6. Code Blue Says:

    I have read from somewhere that this is one of his Bench advertisements.

  7. ERWIN Says:

    grabe ka,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. inday_garalgal Says:

    eat ur heart out! guys hekhek…. andrew is 4hire for 50K u can have him all the way! sayang nka bakasyon ang lolo nyo! Tito Douglas will handle him pagbalik nya repackage ang drama!

  9. Inquisitor Says:

    wait.. did he really do this? i mean strip and then drive naked in public..????

  10. mtguy Says:

    gosh! damn hootie! sizzling hot Andrew…whew!

  11. cast Says:

    inday_garalgal - 50K ba kamo?

    sulit kaya?

  12. yukibouy@y! Says:

    …. give me fresh air…. whew! (paypay, paypay!punas noo, paypay uli he-he)

  13. neon Says:

    omg. paki email ung ibang pic. wow.

  14. Jun Says:

    50K, I believe it. Tito Dougs is known for handling high-class male and female prostitutes.

  15. spld97 Says:

    Share pics naman.. he is so
    mouth-watering and I just can’t
    get enoguh of him..

    so please send some pics..


  16. andrew Says:

    Muy delicioso! Wala kang sasayanging parte ng katawan n’ya. Simut-sarap! Yung 50K, sige lang! Basta ba pede mo rin s’ya tirahin at pede kang mag-cum sa mukha n’ya at lulunukin n’ya yung cum mo, etc., etc., the works kumbaga. But I think he lacks the brains. I don’t know. Just a thought. Pero ang importante, masarap s’yang pangamot sa kati. LOL!

  17. corporateslave Says:

    50K? bumaba na pala…because it used to be, he hangs around Bed and O bar trying to get booked.seriously. hehe. and the story about him being on vacation—that’s not true.nagpapalamig siya because he has a girl client that he really pissed off bigtime.story has it that he really used this girl bad, unfortunately, the girl came from a prominent family.oh, well.can’t wait for him to be back, though, he’s hot nevertheless:)

  18. antonella Says:

    if he’s really on vacation here in the USA, cld anyone pls let me know how can i get hold of his tel. # here? I wld not mind paying him 50K, i think he’s even worth more than that. “MIGS”, PLS HELP ME??? Thanks in advance…or am i too late already? is he back in the Phil. now? W/c part of the USA is he from? I’m in the east coast, New York City to be exact.

  19. zulu Says:

    just saw him yesterday in one of the coffee shops in angeles city. he was with 2 girls.

  20. Johns Says:

    How does someone get in touch with him? Any other more revealing pics of him?

  21. djb Says:

    Does anyone know what magazine that first set of pics (in the white underwear) is from? Would like to find a copy!

  22. summer Says:

    against all odds..crush ko pa din xa..pra daw xang callboy sabi ni keanna sa isang mag..hehe..kahit na

  23. oblation Says:

    He’s NOT in US. He’s in BRISTOL, ENGLAND everytime he leaves the Philippines. He used to take some units related to computers 2 or 3 years ago when he used to be with Gwenn Garci. Andrew’s my friend & sad to say that showbusiness is all about money & lust.

  24. marlon Says:

    wala bang close-up look sa bukol nya, yung naka-telag ba, hehehe

  25. pretty Says:

    naku mga day, naalala nyo yong naka away nyang manager, sa d’ buzz, day sabi ng aking kaibigan taga abs, ka chat ng manager nya si andrew na nasa england, nagpapakita ng nota at ipinakita sa kaibigan kong taga abs ang nota ang laki daw. ang sabi ng manager wag daw maingay kasi masyadong teaser yan pero hanggang doon lang. nakatira daw dati yan sa manager nya hubot bubad deadma ang manager kasi may dalawa pang kasamang model na half british sa house ganon din ginawang beach ang house.swerte ng manager na yan. kaya daw kampante ang mga modelo mag hubad kasi di naniniwalang gay ang manager nila. swerte nya talaga hmp! kainis sya sana sa akin bahay tumira si andrew.

  26. Andrew Wolff, back in town? | manila gay guy Says:

    […] hearing that Andrew Wolff, the ultimate reigning beefcake hunky model until he decided to hibernate, is back in town. Can somebody please confirm? More […]

  27. pretty Says:

    ask his manager bernard anacta, i saw andrew outside of his managers condo in palm towers makati las week

  28. roma Says:

    yang andrew na yan exhibitionist yan, pag tanda nyan wala nang kukuha sa service nya, baka matulad sya ni franco madrigal na hot model noon, at pene king, nasaan na si franco ngayon, baka taong grasa na, kaya andrew, hinayhinay lang, be magnanimous with your physical assets darling, youre good for 3 more years,

  29. gil Says:

    andrew…has a small dick!! tapos!

  30. fattyacid Says:

    i will shift the gears for him.

    good driver…good lover.

    great driver…great lover?


  31. Calvin Says:

    is he masturbating in the car? i simply want to see that! :D

  32. bettyerz Says:

    gosh… that’s all i can say hehehehe

  33. jang chul soo Says:

    MIGS! where the f**k do you get these pictures?! Sooo Hot!!! I thought i was over andrew but hell no! Hahaha

  34. fillmeup Says:

    oh my god i just creamed my pants! migs! eto, if you can find stills from the MMK with sam milby and angel locsin! coz there’s a scene there na nakahiga c sam shirtless and bottomless. blanket lang ang takip and i know they say he’s gay and all that pero fudge, he was soo hot there.. please i need an image of that scene again!

  35. bobby Says:

    just saw for the first time andrew wolf picture. all i can say is one word : “wow”

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