Naked Truth About Janvier’s Pic


I am breaking my silence about this issue now, and I hope people understand why I had to do it this late. I’ve known Janvier for some time now and yes, we’ve sort of become friends. Imagine then when several weeks back I received an anonymous email with an attachment: a nude, sleeping Janvier Daily.

The photo was unmistakably Janvier. First thing I did was to respond to the anonymous email, asking where the pic was from. (I never got a reply.) Next, I called Janvier. We talked and agreed to meet the following day so I can personally show him the photo.

I saved the photo in my cellphone and that was what I showed him when we met up. When I handed him my phone, he was quiet, intently looking at that naked glory occupying the entire area of my cellphone’s shiny screen. I asked the million-dollar question, “Janvier, ikaw nga ba yan?” to which he answered “yeah, ako nga ito.” Then he mumbled something about the room’s wall, and the bedsheet. And after some more pregnant silence, he mentioned to me the name of the most probable person who took this photo, where, and when the photo was taken. We talked further about the possible intention of the person — and while it was nothing less than malicious I can see how Janvier was cool about it, quite unperturbed. I saw how he didn’t expect much from the person.

No it was not Ethel Booba, as some people have theorized; nor was it among Ethel’s friends. Janvier requested for me not to mention the person’s name, so I’m respecting that request and quite thankful for the confidence he has given me.

I know for a fact, even long before, that Janvier frequently sleeps in the buff. Thus this particular photo is a typical sleeping Janvier. So I told him not to make such a big fuss out of it. “Be proud,” I even joked, “lots of guys are wishing for that same schlong you got there hanging.” We laughed, and then he turned serious again.

“Worry ko lang si Mama,” Janvier continued. Yes, Janvier is such a Mama’s boy in a certain lovable way. Janvier’s mom is a typical conservative Filipina who got shocked when she saw Janvier in Troika’s magazine. And Janvier didn’t even reveal much in that publication. Here it’s hanging for all the world to see — how do you expect a mother to react?

I didn’t know how to respond, admitting to myself that it was a real sticky situation, and just said “andyan na yan, Janvier. Wala na tayong magagawa.” In the end, I was just impressed with Janvier’s absolute honesty. He gave me nothing less than the untampered, immaculate, unequivocal truth. It was indeed the naked, naked truth. Truth About Janvier's Pic  digg:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic  spurl:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic  newsvine:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic  furl:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic  reddit:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic  fark:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic  Y!:Naked Truth About Janvier's Pic


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77 Responses to “Naked Truth About Janvier’s Pic”

  1. dennis Says:

    How come some people could be mean by taking pictures of others in their unguarded moments?

  2. ewan Says:

    i am proud at how he reacted…true to the man he is, fearless yet honest..

    yung lang…

  3. eponine Says:

    i knew migs will say something about this, and expected to cut the lower part of the pic. i noticed the wall color is inauthentic, and some geeks cared to analyze the pic with adobe photoshop, and concluding the appendage part is a fake. they calim about the shadows and skin tone etc. they say that the it is a mere fabrication to for janvier’s easy access to fame daw, a desperate move for one struglging in showbiz (which i do not believe). they suspect then taht in the original photo, janvier might have been in his undies.

    anuman, love ko pa rin si janvier.

    p.s. (parang liham hehe) does the name janvier mean january in some european language?

  4. Joe Says:

    Whopee. Congrats at close kayo.

  5. Bisho Says:

    Who ever took that photo without him knowing about it is an absolute prick. Im quite sure someday in someway he or she will get comeuppance and get it really good.

  6. Karelin Says:

    Terimah kasih Janvier dan terimah kasih kepada siapa orang yang mengambil foto ini dengan Janvier yang dibugil. I like him, he is honest. Lalong lalaki ang respeto sa kanya. Wala itong malisya. Thanks for that photo. I’m sorry to Janvier that I’m just frank to him and top this blog.

  7. alfonso Says:

    people are so naive. it is a gimmick just like ethel’s. he said to jun luna that he doesn’t sleep in the nude. his roommate took off his shorts. you can’t believe this guy. he is playing you.

  8. mekare Says:

    good timing for his upcoming movie, eh? oh well…

  9. jimg29 Says:

    why you chopped off the schlong…

  10. kim jones Says:

    2 c s 2 believe…asan ang “NAKED PART”???

  11. bibibi Says:

    asan yung pic?padi pasend???

  12. roro Says:

    nsan ung buong pic??

  13. brazilian Says:

    the pic

    he shaves.. mabuti naman… EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW HIS LEAD..

  14. kel Says:

    nakuuu…ang tagal ko inantay reaction ni migs dito..ahehe..

    mm,astig si janvier….kudos to you!

  15. wow Says:

    yan po ang nude pic ni janvier daily.

  16. Lee Says:

    Ay Naku lagot kayo… bakit nyo pinost yung buong pic nya as link. Kaya nga di pinost ni Migs kasi friends sila. Kaya friend na rin natin, so sana di na pinost. Ok lang kung ma search sa ibang site, wag lang dito.

    And nope, I’m not being righteous, wala lang. Opinion lang.

  17. KORNIMO Says:

    ang korni mo! ate… nakakalat na yang picture na yan. wag kang mag-feeling jowa ni janvier na tila pinuprotektahan mo siya.

    sigh. ilusyunada.

  18. fattyacid Says:

    wow sarap naman kaibigan si migs…he would stand by you no matter what.

  19. Jedd Says:

    Oh how admirable of him to admit it’s really him in the pic. Puh-lease. The kind of things we regard high and almighty these days, really.

    That pic is screaming photoshop job. Wrong proportions. Inconsistent compression artifacts. ‘Airbrushed’ edges. Missing shadows where they should be. He’s like floating against a blob of blue void.

    It’s weird. He’s saying it’s him, which isn’t really him, which ‘normally’ he’s supposed to deny it’s him. And on top of that, if he really wanted it to be him in the first place, he could easily have made it really him.

  20. Lola Basyang Says:

    Mga ineng, pasenya na kasi mahina na ang mata ng lola nyo at may catarata na, at saka nabasag ang aking magnifying glass eh. Gusto ko lang po itanong, erect po ba ang dang nya o hindi.

  21. pepron Says:

    Wala namang ingitan! Share mo naman buong shot…go! Please!!!

  22. Anino Says:

    Jedd, can you be specific kung ano sa pic ang na-photoshop?

  23. françois Says:

    ouais, janvier is january en français. ^_^

  24. Chirpy Says:

    i’m an expert in photoshop, gamit ko yan sa work for 5 years now. I can recognized altered pics, even those done by experts. kahit hindi expert, makikita na fake ang pics. wrong shadows, white borders around the penile shaft among other things. Obviously fake. hindi expert sa photoshop ang gumawa nito.

    why would Janvier say it’s real even though it’s fake you ask? di ba kahihiyan yun? I guess for publicity. I can think of no other reason

  25. heya Says:

    i wonder kung talagang tulog siya ng kunan yan bakit erect siya diyan. hindi kaya publicity lang yan?

  26. raymund gerard Says:

    think you should tell Janvier to sue the person who took THAT pic. siya lang ang liable sa pagcirculate ng pic na ito. it was a clear invasion of privacy. he was sleeping. Poor guy. and you know if anything happens to Janvier’s mom after she sees that—the person who took and circulated the pic can be held liable legally for whatever happens to his mom.
    you know this is less about whether he has a schlong to be proud of. this is about the invasion of his privacy. i think even if he’s now a celeb—the publication of that pic which shows him in a private moment—serves no interest but a perverse and prurient one.

  27. rodier Says:

    i wont believe this issue and so with the pic. i know janvier.

  28. notorious Says:

    photoshop yan. that’s fake.

  29. Isaribi Says:

    He was so young then… And so peaceful in his sleep. I wish I could sleep like that nowadays… *sigh*

  30. tarugo Says:

    for those who havent seen the whole shot yet..vist there you will see his naked glory…enjoy..ive seen it.hundred times

  31. kai Says:

    ewan ko sa inyo ha..
    pero MIGS PA-FORWARD NAMAN O! hehehhe

  32. vincedejesus Says:

    wow. sikat na siya.

  33. jayzee Says:

    dios ko poooooooooooooooooo

  34. red Says:

    kawawa naman! but honestly nakita ko yung pic na L ako haha crush ko kasi sya. Hay nay naku nxt time dont trust anyone Janvier.

  35. bigduck Says:

    sana hindi naman masira image ni janvier because of this, ako naniniwala ako kay janvier victim lang sya dito ang masama lang yung timing kasi parang gimik talaga because of roxxxane pero sabi nga ni migs nandyan na yan and sana lang huwag naman samantalahin ng ibang tao itong nagyari kay janvier para
    sa sariling interes, isa nanaman itong reminder sa lahat na kahit sino pwedeng maging victim ng mga tao na walang magawang mabuti, I really admire you migs dahil hindi ka katulad ng iba…

  36. duh Says:

    showbiz.. what’s next? sex video kuno nila ni ethel?

  37. paul Says:

    i read at jun lana’s blog that it was indeed his former flatmete ang kumuha ng naked picture nya!janvier was such an honest person to admit the truth!medjo proud pa nga xa,siguro gifted kc!Tama yan janvier!if u have it, flaunt it!Cant wait to see ur picture!kc 2 lang daw ang reaction ng mga baklang nakakita na e.either titili ka or manglalaki mga mata mo once u saw it!any site jan pls na pwede makita!share nyo naman mga ateh at wag na kayong magdamot ok!

  38. joshMe&Doves Says:

    we’ll f anything came out from this naked photo… it sure made janvier idol of every person i know, hehehe! I’m proud of you migs & janvier, honest and daring!

    Sana Janvier can be a part of the Provoq men, hehehe! Now dat will be cooooooL! :)

  39. Anino Says:

    Kung na-photoshop ang pic,it means nagsinungaling si Janvier kay Migs.Kung totoo naman ang pic, naiinggit ako.
    Sa mga experts, paki-detail pa kung fake talaga ang pic.

  40. rej Says:

    THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW!!! no, not against sleeping in the nude but for every person’s right to privacy.but the rate technology’s moving inversely with our justice system, isang malaking gudlak.i pity the boy. unless this is another publicity stint.i hope not, for his sake.

  41. margaux Says:

    you are really a wonderful friend. he’s lucky to have you.

  42. margaux Says:

    and of course, so am i ;D

  43. edmark Says:

    hey migs, pwede malaman gender ng kumuha ng pic? female? male? bading?

    o baka ikaw yun migs, ha. aminin!

  44. q2q2 Says:

    halatang peke naman eh…

  45. Ian Says:

    Who the hell cares? It’s just a prick. Get a LIFE!!!

  46. Flinstone Says:

    Hindi nman gwapo si Janvier.

  47. Ryan Says:

    Thats so honest of him admitting that he was in the pic

  48. george Says:

    “Hindi nman gwapo si Janvier.”

    Parang hindi ko ata gets ang sagot na ito…so? eto ba ang point?

  49. bigduck Says:

    oo nga, wala ka naman sa topic flinstone and besides nakita mo na ba in person si janvier para sabihin na hindi gwapo? ikaw ano ba tingin mo sa sarili mo? grrrrr….
    basta ang alam ko mabuti pa si migs hindi exploiter hindi kagaya ng ibang site na walang alam gawin kundi mang exploit that is why I love this site…keep it up migs
    cheers :)

  50. marvz Says:

    ive seen d pics though on the site….hopes that he will learn his lesson not to sleep barenaked in other’s house…

  51. marvz Says:

    other site i mean…

  52. eric Says:

    ei guys its not really a product of photoshop… cause ive seen this whole pic and its really him…

  53. Sentosapark Says:

    @ Eric san mo nakita ung pic? I min ung original shot share mo naman

  54. cast Says:

    talagang totoo ung “if a picture paints a thousand words” noh? …… dami reaction sa picture ni janvier…. pero what the heck… dakulaon bay ngaaaaaaaa…..peace

  55. famous Says:

    nakita ko na ang pic dun sa isang site and walang kaabog abog yung site na ipost yung pic medyo garapal yung site dahil halos walang censorhip yung site kaya ang sagwa na ihalo dun si janvier kasi hindi nya naman ka level yung mga lalaki dun at kahit pa may mga readers na gusto ipatanggal yun at si janvier na rin nag sabi na kung pwede hindi maipost kasi hindi nya naman talaga sure kung sino at ano dahilan nung kumuha dahil tulog nga sya, tanong ko lang hindi ba bawal yun ipost without the consent of janvier? if they insist of doing this ano ang pwede nyang gawin? may batas na ba tayo regarding this kinds of violation? nag tatanong lang po…. :)

  56. euges Says:

    Maniwala na sana ako. Grabe naman ang retouch ng photo shop maling mali nga.
    How can some people claim it real. Kitakita ang blue wall pinalit lng color. look closely sa bandang hita nya. Tama pati mga shodows di tama. Showbiz na showbiz na si Janvier. Ok na rin. Promo ng movie nya. Wa ko sya type kay Ethel no, for the boys lang talaga sya. hahaha

  57. dowell Says:

    Whether you find the truth or not, it will not add up to your winnings. So love the pic if it makes you happy, hate it if it brings you misery. Anyways, it still remains a pic.

  58. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …another pedophile’s delight! Oops :p coz he looks so innocent! :)

  59. eponine Says:

    he’s so serene…

  60. Flinstone Says:

    Hidi naman gwapo to. Ang pangit pa ng katawan.

  61. jimg29 Says:

    flinstone shut your mouth, baka sabunutan ka ni rodier.

  62. Karelin Says:

    Baka mga aliens ang kumuha or nag-shot sa pic ni Janvier, you know uso na ngayon ang documentary about aliens and UFOs. Neither Ethyl, nor her friends are the responsible for shoting that pic. Maybe aliens ang kumuha nyan.

  63. anonymous Says:

    hahaha I like that comment..cute :) and flinstone siguraduhin mo lang na maayos ang hilatsa ng face mo bago mo sabihing pangit si janvier ok? peace…

  64. green Says:

    I’m sorry for the guy. Although, I have to be honest, that was a beautiful pic. He has a beautiful penis. Thanks for the photo.

  65. famous Says:

    I agree with green, but I’m sure he will get something good out of this…. I still like him very much….

  66. paul Says:

    mga ateh share nyo naman site kung saan pwede makita ang entire nakedness ni janvier!wag na kayo magdamot plizzzzor else susugo ako sa bahay ni kuya at isusumbong ko kyo kay manay ethelbooba!

  67. bbytet Says:

    publicity lng yan……

  68. Jc Says:

    guys… can u pls send the nude pic of janvier… im dying to see it…

  69. joms Says:

    can you send me the full view of his photo too. thanks.

  70. paul Says:

    joms at jc,ay nagdadamot ang ateh migz nyo,ayaw ipost ang message ko sanyo kung saan makikita ang entire pic ni janvier

  71. je t Says:

    napanood ko si janvier sa the buzz kahapon and pinanindigan nya yung dati nyang sinabi na ayaw nya na kay ethel, I feel bad for ethel and for janvier as well, nilalamon sila ng maruming mundo ng showbiz, but hey, its their choice, walang pumipilit sa kanila,nanghihinayang lang ako sa mga ipinuhunan ni janvier sa showbiz ex: zsazsa zaturnah para matabunan lang lahat ng scandal na ito at mukhang nadadamay pa sya sa magulong buhay ni ethel. buti na lang meron migs na handang ipagtangol ang kanyang kaibigan and I really respect you for that migs.. cheers :)

  72. anonymus Says:

    o mga friends to na un full pic nia….enjoy

  73. george Says:

    hay naku, sino ang madamot? hindi kasi kayo nagbabasa ng mga entries sa andun naman ang link sa isang post…pero anyway, posted na ulit kaya di nakailangang basahin pa ang lahat…

  74. jomar uphs perpz Says:

    just like to comment in a short period of time in his high skul lyf… i knew him so much…well he’s hot actually…he is from laguna actually and about his pet well i know the reality of it.

  75. zalds mojica Says:

    padala nyo na lang sa email ko po yung buong picture nya. tanx advance!

  76. jommarkz Says:

    kaya nga sana ung kumuha ng pic nya umamin na dyan pti si ethel nadadamay ….pasend namn ung the whole photo sa akin

  77. beng mahadera Says:

    mga ineng si ketchup b yan?

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