How Will You March Your Pride?

“I’m a butterfly! I’m a pretty little brown butterfly!!!” - baklang IPIS

Whether you are a butterfly of the colorful type, or a butterfly in many different forms (little and brown? hehe!), as long as you see the dignity of being yourself, and respect other people regardless of their gender then you are welcome to join the 2007 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride March on December 8, 2007 in Malate, Manila. Go na? Rachel Ann GO!


Having said and plugged that, I thought to myself, paano naman ang mga bading na di pa out? Can they join the celebration without having to out themselves? How? Does being proud about our sexuality presuppose that we should be out?

I personally don’t think so, but maybe I can ask you dear readers — how can a closeted gay man celebrate the dignity of being gay without being out? Will You March Your Pride?  digg:How Will You March Your Pride?  spurl:How Will You March Your Pride?  newsvine:How Will You March Your Pride?  furl:How Will You March Your Pride?  reddit:How Will You March Your Pride?  fark:How Will You March Your Pride?  Y!:How Will You March Your Pride?


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13 Responses to “How Will You March Your Pride?”

  1. lordrommel27 Says:

    anghirap namang tanong yan migs! hahaha

  2. lordrommel27 Says:

    it’s like asking, how would you know what’s inside in a box without opening it?

  3. Jesse Says:

    Can we just watch from a distance?

  4. pepron Says:

    Yes; As long as he can celebrate it.He doesn’t have to shout it…and he should make sure that we date at least once, one of these days…hehehe.

  5. Kazan Says:

    how can one be proud if he’s in the closet?

  6. Joe Says:

    Well we could have our own little ways in our own lives to help rid the world of ignorance, bigotry, and sexual inequality. In the long run I think mas importante yun. But kudos of course to those who are out and proud. We support you. Hindi kami kasing tapang ninyo.

  7. ewan Says:

    wala bang cebu version nito?

  8. maverick Says:

    i’ll prolly go there. its my birthday! :p


    eh du kunwari, straight na nagaadvocate ng gay rights, bwahahaha. basta ako dun sa transexual group sasama. SARAP~ kitakits! o kaya straught na may bestfriend na gay na kaylangan suportahan. choze~ af if nman you have to explain bakit ka nandun.!

  10. philippe Says:

    i have a whole lot of pride to celebrate and to flaunt.
    yes, i will be among the butterflies.

  11. jimsimon Says:

    e di mag disguise sila as a geisha or a fairy or even as Cher! Remember the classic climax scene of the movie “Birdcage”? may makakilala pa kaya sa kanila dun?!

  12. Isaribi Says:

    They are still in their cocoons… Just let them be, sooner or later they will soar high… or just die.

  13. Julie Says:

    Hi! What about LGBT supporters like me? Can we assist in organizing and/or join the march, even if we’re straight? :D

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