JC de Vera, heartthrob


The previous post on bisexuality seems to have generated so many opinions… so it’s time to cool down, relax, and appreciate once more the beauty of the male species. Go get your cup of chamomile tea and let this cute boy heartthrob JC de Vera soothe your senses. So guys, here’s JC de Vera for all of you! World Peace!







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31 Responses to “JC de Vera, heartthrob”

  1. leo Says:

    sa wakas!!!!! kay tagal kitang hinintay… Totoo na ba ito? baka naman nananaginip lang ako! JC, may JC…

    hehehe… thanks MIGS!

  2. oblation Says:

    it’s about time that this guy’s pics be posted here. he’s looking better everytime i see him on TV. he’s like the better looking version of sandara’s bf (forgot his name).

  3. noel Says:

    Hay at long last..kaso mga lumang pics na ni JC, sana may bago (hint hint)

  4. Little Fish Says:

    It would be great after “Bi’s topic” talk naman tayo about sizes.
    Does size matters?
    Refreshing itong si JC!

  5. drew Says:

    this is long overdue.

    his body is great for his age. dati ko pa siya type!!!

  6. josh Says:

    now this is World Peace, hello JC (de castro, de vinecia, de vera pala!)

  7. Xerendipity Says:

    He’s been my crush ever! Even in my dreams, he’s present! Ang tindi ng tama nya sa akin! Graveh!

  8. JP Says:

    Wow. JC de Vera. I’ve seen him in commercials and whatnots before, and all I have to say is wow. He is by far, for me anyway, the most enticing filipino man I have ever seen. He exudes Filipino male beauty. haha. I love it.

  9. randy Says:

    one of my crushes. ha ha! any hot pics of alvin alfonso?

  10. noel Says:

    Panalo! ive seen him in festival mall panalo tlga as in panalo!!!!

  11. noel Says:

    JC de Vera gods gift to gays more pics please migs now na

  12. perks Says:

    god. iv been waiting for this post. ha ah.. he’s just so good looking and sexy

  13. vince Says:

    Ang cute ng batang ito. I worked with him twice na… sana magkita kami ulit! Ang sarap yakapin!!! Ang bango-bango!

  14. bench2000 Says:

    sobra….. i can’t help it…

  15. ANTwON Says:

    I browsed through his Gay.com account.. it was authentic hehe..

  16. mnl Says:




  17. forpaulo Says:

    like this guy! tagal ko ng pinagpapantasyahan to! haha! sana hindi lang hangang pantasya! wish ko lang

  18. vinvin Says:

    aaaaaay! you should smell him at GMA. he’s like soooo bango.

  19. tonyboy Says:

    gwapo…ganda ng bod…pero ito yung guy na pinagkakalat ni michelle madrigal na dyuts daw ang kanya…compared to joseph bitangcol…hahaha!…bad girl

  20. Daizuke Says:

    Mapakla ang ganyang looks.. Mas maraming mas gwapo nyan dito sa cebu :-P

  21. michael Says:

    He has a boyish face, but with his shirt off he is all man

  22. hehe Says:

    hey kuya migs how about trying sgboy.com

  23. Markius Says:

    Hi there… ano yung url ng gay.com account ni JC DE VERA???

  24. chester Says:

    boy next door… yummy…

  25. John Says:

    my ultimate crush

  26. JC de Vera, is that you? | manila gay guy Says:

    […] Hello JC. Is that you? […]

  27. Kai Says:

    hahahhaha jologs ko pero yeah i like him

  28. daniel Says:

    saw him in person! Bery cute, nice biceps.

  29. Asyano Says:

    Super gwapo!

  30. michael Says:

    He is cute. Pero How old is he?

  31. emkaye Says:

    cute mo grabe…… sna ma meet kita… love you

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