Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners


Hunky moreno, 6′3″ stunner Emmanuel Mago was proclaimed Mr. World Philippines 2007 during the pageant finals last night, February 17, 2007. He will compete with more than 50 gorgeous men from the same number of countries in the 2007 Mr. World contest to be held on March 31, 2007 in Sanya, China.


About Emmanuel: He’s more known as “Coach Bhobby” to his peers and the members of the junior basketball team at Emilio Aguinaldo College, where he is also pursuing a BS Management degree. According to him, teaching kids how to play basketball is his passion. “I love training kids because I see a lot of enthusiasm and potential in them,” he admits. When he’s not busy making play-by-play strategies for his team, he relaxes by creating his own design templates. Bhobby is eager to eventually cross the line to become a professional basketball coach.

First runner-up is Jason Fulgencio, and second runner-up is Jean Claude Bocquet. Veteran model Iago Raterta won the Mr. Physique and Mr. Energy awards, while early pre-pageant favorite Peiman Gomari won the Mr. Photogenic award.

First runner up: Jason Fulgencio
jason_fulgencio.jpg This 22-year old, 6′1″ hunk has appeared in several successful print and television ad campaigns, and yet he manages to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. Having newly graduated with a BS ECE degree from Mapua, he intends to eventually become a successful engineer in one of the top multinational corporations. In the meantime, he basks in the honor of being considered as one of the country’s most eligible bachelors.

Second runner up: Claude Jean Bocquetclaude-jean-bocquet.jpg They say French men rank as one of the world’s most exciting lovers. Pinoy men refuse to be outdone, and so they claim to be the world’s most generous paramours. Claude, with his Filipino-French lineage, is definitely a charming combination of both! A gifted artist, he excels in painting and composing RNB and love songs. He eventually plans to venture into his own business and be a record producer at the same time.

Mr. Physique and Mr. Energy: Iago Raterta
iago-raterta.jpg A finalist in the prestigious Manhunt International 2006, Iago has been working as a professional model for five years already, gracing several print and TV ads and walking the runway for the country’s top fashion brands. He was also a campus heartthrob during his college days at the University of Santo Tomas, where he played basketball for the UST Golden Tigers. Despite his hectic schedule, he manages to unwind by playing the guitar and reading spiritual books. He joined Mr. Philippines World because he believes it will be leading the path towards his ultimate goal, which is to be a top international model.

Mr. Photogenic: Peiman Gomari
peiman-gomari.jpg Puma’s boyish charms surely can win over everyone. His Persian-Filipino descent has blessed him not only with good looks, but with confidence and best values of both cultures. Although there may seem to be a myriad of careers and dreams he can pursue, one simple aspiration remains in his heart. “I want my family to be proud of me,” he says.

Here are the past years’ winners of Mr. Philippines World:

• 1995 – Christopher Celis, winner; Chandro Concepcion, first runner-up; and Michael Sol Cruz a.k.a. OJ Montelibano, Richard Gustillo, Rafael Garcia, Froilan Ami III, Rolf Angala, Marlon Moldon, Mark Cobbarubias and Boogy Bugayong, semi-finalists;

• 1998 – Rico Miguel Lee, winner; Jet Rai Alcantara, first runner-up; John Allauigan, second runner-up; and Ali Khan and Cesar Alex, semi-finalists;

• 1999 – Roderick Dilla Salvador, winner; Allan “Ice” Concepcion, second runner-up; and Raymond Nieva and Darrion Cueto, semi-finalists; and

• 2003 – Marco Antonio Tamayo, winner; and Johannes Magbitang, first runner-up.

• 2007 – Emmanuel Mago, winner; Jason Fulgencio, first runner-up; and Claude Jean Bocquet, second runner-up. World Philippines 2007 Winners  digg:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners  spurl:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners  newsvine:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners  furl:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners  reddit:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners  fark:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners  Y!:Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners


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29 Responses to “Mr. World Philippines 2007 Winners”

  1. KittyQT Says:

    Em Mago’s pic catches your attention. Expressive ang eyes, may dating. But we have to see other pics to see his beauty. Pero ang tingin niya, innocently seducing me…aayyy, take me!!!!

  2. fernie Says:

    nakakaloka ang answer niya sa q&a portion! hahahahaha buti na lang gwapito at macho siya!

  3. chad Says:

    sobrang nagulat ako hindi man lamang nasama sa top 10 si iago at si peiman. medyo good-looking din naman si mago but still… hrm amoy malansang isda! dinaya? (uyyy chismis! :P) or hindi lang talaga credible yung judges? (a sexy actor, a malaysian beauty queen, an inday garutay look-alike and a famous local designer)hrm hrm hrm.

  4. Jason Says:

    i watched the contest also.. no offense meant, but honestly, the winner kind of surprise me since he is one of the least handsome among the contestants.. i was reeling for iago raterta and jason fulgencio.. the q&a portion reveals that all of them is better left being looked at and never heard.

  5. cb3 Says:

    grabe, di ko na tinapos ang show. na-bore ako lalo na sa swimsuit competition. LOL. pero bet ko sa gomari and fulgencio, and NEVER ko naisip na si mago ang magwawagi. nakakasawa na si iago kaya ok lang na di sya nakasama sa top 10, pero si gomari?! kaluka.

  6. astroboi Says:

    kelangan ba mix lineage pa rin para bumenta? kala ko tapos na ang era na yun!

  7. Jonas santos Says:

    Bakit biglang nawala sa list of contestants si John Lopez? Strong contender and one of the favorites pa naman sya! What happened? Nagwithdraw ba sya? nadisqualified? or what? Migs pls find out for his non-appearance in last night’s pageant night.

    Thanks and more power!!!!

  8. mins Says:

    sana si jayson nanalo!bkt pa kasi sa gma ginawa yun program kainis!ang chaka lalo na ng mga host nakakaloka!and isa pa sana hindi lng body and looks dapat may brains din!

  9. Jason Says:

    indeed! the hosts were all so tasteless.

  10. Mikee Says:

    sana magwagi sa intl contest … pero hindi symmetric ang face, ang likot pa sa stage.

  11. argo Says:

    FYI: john lopez backed out… also ronee ray castro.. sayang, those 2 hotties can give a more exciting competition sana…

  12. sire lee Says:

    well i was there kc nasa guest list kmi for jayson fulgencio and he was my friend’s talent. mell navarro is his manager. it was held sa show ng master showman. nagstart ung taping at around 8pm then natapos by 12 in the morning. sa tv pinlabas ng 1am then natapos ng 3am. grabe. the presentation was ok, rather not that classy kc mejo kengkoy ung hosts but all in all sobrang saya naman nung event, lalo na ng nanalo si jayson. hehe more power and aloha sa lahat!!!

  13. jaycee Says:

    i was also surprised when my officemates ask me if i know someone from MWP with last MAGO..i said yeah his my kuya..nanonood pala sila ng TV, they said that my kuya won from the pageant…syempre i was shocked, kc di ko akalain mananalo sya!!!wala kasi syang experience sa mga ganyan and sobrang timid nya..pero i’ll stand for my kuya..di naman sya dinaya..i know there are so many cute guys than him on that pageant..pero baka there’s something unique sa kanya…sa Tv and print AD nyo lang naman kasi sya nakita…ika nga dont judge the book..if you are not the judge…bwahahaha

  14. searcher Says:

    Mago including the 2 runners up are all deserving. FYI, dumaan sila sa prelim and final round, u guys who are bashing about Mago’s winning don’t know kung ano ang pinaghirapan nilang mga contestants. Don’t base ur judgement on topless pictures of contestants posted by whoever “fan”. The judges followed criteria and Mago simply won. It’s totally different if you are judging the conestants live and not only base on pictures on the internet. When Mago asked by one of the judges… “when is a boy become a man?” …Mago simply answered ” A boy becomes a man when he became responsible and productive person of our country.” Well, he is right though he has bad accent. In Mr. World, accent is not important since most of the candidates from other countries do not speak english fluently.

  15. vincedejesus Says:

    I saw the pageant sa show ni Kuya Germs! (O di ba? Kinareer talaga.)

    Bakit ganoon sila maglakad sa rampa? Walang bearing. Walang elan. Parang naglalakad lang sa kalsada. Ang jologs, in fact. Ang marunong lang maglakad at mag-project yong iago, natalo pa.

    Marami sa mga candidates hindi mo alam kung paano nakapasok. Si Jackieou Blanco parang hirap na hirap sabihin ang spiel niyang “Pinalilibutan ako ng mga nag-ga-guwapuhang mga lalaki.” And gosh, you should’ve heard some of their answers! Ya, may mga cute pero mag-model na lang sila kasi hindi naman required magsalita ang models. Kasi pag beauty contest, dapat kaya ng personality mong makipag-usap sa madlang pipol. I was holding on to my chair nung nag-i-inglisan na sila. May mga pumasa, may mga nadapa… may mga sumubsob.

    Pansin ko sa karamihan ng mga pageants, kulang na kulang sa PERSONALITY ay mga candidates! No doubt may mga hitsura ang pinoy, pero TALONG-TALO sa personality. They couldn’t even answer a simple question to save their lives.

    Ang sarap sanang manood ng beauty pageant kung pagkatapos ng pageant ma-i-inspire ka sa makikita mo. Pero kung magki-cringe ka lang the whole time, parang ano ba ang silbi?

    Incidentally, i brought my dog to Marikina para isali sa dog show. Nanalo naman. Ang gagaling ng mga aso! Confident, well-trained, talented, maganda ng mga lahi.

    Buti pa doon.

  16. chad Says:

    a reason why inuuna ang swimsuit and evening/formal portions sa isang beauty contest kesa sa Q&A is mas pinahahalagahan ang outer appearance kaysa sa utak ng contestant. i know, so superficial pero what the hey it’s a beauty pageant, hindi naman pwedeng sobrang pangit ka tapos aasa kang mananalo ka kasi straight A student ka. mago, imo, is definitely not pangit but super definitely not the most good-looking guy sa mga contestants. and no, walang tama at mali sa Q&A, only what makes sense and what’s hardly understandable. and no, his answer was so simple, it was lame (imo). actually all the answers of the 3 finalist were lame (again imo :P). kung ibabase sa very pinoy looks, mago is very pinoy-looking BUT may mga contestant na mas good-looking sa kanya na pinoy na pinoy rin. and about the prelims of mr. world (extra challenge-like activities, talent portion, charity work etc etc), i heard si iago and gomari ang favorites. and no, kaming nagdi-disagree sa mr. world results ay hindi bina-bash si mago. we’re just commenting. so based on these i conclude na mago is indeed ok-looking pero overall so-so lang siya, the contest itself sucked (very low budget obv.) and WORLD PEACE!

  17. awe Says:


  18. mae Says:

    anyone knows where the telecast can be watched? do want to watch the q&a! thanks1

  19. aldri velasco Says:

    sana.makapasuk sa top 5 ang mr philippines ill proud being a pinoy

  20. jhel Says:

    grabe ang guapo ni papah jayson fulgencio!!!!sulit ang magpuyat dahil nanalo sya kahit nung una di sya pansin ng mga judges wala sya nakuha award pero ok lang basta para sa akin sya ang pinaka-guapo may similarity sila ng hubby ko heheh sana maging kamukha nya magiging anak kong lalaki.good luck papah jayson!

  21. Noel Says:

    Dapat si peiman ang nanalo…ewan ko ba sa mga judges….malalabo yata mga mata nila….ano pa ba hahanapin nila the looks the body…the brain naka kay Peiman na….Ewan ko lang baka may lagay ung tatlong nanalo……sure ako alang mararating ung re presentative ng Philippines sa Mr. world…..un lang

  22. Jun Says:

    I hear Mr. USA, Travis Kraft, is coming to the Philippines after the Mr. World. That guy is so hunky.

  23. Tobal Loyola Says:

    It’s true. After the event, Travis Kraft ( flew to Manila. However, he first spent a couple of days here in Beijing & we had such fun! I heard he has a new billboard up in EDSA for Canadian Club SM.

    Speaking of the event, I was so sad when Travis was making kwento about Mr. Philippines. Hirap daw makipag-communicate in English. As in hirap. To think that we pride in our English communication skills. So sad… I guess it’s his Bicol upbringing. Not sure.

    Hi Migs!

    ~ Tobal.

  24. Tobal Loyola Says:

    Here pala is one of our pics in Travis’ Flickr: See the rest of his pics there, especially where he’s wearing yellow trunks! Bakat na bakat! He can give Allen Dizon a run for his own bakat series! Hahaha.

    ~ Tobal.

  25. Jerrome Daniel Says:

    the winner of mr world 07′ its real choice…

  26. chino Says:

    i saw the mr. world contest last night over star world. spain and brazil really stood out, making them deserving of the title and runner-up finish. our very own emmanuel mago is really guapo. except that he talks in barok english (sounds like a spanish-speaking contestant introducing himself in english), and has this “nalugi” look. while the other non-winning contestants readily clap and smile, mago wasn’t as sport-looking. he stood out in the background because of his height and complexion but, sayang, mukha talang nalugi.

  27. Mike Says:

    Travis Kraft is super pogi

  28. Jun Says:

    Has anyone noticed how much Mr. USA, Travis Kraft, looks like Superman?

  29. CHAZZ Says:

    1st of all, congrats and thank u 4 d excellent work on this website. salamat talaga…
    migs, totoo ba yung balita tungkol kay ‘mahal’ mong dodong na ka.on pala si e.b.?
    have u known all along? anong masasabi mo? magtagal naman kaya kc parang iba e….???
    anyway, have a great weekend… :)

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