Baron Geisler and “switching back”


While having coffee at Starbucks, a friend shocked me with a little secret: Baron Geisler was once experimenting with the gay lifestyle but has since “switched back” to being straight. Interesting nugget of chismis. I don’t really know if it’s true… anyone here who knows a bit more about Baron?

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Interestingly, another gay friend, let’s call him Marc, has recently decided to get back with his former girlfriend and “switch back” to being straight. Marc has since minimized contact with us his gay friends and is trying his best to focus on enjoying his straight relationship. A lot of our friends are skeptical, but I tell them this: Let’s just wait and see… and try to give Marc the benefit of the “daw.” Hahahaha!

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For an interesting discussion, what do you think of “switching back”? Do you know of anyone (or maybe yourself) who has tried “switching” from gay to straight? Is it really possible? Share your stories! Geisler and   digg:Baron Geisler and   spurl:Baron Geisler and   newsvine:Baron Geisler and   furl:Baron Geisler and   reddit:Baron Geisler and   fark:Baron Geisler and   Y!:Baron Geisler and


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50 Responses to “Baron Geisler and “switching back””

  1. Kaleena Says:

    No switching back for me. I know who I am and I love myself. High school pa lang, bumabate na ako sa pictures nila Emilio Garcia, Anton Bernardo, etc. Elementary pa lang, nung nakita ko topless pic ni Dan Alvaro sa isang lumang magazine, bigla akong naghanap ng lollipop.

  2. Ace Says:

    I’m sure Freud or Jung would have plenty to say about this topic. It is basic psychology, which is a matter of making a conscious decision to avoid certain behavior in order to attain the desired result. In other words, it is possible to not partake in certain pattern of behavior or control certain innate desire but it is impossible to change the basic core of the person. There is actually a religious organization in the U.S. that purports to “cure” homosexuality. But it is simply a form of brain-washing in order to suppress certain thoughts or behavior so a person can manage to function as a “heterosexual” family man. Some were successful in suppressing there basic homosexual tendencies but not their basic thoughts and desires. These same people actually admitted to this fact, so it not a “cure” to homosexuality per se. A friend of mine actually mentioned to me at one time about asexual gay men in the Philippines which according to him is more prevalent in the country when compared to other countries. According to him, it is a combination of several influences (religious, cultural and economics). The religious and cultural influences are quite easy to see but the economic reason is an intriguing issue. I guess it is not uncommon in the Philippines for a gay male to take on the responsibility of taking care of the parents, siblings and extended families such as nephews and nieces because of economic difficulties. The basic psychology that is working here is the same; because of economic necessity this person purposely sacrifices his basic personal needs (gay relationship, sexual or emotional) in order to provide for his family.

  3. mandayamoore Says:

    There’s this parlorista in Davao City named Diding. He was so in love with his boyfriend that he even went with him to girlie bars. Also, because of this so-called love, his boyfriend was able to convince him to try one of the GROs.

    Now, Diding is married to that GRO. They have two kids. We now call him Dodong.

    But the signage outside his beauty parlor still says “Diding.”

    A ewan!

  4. Little Fish Says:

    Yes, it happens.
    But, when you aged 50….you will be one of those guys in dark alleys and movie houses looking for guys for a quickie.
    I know one professor in our University here and he is a family friend….girlash talaga during his teens….got married and fathered two hunkable sons. Now, I find him frequently at dark alleys and movie houses for a quickie…..

  5. luis Says:

    i had a discussion about “switching back” with a friend who happens to be a closet queen. hindi niya alam na alam ko na bading siya at alam ko lahat ng mga experiences nya (his confidant told me everything). here’s the catch: lahat ng bagay naman pwede nating gawin, as long as wala tayong nasasaktan/natatapakang kapwa. in the end ang gusto lang naman natin ay sumaya…

    until now, i have this “dilemma”. i was consulting my friend (the same friend above) kung tama ba na makipag-sex ako sa kapwa lalaki ko just for the sake na masatisfy yung curiosity ko. in the end, dalawa lang yung magiging secnario noon: 1) kapag nakipag sex ka tuloy-tuloy na yung pagiging bading mo! 2) kapag hindi ka nakipagsex, hindi ka magiging bading. so in essence, we do not believe in “switching back”

  6. Migs Says:

    @Kaleena - good for you, you go, girl! :)

    @Ace - wow, thanks for sharing your thoughts. “…it is possible to not partake in certain pattern of behavior or control certain innate desire but it is impossible to change the basic core of the person.” Amen to that.

    @Mandayamoore - mare, send my regards to pareng diding, este dodong! Hehehe! Seriously, is dodong still the same parlorista diding (behaviorally) or is he trying to act more masculine for his wife and kids? Curious lang ako.

    @LittleFish - I have this little voice inside me that says, “Can you intro me to the 2 hunkable sons?” Hahaha! Just kidding!

    @Luis - wow interesting thoughts. “Kapag hindi ka nakipagsex, hindi ka magiging bading.” Hmmm. So sex makes one bading? Good subject for a coffee conversation. Starbucks tayo? Hehehe. :)

  7. vincedejesus Says:


    I’ve always believed that you CAN teach your heart who to love. Depende yan sa supply and demand. (Walang mag-re-react ha.) Kung possible… possible. Pero hindi ko sinasabing magtatagal.

    Although I’ve been exclusively gay since highschool, I had a… (gagging)… I had…(puke)… a relationship with a… (throwing up) with a girl when I worked in Singapore. I was there for 5 years. Wala naman akong makitang type ko na Pinoy guy or Singaporean kaya bumagsak ako sa girl. It was okay naman. Pero pagbalik ko ng Manila… ayun… nakalimutan ko na siya. Balik-bayot ako.

    We are still friends. Though whenever she visits me she always tells me “I can make you a man again.” (Horror stinger.)

    Pero no, thank you. Parang okay na ako.

  8. KittyQT Says:

    Switching? Ay naku, yang mga yan, may serious identity crisis trying to find out ano ba talaga sila…sus, sa bandang huli, ganun pa rin sila. Di ba, hirap na hirap ang alcoholics at addict mag-reform kasi pag-nakatikim uli, everything goes back. Ganyan din ang mga switchers, babalik din yan sa dati, lalo kung nakatikim na sila ng…aayyy… oh my gosh Kaleena, share me some lollipop!

  9. kurara_chibana Says:

    i think the switching thing IS possible. the real question is if it will really take effect for a substantial amount of time.

    personally, i believe that once you’re gay, you’ll always be gay. it all relies sa initial impression mo about your sexuality (take note of how i didn’t use the word “gender”). kung ano man ang unang tingin mo sa sexuality mo, kahit ilang beses ka mag-switch, yun din ang magiging kinalabasan mo. again, this is only my opinion. :)

    as for my kwento, i had this friend na since grade 6 eh kilala ko na. vaklush talaga sya to the highest level and we had the same gay friends. he even wanted me to teach him the dance steps of “oops! i did it again” since alam ko siya by heart (even up to now…hihihi!). then when we reached 2nd year high school, he started to hang out with me and our friends less and less until we saw him as one of the members of our batch bully’s posse. we were so mad at him and kept referring to him as a b!tch and a traitor.

    but in the end, we just forgot about him and agreed to let him do what he wants to do with his life. kasi naman, under sya sa kanyang mudrax na todo ang pagka-homophobic.

    up to now, me and my gay friends still don’t know where he is and how he sees himself now. all we hope is that he’s happy.

    sad but true. :(

  10. Kaleena Says:

    vincedejesus, type ko story mo!

    Mandaymoore, ano nangyari kay Diding? Kalokah kwento nya! Nakikipagsex pa rin ba sya sa boys?

    LittleFish, gwapo ba professor? Maganda pa ba katawan? Ano contact number?

  11. JJ Says:

    mejo kilala ko ung girlfriend ni Baron…si Tara Tambunting ung rich girl na anak ng may-ari ng Tambunting Pawnshop…wala lang…

  12. chismoso Says:

    i believe that everyone has their own preferences.

    the heart can be taught, and the body can be kept under control. i guess it’s a matter of defining gayness.

    is gayness purely physical or is gayness defined by simple attraction to the same gender.

    if you never acted on a gay sexual urge, does that make you straight? or if you’re straight and one time or another you find your thoughts drifting towards that of the same gender, does that make you gay?

    i believe in second chances and i believe that people can change. i also believe that there are real bisexuals.

    maybe those who switch should be given the benefit of the doubt. i know i was given the benefit of the doubt by my friends when i got myself a girlfriend.

  13. sharon bading Says:

    Ay, itong-ito ang discussion namin sa UP sa class nameng Panitikan, Kasarian at Sekswalidad (or PP19 mga lola!) Dyoskwa, sa huli, sa dami ng napag-usapan, wala kaming naresolve! Haha. To each his own ang nangyari pero ayon sa aming prof., culture plays a lot in determining one’s sexual orientation. Iba daw ang homosexual sa bakla. Tas isa lang daw social construction ang pagiging bakla, kumbaga, a way of classification and exclusion! Nun daw 19th century sa Pinas, wala pang kategoryang bakla even though me mga bakla na (labo no?). Haha. Kumbaga, language constructs us! Tas pinabasa sa amin ang 3-volume work ni Michel Foucault na “History of Sexuality”. Kaloka. Tas ang question sa final exam eh (which could be the implicit question in this Baron saga!) “IS THERE A TRUE SEX?”

    Sagot ko NO! Mega explain. Tas after that nagdyug kami ng bf ko, dun ka nalamang mali ako! There is a true sex pala! Hihihi. Ay kaloka ako!

  14. luis Says:

    sure migs, starbucks tayo? hahaha :D sa cafe bola na lang, favorite ko din yung tandem ng adobo flakes + kamias shake. try mo din yung taro chips.

    in any case, i want to define “gayness” per se - isang lalaki biologically na nakipagsex na sa kapwa lalaki nya. so unless nakipagsex ka na sa kapwa mo, hindi ka matatawag na bading even if you act “very gay”. tama ba ko?

  15. corduroy Says:

    interesting topic! a good one… @ migs

    based on personal experience “switching back” is possible, esp kung nasort out mo na yung issues mo…

    bisexuality is not a myth, its true…im one of the living proof hehe…kung tumitira ka minsan ng boy tapos minsan girl…kung nageenjoy ka with both then that makes you bisexual whether you are discreet, closet or effem…

    i had 5 GFs and after that sinubukan ko magexperiment until nagkaBF me ng 3…i guess same sex relationship is not working for me and that i think two big egos cant go together…

    i have a GF right now and were so much inlove with each other…i can say that im in a happier place right now…swerte ko lang kasi nagexperiment ako to find out kung ano talaga ang gusto ko and what works for me…

  16. londoner Says:

    Switching back? I think its possible. I had a friend who is more gay than me. He tried everything like joining beauty contest, same sex etc. Then she had a classmate in college who help him bring the “man” in him.Now they have a child and i hope he is happy. I read a book called This Way Out- Understanding Homosexuality,Embracing Freedom which focuses on our relationship with God,knowledge about the issue of homosexuality and the part we play in our healing. According to the
    author…Homosexuality is a misguided search for love and affirmation and through Jesus Christ we can only find true happpiness in life.

  17. homie Says:

    “Homosexuality is a misguided search for love..” …..I have a different opinion on the matter..

    Just wanted to say that getting married and having kids is not a sure-fire way of saying that a guy has “switched.” For me, it might just be an outward manifestation of surrender. Personally, I’d want to and I can have kids but I am completely estranged to the thought of being with a woman.

  18. leo Says:

    nice discussion… i disagree na having sex with another person of the same gender is what makes one gay…

    one can try “switching back”, pero ‘yun nga one can never change who he is. kahit ‘yung mga bading na nagpapakasal ay maaari pa ring manatiling bading, kahit na hindi na sila nakikipagsex sa kapwa lalaki, at kahit pa maging maton pa sila…

    pero, even so, i think people should be given a chance to do what they want to do, kung gusto nila magpanggap o magpakalalaki ng tuluyan, it’s up to them, malay natin they are doing it not only for themselves but for other people they love. ‘yun nga lang, sana ginagawa nila dahil gusto rin nila at masaya sila… kasi napakapait naman kung naipit sila sa pagpapanggap tapos hindi rin naman sila liligaya…

  19. Indoy Garutay Says:

    In my foray into gay websites and gossip columns written by gay writers, I have found out that gays are vicious towards the other gay people, especially to those who make the conscious decision not to come out. There are many reasons why closeted guys choose not to come out, and everybody should respect their decisions. Pero ano ang ginagawa ng mga ibang mga hitad na baklita dyan! Hayun, at condemn to death nila ang mga ayaw magladlad. Just live and let live na lang hano? And about this subject of switching, let me ask these questions:
    How would you classify those straight guys who do “gay for pay” work. Mga lalaking barako talaga pero sumususo for the sake of money. Would you call them switchers too?
    What about those straight guys who brand themselves as “curious”, but are not really gay?
    Hay nako, ang daming angles ng “switch back” theme na yan ha na worth exploring. Sabi nga, the situational possibilities are endless….

  20. luis Says:

    the bottomline is, kapag nagka-experience ka na sa kapwa mo lalaki pwede kang tawaging bading or bisexual but not definitely straight! so in essence, kahit magkarelasyon ka na ng hindi lalaki, may part pa rin sayo na bading ka or bisexual ka. simple lang naman yun, once you tried it already, hindi na pwedeng ibalik ang panahon. the dichotomy: go! bading ka na or stop! continue living your “straight” life.

  21. my yellow shirt Says:

    Dagdag sa mga comments.

    Sure why not?

    And then switch again.

    Sure why not?

    And then swish again.

    Kasi sa buhay, habang kumikibot ang puso (di puson ha? UTI na yan) tingnan mo, kaya mo ba ang magiging pagkilala mo sa sarili mo pag gising mo sa umaga?

    Eh kung pag-ibig nga yan pero ayaw mo?

    Eh kung pera lang yan at gusto mo?

    Eh kung tumahimik ka na lang at magbati to death?

    Hihihihihi (kaso I’ve had just one girl I seriously wanted to find out if I could love her, alas and alack she knew me better than I did and said the ever wonderful phrase, “we’re better off as friends.”

    Kaya yun, nagpunta ako sa SM North Dun nakakita at kinilabutan. Umuwi sa Manuela Shaw at dun dinatnan.

    And the rest.

    Heartache, love heartache, hatred, forgiveness and love.

    Tanong ko, sino na nga pala ako ngayon?

    Nagbago, pero di gaano.

    Switch back to what? God loved me as I am, di naman nya sinabi na conditional ang love nya to me or even to that criminal beside his cross.

    Yun na yun. My love na from my father, my love pa from my lover.

    Di ako blasphemous (no reactions please) pero alam na ng Diyos na bading ako, eh bakit pa God so Love the World?

    Kung ayaw mo pala ng bading, bakit ka pa nagkatawan tao? Marahas ang mga romano nun at sex with guys ok sa kanila. Pero si Kristo go pa rin. Love pa rin.

    Kasama ako dun sa love na yun.

    Buti na lang. Kasi pag walang nagmamahal na tao, nandyan Siya.

  22. peterpic Says:

    maybe we should all look at this baron issue from a different perspective. karamihan ng opinion kasi dito ay based on a confessed homosexual’s behavior. what if we look at it from the perspective of a true heterosexual?

    i’m sure, madami nang magkocomment dyan… pero entertain the possibility… remember the sexual awakeing of the 70’s, when it was considered cosmopolitan for a man to experiment with same sex partners to truly explore the limits of his sexual aptitude? and didnt a lot of men from that era eventually switched back to a heterosexual orientation?

    i think you have to view switching back with a greater sense of openness. after all, malaking degree of openness din ang ginawa nung nagexperiment. the least we can do is tapatan yun.

  23. josh Says:

    Whew… andaming opinions and all have their piece of mind to say. I realy enjoy reading all of these and somehow the things i don’t do and know or s “thingking to do” eh na ikuwento na lahat. I really dont know kung totally one’s preference can turn about 360 degrees. Me, not withstanding other reasons, would rather remain single forever (hope not forever na uugod ugod). I know someone who have been enjoying looking at male physics and magazines but now is happily married with a kid. I dont know lang kung he discussed or the girl knows about it and they love each other no matter what. Kung ako, may times na nagpapahinga ang attraction to other males, esp. if you feel na mas “good looking” ka pa sa mga nakikita mo. Pero bumabalik at bumabalik din ang attraction. The there are certain moments that i missed my gf na bakit sya nagmarry ng iba and did not wait for me….

  24. tombeau Says:

    tanungin ang experience ni former tonette macho. kung sino sa inyo ang nakakaalala sa kanya. a few years back, he was seen in a couple of evangelist-hosted programs talking about successfully switching his core ‘tonette-ness’… anybody care to update his status?

  25. Kaleena Says:

    my yellow shirt, mahal na kita! Kung gwapo ka, mayaman at maganda ang katawan, pahingi ng number mo! Ok lang kung mini-me ang size mo, ka-career-in ko yan!

  26. Kaleena Says:

    Ang mga gay-for-pay or prostitutes ay hindi bakla. Depende na lang kung titi talaga ang ikinaliligaya nila. Pero kung strictly work lang, di nga sila bakla.

  27. tiny Says:

    switching back???

    don’t fool yourselves. sexuality is already wired in the brain. you can supress or deny it to death, but youre still gay . sows

  28. tiny Says:

    tanungin ang experience ni former tonette macho. kung sino sa inyo ang nakakaalala sa kanya. a few years back, he was seen in a couple of evangelist-hosted programs talking about successfully switching his core ‘tonette-ness’… anybody care to update his status?


    tonette is not STRAIGHT. he’s just trying to act straight. if you watch him in bakekang, he’s still gay. he looks, talks and acts gay.

  29. anonymouse Says:

    Just because someone marries a woman and has kids, doesnt mean they are “now” straight. Ask Tita swarding & ogie diaz

  30. chismoso Says:

    i don’t think there would be an end to this discussion unless certain points are clarified. first and foremost, who is to define what? there is no distinct definition of anything.

    with regards to the Baron issue, it could be true that he was just experimenting. i think there are guys who are really curious, but realize that they don’t like to do what they did and just experimented. maybe they did it to prove something to themselves, or to prove that they really like the opposite sex.

    we really have to accept that there are true bisexuals in the world. i know that there are factions of the gay community who believe that bisexuals are just closeted guys or guys who refuse to accept their homosexuality… maybe that is true in a big group of Filipinos, but that should not close our minds to true bisexuals.

    bisexuals and straight-curious (let’s define straight-curious as someone who has tried sex with the same gender a maximum of 3 times) guys have the capacity to decide whether or not they can switch.

    i guess the best resolution to this topic is to just agree to disagree.

  31. vincedejesus Says:

    Umikot naman ang ulo ko dun sa “Homosexuality is a misguided search for love and affirmation.” Sorry ha. Pero napaka middle ages naman ng statement na iyan. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

    Whether you are straight or gay… or even a SPONGE… if you fall in love for the wrong reasons, eh di WRONG TALAGA! NAMAN! There are as many misguided heterosexual relationships as there are homosexual relationships. When you look for love in the wrong places, you WILL get frustrated and hurt. When you feel you’re worth nothing until someone tells you “Huy! You’re not worthless…” aba, baka ikaw ang may problema. Know your self-worth, believe in the goldmine that is you. Now, whether you will end up with someone or spend the rest of your life alone… dapat kilalanin mo ang kagandahan ng iyong pagkatao.

    I don’t believe in putting people in boxes and calling them names. Do whatever you want. Ignore what others would say. Trust your heart. Just dont hurt anyone. Love completely. Learn from your mistakes. Only do good. Reveal yourself to others. Dont’ steal. Don’t lie to your friends. Love your moms.

    Kung ayaw magladlad ng isang tao, okay din lang! Huwag lang sana silang mangangaladkad ng ibang tao sa “problema” nila. Ang problem kasi kadalasan sa mga closet cases, ang dami nilang “nagagamit” na tao katatago ng kanilang true identity. They tend to shield themselves with well-meaning friends who care for them and, in the end, these friends get hurt because they sometimes take the bullet. Sinasadya man o hindi, maraming nasasabit sa issue ng mga closeta. I mean, if they want to live a lie, it’s their right! It’s their right to pretend that they are what they think they are. Kanya-kanyang tayo ng ilusyon. (Si Goma nga tingin niya puwede siyang maging senador. O di tumakbo siya!) But these closet friends of ours better make sure they don’t point their self-righteous finger at me and make me feel like I’m a lesser person because I’m openly gay — and they’re holier because they’re”straight.” Maghahalo ang balat sa tinalupan. Isama mo na ang mga buto.

    Shoray, di ba Miggs?

  32. Erick Says:

    Wow! This is definitely a great topic..great opinions from everyone. I just have to agree w/ Corduroy/Luis/Chismoso that there is such thing as bisexuality. There are different levels of gayness. Whatever makes u truly happy, right? I consider myself as “Bi”. Just because I’m leading towards the straight life, it doesn’t mean that I consider myself as straight now. I can never change my “basic core”, I’m always going to be a bisexual person, attracted to both men and women. Switching back for me, means that I will be living the “lifestyle” of a straight person. It’s one of those decisions in life that takes years of personal experience and self-realization to reach an answer. Full support from friends are much needed on times like this. Good Luck to everyone na lang. Follow your heart…What ever makes you happy!

  33. Migs Says:

    WOW! This post is overwhelming with GREAT comments! Thank you all! I’m learning a lot of things from you all! Andaming matatalinong MGG readers - so proud of you! Mwah!

  34. IndayTatay Says:

    Inday Garutay says: “In my foray into gay websites and gossip columns written by gay writers, I have found out that gays are vicious towards the other gay people, especially to those who make the conscious decision not to come out. There are many reasons why closeted guys choose not to come out, and everybody should respect their decisions. Pero ano ang ginagawa ng mga ibang mga hitad na baklita dyan! Hayun, at condemn to death nila ang mga ayaw magladlad. Just live and let live na lang hano?”
    Definitely true. If someone is more comfortable being in the closet, why force him out? Most of today’s open gay’s mission seems to be to out everyone in the closet… They call for a party when they hear someone being a possible closet and seem to vow to make that closet out….perhaps, (repeat, PERHAPS)the reason why these gays tend to be vicious is that of their insecurity, that they are still looked down upon by the society and all that oppression stuff… in that they want everyone to come out so that there would be more people to share their burdens, their struggles as gay people… but in the end, one has to ask the question, why can’t open gays just respect the decision of a closet gay to remain in the closet? These people just never stop… sometimes, even without their intention, they’re destroying lives just to force someone to come out and to prove that someone is gay…

  35. Rome Says:

    Switching back, from being gay to being straight (and from being straight to being gay), is I guess just a mindset. We know what we really are and what we really prefer or want.

    Switching happens for the sake of experimentation, for the sake of complying with what the family, workplace, society, interest group, and/ or belief system dictates, and maybe because somebody is trying to escape or hide from the harsh realities his sexual orientation.

    Whatever the reason is for switching, one should be wary of the switching costs involve, which in the long term could be very costly– integrity, peace of mind and happiness.

  36. one of Baron's many ex-girlfriends Says:

    is this true?! no wonder he was so verbally abusive to me (never physically though). friends of his have been telling me that he’s probably just in denial about his sexuality. i refused to believe it all and now this…haha! life! grabe! but i really did love him :(

  37. Haha-boy Says:

    Hmmm. I’m jumping late into this but my two cents worth: There are no switch backs. If deep in your heart you prefer the same sex but suppress this desire to conform with certain expectations, you’re still who you are. Even if you succeed in doing otherwise.

  38. kristoff Says:

    pano yung mgabagay nayun diba hahanap at hahanap k parin ng nota in the end diba pag natikman mo na at nasarapan ka hala lagot kang bayot ka……

  39. ATE Says:

    Hi! nako pwed din naman siguro na mag change ang sexuality ng tao…….Kung talagang gagawin nya yun na walang doubt sa sarili………ako nga parang gay din ako dati but natutu din akung ma inlove sa girl….

  40. igy Says:

    i already had a hard time comming out,
    now i’m not gonna give myself the same amount of hard work/effort just to switch back…

  41. butterflyrhai Says:

    switching back goes with time just like what we were b4 were all different now, i look like a guy b4 now im more prettier than girl, i do have one question though is my lover gay or bi, thinking i look like a girl, and he treats me and sees me as one?

  42. harry Says:

    Homoserxuality is different from being gay! homesuality is a feeling and gay is a lifestyle, so its you who will decide if you want to live a gay life. MASARAP LANG ANG SEX HABANG GINAGAWA PERO PAGKATAPOS THERE WILL ALWAYS BE THE GUILT FEELING. Natural lang sa tao ang libog, pero there are ways to overcome and live a joyful and peaceful life. inner peace and happiness na hindi natin makukuha sa pakikipag sex sa kapwa lalake. Nilooko lang natin ang ating sarili. May malalim na pingamulan kung bakit ganito ang ating nararamdaman and we shouls search for that. Pwedeng lack of fathers attention, barkada, madami pang iba. yun ang ating hanapin, ang dahilan kung bakit tayo nalilibugan sa kapwa lalake at pag nalaman natin yun, we can deal with that and we can live a straight, peaceful, joyful and meaningful life.
    Di natin maitatangi na mayroon tayong ibang hinahanap sa lalake at nagiging outlet lang bnatin ang sex, lets search our emotion, lets search our soul, makikita natin ang tunay nating sarili…..

  43. dansti Says:

    i can really relate with this topic. natatawa ako. i have a friend who is a certified gay beauty queen. May maid cla na may gus2 sa kanya, he tried to have sex with their maid, kakaloka nagswitch back ang bakla, nagustuhan nia one night affair with their maid. Then, ginagabi gabi nia e2, kaloka di pa nakontento sa isa, nag-asawa pa ng isang girlalu… hahaha!!! Ngayon naanakan nia ang 2 girlalu. pinagupit na nia ang pagkahabahaba niang buhok. pero the thing is bading pa rin xia magsalita at sumasama pa rin xia sa barkada namin. can anyone explain about this???

  44. birdie Says:

    lahat tayo may karapatang gawin kung anoman ang makabubuti sa atin.Yung switching back..kung feeling mo lalake kang talaga at wala kang nararamdaman sa kapwa mo dahil napatunayan mo na sa sarili mo?then go on makipag relasyon ka ulit sa girl pero kung magpapaka PLASTIK ka sa sarili mo eh…c’mon wake up!makakasakit ka pa ng damdamin ng iba at napakasakit nun!Lalong lalo na sa konsensya mo!Napagdaanan ko na yan.And for many yrs. na naging sinungaling ako sa wife ko although matagal na nyang alam na bakla ako finally natapos din ang lahat nang pagtatakip ko at we became BESTFRIEND at masaya kami dahil tutoo na ako sa kanya.We been separated pero super friends kami.

  45. inday_garalgal Says:

    saging lang ang may PUSO…. ilaw lang ang may SWITCH… ahehehe! di ako vakla isa akong vavae kapika!

  46. georgena_oz Says:

    if bakla ka bakla ka gyud… bisan unsaun pa… irregardless of race… or culture………. kung bayot ka bayot ka gyud forever .. and it is how you carry yourself with respect and dignity that matters bayot man o bakla o straight… whatever….

  47. pepron Says:

    I’m turning 40 and I think my body itself is turning me into a bi; I’m not happy about this and I’m really questioning God… “why is this happening?”…”Why now?”…”What for?” ;anyway, I don’t think that it’s “switching” coz I still like the body of a boy, it’s just that I’m beginning to get turned-on with a good smell and body of a female.It happened when I was 35, since then, I decided to go to the gym to make sure I look the part when I do it with a girl. I like their soft bodies and their lips taste different. So, anyway, do I still want to do it with a boy? …NAMANNNN!

  48. UchihaMadara Says:

    napansin ko kagabi sa PBB Celebrity Edition 2 Premier ay parang may SCAR si Baron sa left cheek. Napano kaya yun???

  49. still_tight Says:

    Pinukpok siya ng bote ng isang girl sa labas ng isang bar. I don’t know him personally but judging on his actions inside the PBB house, beauty nga sa kanya!!!

  50. eponine Says:

    hehe natawa ako dun, benefit of the DAW. parang, this is a “blessing IN THE SKY” or “survival of the FETUS” hahaha.

    mmm my gaydar for baron detects the way he speaks. anyway, let’s welcome him if he really is!

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