Victor Basa is Gay

Victor Basa is Gay

Victor Basa, the ramp/commercial model, is gay. This is according to reports from Badinggerzie. In fact he claims that he saw “Vicky Wet” in Bed when it re-opened after its renovation. For the uninitiated, Bed is the Bar/dance place in Maria Orosa Street in Malate that caters to the gay community — it is gay-owned, gay-operated, and its throngs of supporters are mostly gays as well.

Vicky Wet, Badinggerzie writes in his blog is a highly paid model, obviously referring to Victor Basa. Being in Bed makes a guy bading? Well, read his account and judge for yourself!

Oh. One other fairy in the modelling industry, fairytaling to be straight.


Victor Basa.jpg
O, Victor don’t be shy. Rejoice, and welcome to the club!

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46 Responses to “Victor Basa is Gay”

  1. JM Says:

    woah! My officemates will be heart-broken if they find out, hehe. I just saw him a few weeks ago at the Cosmo Bachelo bash.

    Btw, thanks for dropping by my site :)

  2. Caloi Says:

    How about rumors that he is the “Viktor” of Ino Caloza’s Viktor jeans? Di ba they are friends lang daw but Vic Basa is starting a line of jeans and styling products na rin under Ino. Makes you go Hmmmmmm.

  3. Migs Says:

    wow caloi, you’re so in the know! may naaamoy nga ako… hmmmm….

  4. Mark Says:

    love to kiss your delicious body

  5. Pao Says:

    he’s admittedly bisexual.
    i know his ex-girlfriend (who is also bisexual). he’s not denying anything anyway.

  6. Migs Says:

    pao panalo ang mga revelations mo! puwede kang showbiz writer. salamaaaatski!

  7. Gary Says:

    Ino Caluza’s real name is VICTORINO CALUZA thus the name VIKTOR JEANS…

  8. ken Says:

    hoy baklang caloi, tsitsismis kana rin lang mali mali pa. kaya tuloy binabastos tayo dahil sa mga katulad mo.

  9. rico macapuno Says:

    “Caloi Says:
    October 6th, 2006 at 7:16 am
    How about rumors that he is the “Viktor” of Ino Caloza’s Viktor jeans? Di ba they are friends lang daw but Vic Basa is starting a line of jeans and styling products na rin under Ino. Makes you go Hmmmmmm.”

    Ino Caluza’s real name is Victorino…Hence the name of his brand, he’s been a long time friend of my coleages where i work, ive met him a couple of times…never did i know about Victor Basa styling for Ino, although, in one article i read, Victor Basa looks up to Ino as a style icon…but is this enough to speculate on?

  10. Another Victor Basa Secret? | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] The first one is that he’s gay. This other one is…. […]

  11. kjieldsen Says:

    he is bisexual…am one of his friends before in school..

  12. Max Says:

    He’s the hotest, cute and sexy. Bi? What a bonus, I’m bi too. hehe.Would do him anyday, anywhere, anytime. Too bad he’s not in Australia.

  13. nico Says:

    oo nga muka syang gay

  14. rye Says:

    I wanna meet him in person. If he is BI, he is the hottest bi around. Would like to be in a real and lasting relationship with Him.

  15. banjo Says:

    being gay is no longer an issue in this world, so why the heck????????

  16. JULES Says:

    What the hell if he is gay?

  17. Edz Says:

    You have to check out his account { )

    he writes this:

    “More About Me…

    I’m 178 cm and 63 kg and i’m still hoping to gain weight!
    i’m artistic (others say i’m autistic (LOL)),
    I love watching art films and reading poetry.
    I have the passion for photography as well.
    Other’s say that i’m vain well, they’re right!
    Maybe that’s the reason why I ended up at fashion design!
    I’m not gay alright!
    Not everyone who is in the fashion world happens to be a fag.
    It’s just that i’m a self confessed metrosexual adn i just really really really LOVE FASHION.
    I’m in love with singapore oh goodie!
    I consider myself as a beach bum and i love sun bathing at bora and phuket.
    I’m considered an extrovert and i love parties!!! (”,)
    They say models like me are stupid but i’m not one of them.
    I love reading and did you know that I won at a science fair in high school? haha!”

    Is he that much in denial? Or are we really mistaken that he’s a “sistah?”

  18. ERWIN Says:

    almost perfect ka pare wag naman sanang totoong gay noh,,,,,,,,,,,

  19. deaqon` Says:

    kinda stupid to make a big deal out of it noh?…

    really… does it matter if this guy is gay/bi or that guy is gay/bi?

    get a life people…

  20. black bile Says:

    victor is victor! wouldnt it be nice if well just let him be? what will you feel if you yourself is going scrutinized that way? PRIVACY people, PRIVACY!!!

  21. secret Says:

    he’s a straight acting gay foh sho

  22. rye Says:

    I lov poetry and I will write more poems for him to read them.. we are a match!! Fashion… reading… singapore… parties and vanity! Hows that!?

  23. mariah Says:

    black bile Says:
    January 3rd, 2007 at 11:53 am
    victor is victor! wouldnt it be nice if well just let him be? what will you feel if you yourself is going scrutinized that way? PRIVACY people, PRIVACY!!!


    hindi naman siya private person. he’s a public figure since he’s an actor. kaya mauungkat lahat ng sikreto niya.
    btw, most of his friends are gays and his ex is a self confessed BISEXUAL!!!

  24. bernard Says:

    he’s not gay. i was with him on the set for the re-airing of MTV Phil. (as make-up artist) in fairness with vic, he’s nice and very down to earth.

    he’s hopt, no denying!!!!

  25. blu-angel855 Says:

    I don’t have an idea whether he is gay or not?All I can say is I am willing to blow his horn.Hahaha

  26. jazzie Says:

    agree ako kay blu-angel855!!! yun yon eh!! if hes willing.. well i’ll be more than willing!!

  27. badinggerzie Says:

    whoah! just found this out . . . na-quote pa tuloy ako. but anyway, i have to agree to the fact na. doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not. it’s his choice or wutever. the fact that i saw him in bed is . . oh well . . made me want to jump, grab him and say . . welcum to the “club”. but then again, i have to admit that he is indeed a very good person with a good heart, very humble. i think that matters more than anything else.

  28. justin Says:

    he is hot right?

  29. Gimikera on the road Says:

    He is so NOT gay! I mean duh! lahat nalang ng mga lalaki sa showbiz chinichismis na Gay! Nubato! Thats just another one of those false chikkas in the world.
    VICTOR BASA is NOT GAY! okay? Chew on that. if he is, then bite me. :)

  30. peterpandesal Says:

    masarap kasi sya. kaya masarap ding asahang bading sya. ha ha ha. peace.

  31. nada Says:

    he’s hot that’s all

  32. abby Says:

    i really really don’t think that he’s a gay!!! everybody nman in showbiz eh cnsabi nilang bading!!! duh!!!

  33. Kai Says:

    When someone reveals that a celebrity or model or any guy is gay, I always wonder. Are we happy about the news or are we also condemning the person? Posts like this are always written in such a way that the person should be sorry he tried to cover up his sexuality with his sexy body and being on the Cosmo’s bachelor list.

  34. michael Says:

    Victor is gay or bi. great he is cute! pero most of us can’t have sex with him anyways. Victor is just eye candy for us to look at.

  35. eponine Says:

    I don’t like his looks. I don’t like his pouty lips. I don’t like him at all, whether he’s gay or straight.

  36. alden limtingco Says:

    in d cia gay frm.alden of tondo

  37. Pravilno Says:

    my friend says (from abs) that he is not gay… but he is a bit s-s-s-s-s-s-s-l-l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w

  38. ap Says:

    i think it takes more than just being seen in a “gay” establishment to label someone gay.
    i mean really.

  39. Perfida Limpin Says:

    so what if he’s gay? and he is though he has his reasons for keeping it under wraps (well, almost). and yes, he supposedly has a lag up there. maybe it’s the brand of hairspray he uses. totally not cfc-free! :)

  40. UchihaMadara Says:

    mag-aala Rustom Padilla din kaya si Vick Wet sa PBB Celeb 2 ??? Let’s wait and see…hehehehe

  41. kea Says:

    oh my god kung nanainiwala kayong bading sya kayo ang bading !!!!!11111

  42. princess erika Says:

    i thimk he is not a gay

    and if he is a gay whats wrong with it???

  43. jm Says:

    basahin ang abante tonite! tungkol sa rumoured lover niya!

  44. tall-tom Says:

    have you seen victor’s reaction when he was scared by Kuya at PBB thru a maze in a TV! judge him or judge him not!

  45. muti Says:

    there’s nothing wrong with being gay. I’m happy that he belongs to us. stand up and be proud. Go to gay bars and read gay blogs.

  46. shoke Says:

    Mga shungaks! Kesho vah pumunta lang ng Bed eh badingerzee na?!! hallerrr?? ano vah?!! EH kung may friend siyang vaklah na isinama sya dun. O kaya may manager siya na veklah din. Ano veh, ang kikitid ng mga utak nyo mga ateee.

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