Merry October!


Let’s welcome the last quarter of the year with a big smile on our face! Christmas is just around the corner so fill yourselves up with good vibes and happy memories. Forget about the 3 days without electricity (thanks to Typhoon Milenyo), and look forward to the upcoming merry season! Ho-ho-ho!, indeed. October!  digg:Merry October!  spurl:Merry October!  newsvine:Merry October!  furl:Merry October!  reddit:Merry October!  fark:Merry October!  Y!:Merry October!


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2 Responses to “Merry October!”

  1. Nelz Says:

    Are they already playing Christmas carols over there? ;-)

    I’ve added your site to my blog links. I love your writings!

  2. Inquisitor Says:

    who is this guy pls.. ?

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