OFWs this is for you!


By this time, many of our OFW kababayans are already preparing to make a homecoming right in time for Christmas festivities here in Manila in December. Because I believe that you our dear OFWs are really our “Bagong Bayani” — I thought of dedicating this post just for you. Advanced Merry Christmas! And wait… some MP3 music here for you:

Here’s The Hotdogs’ Manila. Enjoy!

P.S. When I was myself an OFW, this song was one of my favorites. Ahhh… brought back so many happy memories! - and by the way, those gay OFWs out there who needs info on the best gay entertainment Manila can offer, just email me and I’ll be glad to give you some tips!

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7 Responses to “OFWs this is for you!”

  1. Juni Says:

    hi migs -

    i really enjoy this site - thank you so much for coming up with something worthy of my time -

    this is awesome!

    again, thanks.


  2. Migs Says:

    my pleasure, juni! my pleasure!

  3. zidro Says:

    Hi Migs,

    OFW here. Reading your posts is one of the worthiest thing I do in the net. I am learning a lot. Also, I get to know more of the Pinoy culture and psche since I’ve been away for more than ten years now, though I pop in every year for Christmas. Keep it up!


  4. Migs Says:

    Salamat Zidro! I’m so encouraged. Thanks!

  5. erick Says:

    grabe iba ka yur awesome talaga ….
    keep it up pag nag surp ako ngayon kasama ka lage sa binubuksan kong site salamat lalo na i’m here in saudi arabia uhaw ako sa latest tsika jan sa pinas regards and more power ha!!!

  6. tito arms Says:

    cool. na homesick tuloy ako parang gusto ko tuloy umuwi this pasko. galing mo, just continue and goodluck. buon natale from rome.
    tanti baci

  7. jose Says:

    i came accross your site and i have to say i’m happy and got me kinda curious on what’s happening nowadays back home.
    Just wanna say thanks for the continuous feed of information.
    I will be checking in from time to time.
    This rock!!!

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