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Malate is truly the epicenter of Halloween fun in the Philippines. Its Bohemian spirit and gay influence make it the perfect place to party this time of year, so everyone, gays and straights alike, will surely enjoy. Some tips I can share with you:

1. The center of this epicenter is really the bars around the corner of Orosa and Nakpil. If you are straight, or even discreet, and want to enjoy the Halloween sights and sceneries at a distance, you better stay in Gilligan’s. That’s the resto-bar at the very corner of Orosa and Nakpil. Choose a table outside, in the ground floor. That’s the best viewing area for arriving queens, princesses, and knights in shining armor.

2. If you are in a tight budget, there is another place you may want to hang out while watching the royalties arrive in all their regal splendor, just a stone’s throw away from Gilligan’s — it’s called Silya. Their tapsilog and tocilog are the best in town.

3. Now, if you feel underdressed or you suddenly have the urge to get additional accoutriments for your Halloween look, you don’t have to travel far. Check out the uber-fab collection of Top and Bottom Shop. It’s at the second floor of the building right across Gilligan’s. Not only will you find great buys, check out that cute skinhead (Mark) who will help you choose your buys. He looks delicious, I tell you!

4. In the past years, a street party is staged along Orosa. This causes a bit of traffic. Also, be prepared for walking a good deal from your parking place to the party place.

5. Bed Bar is staging the Medieval Costume Ball this year. Take note that as you go closer to Bed, the higher the gay density becomes. So if you are for an all-gay nightout, go zoom in to Bed Bar. It’s a quality dance place just behind Gilligan’s. Who knows, you might just unmask your night’s catch in Bed? LOL!

(Photo credits: pbase.com/raintan)

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