Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa

Tessa Prieto-Valdez is one of the Filipino celebrity gay icons. One look at her fabulous ensemble proves this to be true. She wrote in her column at the following tips for our own dental beauty:

HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED about the ideal “whiteness” of your teeth? Here’s a good rule of thumb: They should only be as bright as the whites of your eyes. Any whiter and your teeth would look like dentures.

I never knew that tooth decay is actually a contagious bacterial disease. I was shocked to find out that a high percentage of decay is due to infection being passed down—from simple things like sharing drinking glasses or utensils or by kissing. Most of us can probably give up the first two but not the last! In fact, since I can’t avoid the last item with my husband, I will just have to make sure his teeth are germ-free.

(My dentist) …suggested chewing gum or mints containing Xylitol, a natural sugar from birch trees that has significant effects against decay-causing bacteria.

I’m a sucker for new products, so I rushed out to buy some Orbit sugar-free gum to start my battle with decay and have my teeth heal on their own, all while still getting to snack on demand. Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  digg:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  spurl:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  newsvine:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  furl:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  reddit:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  fark:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa  Y!:Dental Beauty Tips from Tita Tessa


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