Wendell Ramos, behind the scenes


Flamboyant fashion flamingo Tessa Prieto-Valdes once said Wendell Ramos has the yummiest behind of them all. Well, why not give it a test drive and examine the wares?







What do you guys think?

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27 Responses to “Wendell Ramos, behind the scenes”

  1. anton maton Says:

    what do i think? ay puwet! wala lang! i think im asexual! i prefer bags & shoes!

  2. Rasheed Says:

    Wow! I must agree with Ms. Tessa Prieto…Wendell Ramos does have the most delicious behind in the Philippines!
    I’ve met him in person and he was charming and friendly. The perfect package.

  3. eric Says:

    i find him baduy…and it shows in his body(and the way he talks/answers in his interviews)…ang taba nya!!! at parang ang proud na proud nya sa mga bilbil nya!!! its irritating!!! compare him to other bench hunks like andrew wolf and john hall wala syang binatbat!!!

    about his ass? i prefer andrew’s arse!!!!

  4. fukesah Says:

    korekek! i prefer andrew’s ass! Puwet na TARUGO pa! wendel is just one ass guy… kamusta nman ang fatotoy? meron ba? asan asan at asan pa?

  5. Little Fish Says:

    I’ve seen Wendell last summer sa Boracay, kung hindi pa sa kasama ko, ‘do ko makilala na si Wendell pa la ‘yon…in other words, Wendell does not strike a thing….very ordinary looking guy…..speaking of buns, damn! hell…..Wendell is no match for me. I got a smooth-white-f*ckable-cute-little-buns!
    LOL…..just kidding!

  6. astroboi Says:

    paki photoshop pls!!! mukha lang syang callboy. yun lang comment ko.

  7. genesis17 Says:

    sna naging pwet na lng cya!!!!!!!

  8. koshiro Says:

    ang daming “epal” dito a, well at least the guy has the guts to show off some skin.
    but i agree that andrew has a bubblier and yummier butt, and i heard he’s gay. too bad he’s not in the “scene” anymore, nagtago na after his fight with the montano brothers. (natakot ang lola nyo, umuwi na ng tate!) :)

  9. fukesah Says:

    mga ate! mga kuya! at mga INDAY! haler the purpose of goin to US ni andrew is “repackaging”….pagbalik nya simply because tito Douglas Quijano na po ang manager nya.. obvious ba? wel known ang lola Douglas sa mga ganitong eksena pagbalik ng alaga……..BULAGA!

  10. Kaleena Says:

    Ok lang kung bading si Andrew. At least, di ko na kailangan magbayad para makipag sex sa kanya. Gusto ko hita ni Wendell. The face? Not so much.

  11. mtguy Says:

    Flawless yan si Wendell in fairness! i saw him many times but i prefer Andrew Wolff’s ass he’s totally sexy at sarap kainin!

  12. eric Says:

    andrew is such a tease!! he knows that gays are drooling over him!!! look at his pictures!!!
    i once went to fitness first abs-cbn. syempre ang mga bading sauna kagad!!! then omg!!! came andrew wearing only his underwear!!!then umupo na parang “feast on my body” ang drama!!! ang mga bading nalokah!!!! pero walang nagtangkang mag-hit sa kanya…

  13. Kaleena Says:

    Naghahanap siguro ng papa si bading na Andrew. Ako na lang.

    Si Wendell sarap ng hita at kili-kili.

  14. andrew Says:

    Migs, lahat sila ayaw kay Wendell Ramos. Waaaaah! :’(

    Mahal ko si Wendell and I think he’s one of the yummiest actors we have in local showbiz. Hindi naman s’ya tumaba; lumaki lang yung katawan n’ya ngayon. Baka kinarir ang pagwo-workout. Sana walang umaway sa’kin. Opinyon ko lang ‘to.

    Anyway, thanks, Migs, for featuring Wendell. He’s such a cutie and you’re my fairy godmother, hehe! ;)

    Sana ‘pag si Alvin Alfonso naman ang na-feature mo, wala nang mag-violent reactions. Cute naman s’ya eh, hehe!

    Thanks again, Migs. You’re the best! Muah!


  15. euges Says:

    Wendell nagiisang cute na bagay ang banlag na mata. Dahil Taartits di ang mata ay malamlam tawag but sa totoo banlag talaga!
    Malay but pag niyaya ako ni Wendell uupakan ko ass nya. Hahahahah1

  16. Indoy Garutay Says:

    I have to agree that Andrew Wolf has the finest ass that i have seen in Filipino (or half-Filipino) celebrities. Wendell’s not bad, though. At least, he has a butt that hasn’t been “enhanced”.

  17. vincedejesus Says:

    Ay. Ang pipihikan naman ng mga tao.
    Kayo naman… Wendell is not bad. Not bad at all.

    Naku, Wendell, come to papa. I will take you anytime.


  18. antonella Says:

    In fairness, Wendell’s got a nice butt. First time i saw it & him tho’ in pictures and video only i got multiple org**ms already. I luv this guy. I hope to meet him someday. When is he coming to d US to do a show? I will surely follow him whereever he goes!!! More power MR. WENDELL RAMOS!!! I luv yah!!!

  19. Kaleena Says:

    Sarap kagat-kagatin ng hita at singit ni Wendell!

  20. Niel Says:

    BoyToy ni ben Chan

  21. John Says:

    I think he’s HOT!!!

  22. josh Says:

    Saw him coming out of Government one time… esep esep!!!

  23. shiela may abao Says:

    you’re so yummy wendell!!

  24. shiela may abao Says:

    can you add me in friendster? i want you to visit me in my hawz!! joke! gwafu mo no matter what dey say!! hoy pansinin mo nmn aq luv u!! u’r so yummy!! hhhmmmm mwah!! sabi ni abby ruvas!!

  25. renz Says:

    wow wendell!!!! he’s my ultimate crush eversince….i really really like him….so yummy!!!!!!!!!super gwapo!

  26. Wendell Ramos: I like... | manila gay guy Says:

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