Chester Nolledo Photo Collection

It seems that the most popular vignette in Viva’s Provoq Voyeur Video is Chester Nolledo’s College Boy. Due to insistent public demand, I bring you more sizzling photos of Chester. He may not be as buff as the others in Provoq, but he definitely has the most outstanding charisma. Ladies and gents, the Manila Gay Guy presents… Chester Nolledo!







PLUS: (click to enlarge)

chester.jpg chester-1.jpg

So fresh and yummy this Chester! Provoq-ative indeed!

[Photo credits: Doc Tony of Bed] Nolledo Photo Collection  digg:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection  spurl:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection  newsvine:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection  furl:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection  reddit:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection  fark:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection  Y!:Chester Nolledo Photo Collection


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28 Responses to “Chester Nolledo Photo Collection”

  1. kurara_chibana Says:

    nasusure ka talaga migs! you never fail to impress us with what you feature in your blog. super thanks for this chester update and keep it up! :)

  2. Migs Says:

    thanks for the kind words kurara! :)

  3. leo Says:

    nice pics, where do you get them?!?!

  4. mtguy Says:

    Chester is sizzling hot! whew!

  5. erick Says:

    yur correct kurara!!!!! thanks migs…

    more power

  6. erick Says:

    sana mafeature mo sya yung youtube sana lang pls thanks migs yung katulad kay miong21

  7. erick Says:

    check mo rin yung panalo rin thanks migs

  8. Dave Montero Says:

    meron na sa youtube si chester guys, kaka-upload lang ni mikoboy. upload ko nga sana today buti na lang nakita ko na.. hehe

  9. Dave Montero Says:

    eto ung “Kanto Boy” mainit-init pa:

    d2 ko to una pinost ah? mahal ko din kasi blog ni migs! haha!

    enjoy guys and buy the Provoq video if you can! (todo-promote-wa-commission mode)

  10. Migs Says:

    Dave maraming salamat! Mahal ko din ang mga screencaps and videos mo! hehehe!

  11. Dave Montero Says:

    @migs - LoLz!

  12. Merc Says:

    can someone please upload chester’s video but not on youtube because it will be taken down .. thanks

  13. cheveru Says:

    siya ba ung nasa CALENDAR na lumabas ngaun entitled..


  14. simpleguy Says:

    their vid on youtube was removed… try putting it on they accept vids like this…

  15. suede Says:

    bkit prang wla p yung vid s xtube, wla p rin 3 months n eh

  16. watduh Says:

    yeah, this guy is hot..i first saw his pix from sta. lucia image model search, and he simply strikes…it’s about the simplicity in him…

  17. andrew Says:

    Sana lang i-develop pa n’ya ng konti yung katawan n’ya para naman medyo di alangan. Pero hindi naman yung OA sa laki ng muscles. Yung pa-sweet lang, haha!

    (Daming kundisyon?! Naman. LOL!)

    But he looks like one horny guy. Mm-hmm…

  18. vin Says:

    cant find it at you tube they remove it already

  19. aprl Says:

    hi! i have a friend who is really hot, he can be a viva hot men, sbrang yummy ng ktawan nia wlng cnabi mga ibang hot men, where siya pwede mag audition and mag submit ny pics niya? plase reply on my email add

  20. KittyQT Says:

    aprl, pwedeng-pwede siya mag-audition sa bedroom ko, no need for pics just his body. Satisfaction guaranteed, aaayyyy!!!

  21. Chester Nolledo: bodyshot anyone? | manila gay guy is your manila gay guide Says:

    […] Tequila bodyshot with Chester Nolledo, anyone? Chester is one of the “Men of Provoq” - famous for his College Dude video. Would you do it with him? *wink* […]

  22. gayguy Says:

    gusto nyo ma-download lahat ng pics ng PROVOQ?

  23. neonego Says:

    xan maddownload yan gayguy?

  24. anonymous Says:

    ask ko lng kng may pix kyo ni raymond miranda ung pampanga’s best bet? pkipost naman and pki email naman skin ung website kng san cya nka post tnx!

  25. RICKY Says:


  26. michael Says:

    Chesater is cute. he is a good dancer

  27. Calvin Says:

    just wondering around mgg… sorry guys, in my opinion, di ko siya matatawag na gwapo or cute… sorry talaga, pero iba-iba naman tayo ng taste di ba? peace! :D

  28. JOSH Says:

    grabe ang gwapo talaga ni chester i love you

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