Mike Tan in X-Ray Calendar 2008


Available in Booksale and CV Magazine… X-Ray Calendar 2008 is a must-have! Here are some of Mike Tan’s daring photos in the calendar. These photos do not do justice with what you can see (and feel? hehehe!) when you see the original images in the large-format printed copies.




Here are more of Mike Tan’s photos from last year’s X-ray magazine.

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40 Responses to “Mike Tan in X-Ray Calendar 2008”

  1. francis Says:

    way better & sexier than the last issue’s pics of him..

  2. ton Says:

    My God how i wish i can embrace him so tight!!!

  3. blahblah Says:

    can you please post uncut pics of dion as well? thanks.

  4. andree Says:

    i must admit!!! with this mag, ARMPIT is considered sexy!!!!
    moreover, axillary and pubic hairs too!

  5. val Says:

    now THAT’s some junk in the trunk.


  6. Harry Potter Says:

    kevin santos as well, or feature all..thanks!

  7. joshred Says:

    Mike so hilariously sexy…. grabe…. so hot so daring…. post more studs calendar photo pls… we are waiting for more… thanks

  8. argo Says:

    yeah i lov kevin santos there.. H O T Hot!

  9. girard Says:

    terrible body. but he can pose ha. he knows his angles.

  10. Asyano Says:


  11. the other leo Says:

    kaya nga! bias naman! yung kay dion cropped… yung ky mike full!!!! ehehehehe paano magkakaWORLD PEACE kung ganyan?!?!?! walang equality!!! ehehehehe

  12. daniel Says:

    so not nice. He has a beautiful face but not an extraordinary body.

  13. bliss Says:

    wow, like it! love it!! i want some more!! please!!!! mike tan s sooo hotttt!!

  14. yuki Says:


  15. barty Says:

    he’s very hot and getting even hotter… pics are showing desirable revelations… more work-out pa para maging better pa next pictorial… good luck CRUSH!

  16. rodier Says:

    i like him now! promise!

  17. brenty Says:

    confirmed… he’s one of us haha saw him in an all bi boys birthday party

  18. LEO Says:



  19. carlos_m Says:

    konti pa. and please, handle your career with care, this time around.

  20. oxana Says:

    i really really love him since starstruck days…he’s hot and sexy!!!

  21. oxana Says:

    pls put more sexy pics of him!!!

  22. cast Says:

    love you mike

  23. josh Says:

    i already bought my copy! :)

  24. [D.W.A] Says:

    Wow - ang SEXY nya, hehehe - pa KISS nga (mike tan!)

  25. ebaw Says:

    love you mike tan alam mo super fan mo ko sna maging member ako ng fans club mo.sexy k kya wg kng mhiya kaya mo yan idol love you a will support you in everyway

  26. ebaw Says:

    hello mike take care im ur avid fan sana mkasama ako s fans club mo.sexy k wg kng mhiya kaya mo yan idol.i will support you in everyway.love you mike love you idol

  27. ebaw garcia Says:

    hello mike im here ebaw hw r u my idol hope ur okie.basta i will support you in everyway and ignore mo lng lhat ng mga naninira sa yo lab you missed you hope to see u more in movies and soap opera

  28. slut Says:

    shit! evolution tlaga from boy nxt door to a fully pledged sexy hot stud!

  29. ebaw garcia Says:

    hello again mike my idol.sana mkita n ulet kta in person kc last time n nkita kta nung s sm sn lazaro p.sana phingi ng mga pics mo idol.i love you.i will support you all the way my idol kaya mo yan basta dont forget to pray and thank god ha love you mike tan my idol

  30. eyemo Says:

    2 fat for me…….

  31. eyemo Says:

    dats it

  32. marcus Says:

    hey!! migs!!! can you post other pictures of x ray calendar…pls… esp edgar allan and JC cuadrado… pls… i regularly visit your site….hehehehehe…nice one mike tan… ur totaly hot!!!

  33. ebaw garcia Says:

    its meeh again mike my idol hope to see u again idol.pls post ur any pics of urs.sna pg ngkita tau ulet pwedeng mkpgpapicture sau.yngat idol.love you mwaaah.remeber my name its EBAW.

  34. suol Says:

    great job! sayang, nawala ka na sa Marimar, hindi na ba babalik ang character mo doon? kainis naman, hindi na tuloy kita napapanood, waaaah!

    sana mapanood ulit kita sa big screen kasi you’re really a sight to behold!

    keep it up!

  35. fabfag Says:

    no. no. no. sorry. but the first pic is eew. that ass, too much cellulite. a little photoshop diet won’t hurt.

  36. princess erika Says:

    yes he is too fat and cute

    but he’s sexappeal is verry good

  37. YuriKa Says:

    de ko ine-expect na magpapakita siya ng pubic.. wow.. kulang nalang kanin.. pde nako mag breakfast!

  38. ALEX Says:

    yung mga sawi dyan! wag nyo ngang pag tripan c mike..! friend ko yan eh!

    mike, yaan u lang cla! keep it up!

    (reply ka naman sa text…)


  39. mine Says:

    anung gngawa mo maccra ka lang…???tglan mo na kaya yan…sayang???

  40. SweTTy Says:

    basta!!!!!go go go!!!!!!!

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