Migs interviews Janvier Daily 2


During my interview with Janvier Daily, I brought along 2 MGG readers - ardent followers who, when they got to know I was scheduled to meet Janvier, did not allow me to say no: “Bring us along!” they said. And so I did.

The result, which I did not anticipate but got to know later only through hindsight, was that my interviewee became more guarded. Hard as I did to make Janvier more comfortable during the first half hour of our meeting I noticed how uncomfortable he was. That time, I thought the culprit was Janvier’s natural timidness.

Then the divine thing happened. Vince de Jesus, Zaturnnah’s musical director and the one who interceded for me for the interview to happen, texted me: “Zan kayo?” Apparently, he was in the area. I responded, and in a couple of minutes, his divine presence was there. I introduced to Vince the other 2 MGG readers (yes, Vince is also an MGG reader! Hi Vince!), and eventually they were chatting their own merry way. With them 3 MGG readers talking amongst themselves, Janvier was all my own!

That was when Janvier started to warm up, really warm up. He started talking about more personal things - about his family, his lovelife, even cracking a joke or two on his past sex experiences (then blushing like a high school boy, hehehe!). I surmise this guy is shy only when there are a lot of people (a bit weird for a theatre actor), but opens up better in one-on-ones. The rest of the time, we were talking about topics unpublishable here so… that’s it. Bitin ba? Hehehe. To make up, here are pics of him I took during the interview. Enjoy!

janvier_daily_intvw-3.jpg janvier_daily_intvw-4.jpg

janvier_daily_intvw-5.jpg janvier_daily_intvw-6.jpg

janvier_daily_intvw-7.jpg janvier_daily_intvw-8.jpg

janvier_daily_intvw-9.jpg janvier_daily_intvw-10.jpg

If you want to catch a glimpse or two of Janvier, he will appear in X-ray’s Climax (a la coffee table book) where he says he posed half-naked. He also has a sizzling cameo in Ihman Esturco’s indie film Troika (Threesome) opening February 14 in your favorite moviehouses. He is also set to start shooting for a movie entitled “Sapi” where he will play opposite Ricky Davao (who’s again essaying a gay role). Lastly, Zsazsa Zaturnnah ze Muzical is having its 5th run possibly in June this year (rumoured to be staged in Greenbelt’s On Stage) — so it’s very probable Janvier plays Dodong once again.

BONUS: Dancing Dodong pictures from http://slvrdlphn.multiply.com/



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56 Responses to “Migs interviews Janvier Daily 2”

  1. joel O Says:

    hay salamat…kanina ko pa morning inaantay final interview with Janvier… feeling ko close na kami haha..:) Thanks migs for bringing janvier into my life hahaha :)
    More power to you…and all your followers..

  2. andrew Says:

    Baket naman unpublishable, Migs? Aww, bitiiiin, sobra. :(

    (Hehe, parang ang awkward n’ya tingnan dun sa pix na sumasayaw s’ya. Pero cute pa rin s’ya nevertheless.)

  3. dodong Says:

    Hi migs, janvier here…oo nga agree ako kay andrew, medyo awkward nga po…baka pwede palitan ko na lang ng iba, meron ako yung naka nude, pwede na ba yun? hehe :), binasa ko po lahat nang mga responses at sasamantalahin ko na po itong pagkakataon na ito para pasalamatan ang lahat ng tao na naniwala sa akin,gusto ko rin po pasalamatan ang aking mga magulang….Naks!!! parang awards night po no?..joke lang..seriously SALAMAT PO TALAGA SA LAHAT, nakakatanggal nang pagod po pala talaga kapag may nag appreciate sayo…salamat sa lahat na nag abala para manood sa akin, share ko lang po konting kwento, last Saturday po ang pinaka mahirap sa lahat ng gabi ng performance ko, kasi po last performance ko na yun for this run of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical kaya ang gusto ko po sana yun yung pinakamaganda sa lahat ng mga naging performance ko kaya lang may nangyari na d ko inaasahan……..Teka lang po, baka masyado nang mahaba ang response ko kakahiya naman kay migs, pero kung gusto nyo pwede ko naman ituloy eh..:) thanks po ulit sa lahat “God Bless”

  4. genesis17 Says:

    hay…. thanks migs for introducing this guy here in MGG..finally you featured someone who is really musculine yet so serene inside and looks like he got brains aswell…what a good combination..hehe
    hope to see more of this guy.

  5. cmx Says:

    accdng. to TP, RCBC Plaza in Makita will staged ZZZ’s 5th run. :-)

  6. Matteo Says:

    “Braso pa lang ay ulam na. Bigyan mo ako ng tinidor at kutsara. Ang lalaking ito’y pinapaikot-ikot ang bahay bata ko.”


    I watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah (again) last weekend and I could honestly say that Janvier’s acting and singing abilities improved. Medyo kinakabahan pa rin siya ng kaunti lalo na nung kumakanta siya pero come to think of it, this is a phenomenal musical (Tanghalang Pilipino’s longest running musical ever) and to be part of it is really something.

    I just hope that Janvier will remain humble. I was able to talk to him for a few minutes after the show and he’s really nice, huh. Medyo mahiyain nga lang. Parang matanda parati nag kausap. Hehe. Anyway, I hope his popularity wouldn’t get into his head. Mabait na bata ito eh.

    Hey Vince de Jesus (Don’t know if you have a blog so I’ll just post my comments here), I bought the OST of Zsa Zsa and it’s really good! Congrats sir! I especially like “Huwag na Huwag mo Siyang Babastusin” sang of course by Joey Paras. Galing.

    I hope on Zsa Zsa’s fifth run, the orig cast would still be there. I read on Carlo Vergarra’s blog that TP’s planning to change the cast? Huwag naman sana. The best yung 4th run eh. Ang good luck to Carlo’s Zsa Zsa Part II. Sana gawin ding musical.

  7. paow Says:

    u should have seen Janvier’s alternate for the role of Dodong.. Arnold Reyes is the name, and he’s hot too.. nice abs and smile..

  8. chriscapade Says:

    may hawig sya kay Gardo Versosa.. pinoy na pinoy kahit half half sya..


  9. Angelo Says:

    Cuttie. :-)

  10. Migs Says:

    MGG readers, the comment from “Dodong” above is really from Janvier… he called me just now saying he left a comment here. Janvier! Ituloy mo na ang kuwento mo! Hehehe. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  11. argo Says:

    yup..janvier pls. continue mo ung kwento mo.. wer’all xcited to hear it coming from you mismo.. and promise to show us ur other pics ha..Thanks..

  12. biatch Says:

    but w8..i alreday hav that CLIMAX bookazine, and puro Provoq men ang nandun.. so u mean,ders gonna be a 2nd issue of it wit Janvier inside…that’s cool hah..

  13. vincedejesus Says:

    Uy… nagpo-post na rin si Janvier :-)

    Tama, si Migs! Beng ituloy mo pa ang kuwento. (Kumusta na? Wala ka nang sakit?)

    @Matteo - Thank you for buying the soundtrack. We will talk about the 5th run this week and we are planning to have an alternate cast kasi three weekends and magiging run - possibly from wendesdays to sundays. As you know, the play runs for 2 hours and a half, sometimes even longer depende sa pacing, kaya we decided to have two sets of casts kasi very tiring para sa mga artista ang dami ng shows. During the last show nga, pinaos na talaga si Tuxqs at walang kaboses-boses kaya I had to learn the lines of Ada in 2 hours and takeover the role. Janvier, Arnold and Eula almost lost their voices too during their last shows kaya nakaka-takot. Kailangan talaga ng alternate/understudies para in case may mangyaring ganoon, tuloy pa rin ang palabas. You will still see the ORIGINAL CAST at the same time magkakaroon din ng mga bagong mukha. The original cast, WONDERFUL AS THEY ARE, needs a semi-break lang naman — and it would also be nice to see other actors perform the different roles. Asahan niyong maghahanap kami ng mga kahalili nila ng papantay sa kanilang kakayahan.

    Yes, the part 2 will definitely be a musical, too.

    I don’t have my own blog yet, but my website is under construction na.

    @Migs, plug ko lang dito ang website ko ha. Siguro in a week or two tapos na. Visit www.vincentdejesus.net which will also have a blog, forum, updates on the theater scene etc. I will also link Manila Gay Guy to my website para one big happy blogging family tayo!

  14. Matteo Says:

    Hi Vince!

    Thanks for the clarification. Medyo nagpanic lang ako kasi akalo ko papalitan na nila yung buong cast. That’s good - the original cast would still perform. An understudy is a must. I understand kasi sobrang ngarag nga naman kung magkakasunud-sunod yung performance.

    Rest assured that my friends and I will look forward to the 5th run as well as the part 2. Congrats again and good luck to the cast and crew of Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzical!

  15. andrew Says:

    Grabe, si Janvier talaga yun, Migs???! Gahd!

    *Blag* (Si Andrew hinimatay. LOL!)

    Parang ambait-bait n’ya at feeling ko mahal na n’ya ako kasi binanggit n’ya yung pangalan ko, hahaha! Ultimate ilusyunada… :P

    Sana totohanin n’ya yung pag-post ng sexy pix n’ya. ‘Pag natuloy yun, pinapangako ko, magiging birhen na uli ako. LOL!

    Migs, I really love your site. Pati mga masasarap na straight guys naliligaw rito. Iba ka talaga, Migs. Bow ako sa’yo.

    I love MGG!!!! :D

  16. andrew Says:

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Migs, for having this site. I never enjoyed the Net so much until MGG came. Seryoso ‘to. :)

    (Sana ma-feature mo rin ‘yung sexy pix ni Wendell Ramos. He is sOoOo HOT! Thanks.)


  17. Little Fish Says:

    Wala na akong masabi.
    I Love You Janvier.
    To love you in a distance is enough for me.
    I wish you all the best in this world.
    I do hope we will (I will) be seeing and hearing from you in this world of makebelieve……showbiz!
    Be wise and learn to be humble. Humility is a good virtue.
    Take care and Bless you.

    P.S. Thanks MGG, Janvier is my Dodong in a distance!

  18. Angelo Says:

    I am really beginning to like this site. Thanks for doing a great job Migs. Keep up the good work. :-)

  19. Migs Says:

    You know guys, whenever I talk to Janvier, he always, always thanks me for the support MGG gives him (I guess he means the exposure) — but really I should be the one to thank him, seeing how you dear readers have been enjoying my features on him. So I guess I’d push it as far as enjoining all MGG readers to support Janvier’s other gigs — yes he will be in that next issue of Xray’s CLIMAX so do get a copy; try to catch TROIKA, that indie movie (as long as you are 18+ yrs old), Janvier has a sizzling love scene with the lead actress Mara Altiera; etc. I will definitely let you guys know if there are any other gigs Janvier will have para updated ang lahat. Or baka gusto ninyo magka-MGG party/EB for all Janvier fans? Hehehe. Let me know!

  20. Little Fish Says:

    MGG Party/EB for Janvier? Join ako…..basta, gawin ninyo sa March or April….that will be the months I will be in Manila.

    Wish ko lang, sana….makita ko personally si Janvier and you Miggs…Yes, you!
    That would make my vacation in Manial…amazingly awesome!

  21. argo Says:

    thanks a lot Migs…..
    w8..prang d2 sa Janvier Post mo, ngkasundo almost all MGG readers.. am i ryt migs?
    keep us posted on him ok?

  22. victor Says:

    aylabbbbbbyu janvier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ituloy mo na ang kwento mo.

    salamat migs for sharing dodong to us :D

  23. Jayson Says:

    gosh Janvier has the cutest smile, nice body pics, works out thats good. ;)

  24. andrew Says:

    We love you, Janvier.

    At syempre we love you too, Migs, dahil kung wala si Migs, walang MGG, at walang Janvier tayong nakita ngayon, hehe!

    Keep it up, Migs. :D

  25. janvier Says:

    ang karugtong…..nung nakaraang sabado ang isa sa pinaka mahalagang araw sa buhay ko, ito yung matagal ko nang pinapangarap, ang mag tanghal sa harap ng maraming tao kasama ang magagaling na aktres at aktor na pinapangunahan ng mga batikang direktor. ( Naks! seryoso po ba masyado?)ilang oras na lang po bago mag start ang show wala pa po sa kundisyon ang boses ko, isang malaking bote na ng Bactidol ang na gargle ko mula pa nung thursday, wala pa rin…kaya bago mag start yung mismong show, nagdasal na lang po talaga ako, and narinig naman po ako…..anyway…dami ko pa sana gusto ikwento kaya lang kailangan ko na po umalis, pa check up lang po sa doctor ….direk vince,eto po,ganun pa rin..la pa pong pahinga eh… miss ko na po kayo lahat and excited na po ako sa workshop natin sa summer, salamat po ulit sa lahat….para naman kay andrew, malapit ka nang maging birhen ulit..hahaha… :)

  26. Angelo Says:

    Thanks Janvier. O ayan Andrew, malapit ka na maging birhen ulit. Siguro kilig to the bones ka? har har.

  27. sire lee Says:

    ei thats really nice, si janvier na popost talaga. bout the eb gusto ko yan, nga pala congrats sa zsazsa zaturnnah ze muzikal hehe. nanood me nung jan.20, everyone;s great lalo ka na janvier… ask ko lang, direk vince may auditions din ba for the role of didi. ehehe. parang trip ko kc ung role. if ever lang naman. to migs congrats sa mgg, galing napaguunite ang mga tao d2, lalo na pag c janvier ang pinaguusapan. to janvier more power and la kb email or other contact.ehehe. hope to see you ule!!!

  28. Matteo Says:

    Naks. Talagang nagpost ulit si Janvier. Good luck sa’yo at sa mga darating mo palang mga shows.

    By the way, kahit sino pwede sumagot ng tanong ko…

    Napadaan ako kanina sa isang magazine stand at may nakita akong Cilmax sa mala-coffee table book (white yung background). P385 siya. Ang naka cover, tatlong guys from the new batch of Viva Hot Men. Ito na ba yung tinutukoy ninyo na coffee table book na naka si Janvier na semi-nude? Can somebody confirm? Salamat.

  29. sire lee Says:

    migs bka pede mahingi number ni janvier ahehe… bka pwede lang..

  30. sire lee Says:

    ei matteo, sori hindi un un. kc akala ko un din ung climax na andun si janvier. bumili kc me para lang pala ma dis appoint kc hindi pala c janvier ang andun. i think sa next issue xa lalabas. but eniweiz yummy naman ung mga pix din. kc may mga sneak sightings ng mga organs ng mga modelo. ahehe… un lang!

  31. Matteo Says:

    Oh ok. Thanks for the info, Sire Lee.

  32. andrew Says:

    Jusko, I didn’t know being a virgin (again) can feel this orgasmic! Kinikilig to the bones talaga ako. LOL! :P

    Janvier, mahal na kita, pramis. Pakasal na tayo. Willing naman akong dalhin ang apelyido mo — Andrew Daily. Panalo, diba? Hahaha!

    Sana ‘pag nagkapangalan ka na at eventually makapasok sa mainstream showbiz eh hindi mo kami makalimutan dito sa MGG. I feel that you’re really sincere and down to earth. You deserve to shine. (Naks, in love ang birhen-to-be.)

    Btw, may Friendster ka ba? I’m sure maraming gusto mag-add sa’yo. Hope you’ll post your account here. ;)

    Salamat sa pagpansin sa’kin at sa’min dito. *Hugs* *Kisses*

  33. vincedejesus Says:

    @sire lee

    Yes, we will hold an invitational audition for all the major roles in ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ZE MUZIKAL. Pag wala pa ring mapili, that’s the time we open the auditions to the public.

    We will keep you posted.


  34. andrew Says:

    I hope I can be a part of such a wonderful musical, Mr. De Jesus. I’ve long been a fan of musicals, Broadway or local. Got to act in some school productions as well. I believe I still have room for improvement in acting, but I’m a competent singer. I just don’t know how to go about an audition process. I’m a bit shy, too, in person. (Hindi man kapani-paniwala, hehe!)

  35. sire lee Says:

    thanx direk vince. sobrang luv na luv ko ung swan song ni didi. and syempre all thumbs up talaga ako kay joey paras.btw i checked ur website last nyt. cool ha, i luv the songs. puro ke nina. ryt? ahehe. eniweiz my email address is hope pag nagkarron ng auditions eh pwede me mag alternate ke joey. mejo minamaster ko na ung songs…hehe. i was part of the corolasalliano b4, (defunct h.s. chorale ng lasalle greenhills), so i think hindi naman ako mapaphiya sa inyo.hehe. well may contact po ba u ke janvier, bka pwede mahingi hehe. ei migs astig talaga tong mgg. hope u cud feature more guys pa… more power sa lahat!!!

  36. sire lee Says:

    janvier galing mo talaga, la kb website or friendster. khit email add man lang. ahehe. adik na ata ako sau…hehe! ayabyu!

  37. Vi Says:

    Ako din po, i want to be part of ur musical..I Love ZSAZSA, galing niyo po lahat…:):):) as in im close to obssessing with this musical, everyday ung album lang ng ZSAZSA pinapatugtug ko.. hehehe…Sir Vince galing niyo poh!:) Sana ung auditions open din…hehehe, magtry din sana ko as ADA (Hahahaha!!Ang ambisyosa ko talaga:)). Grabe nababaliw na ko sa ZSAZSA… Sire lee, OMG, taga lsgh ka din? Me too.:) Reading the posts nhere sparked my hope in participating in this wonderful musical!!!:) First time ko dito sa MGG,hehehe, thanks po migs for ur interview with Janvier, ill be looking for ur future posts..:)

  38. Anthony Says:

    watched the play. nice looking but he needs to develop his voice more compared to his alternate.

  39. MAC_afr0 Says:

    nakakabitin! hi dodong! vince! napadaan lang tumakas sa editing haha :)

  40. Kaleena Says:

    Andrew, hindi ka lang pala ilusyonadang birhen, ilusyonadang artista pa! Hahaha! Ano pala title nung next issue nung Climax? TARUGS?

  41. vincedejesus Says:

    @sire lee — naku, yung web designer ko ang naglagay ng nina sa website ko. di ko nga type si nina eh, pina-tatanggal ko he he he he.

    but thanks for visiting the site.


  42. sire lee Says:

    > sir vince
    ahehe, ganun po ba. well actually gusto ko lang si nina for the song someday. mejo nakakarelate me eh. hehe. nonetheless maganda talaga ung website mo. nga pala im so addicted with the cd, may news na po b kung tuluy na ung part 2 ng zsazsa zaturnnah. eniweiz sir vince bka may contact ka jan ni janvier. gusto ko lang ipadala sa kanya ung pix nung nagpapic me wid him after nung musical. hehe.

    > VI
    what batch ng lsgh ka? me batch 2002?

    more power to janvier and mgg!!!

  43. Kaleena Says:


    i hate nina. bitch has a shrill voice. nakakabasag eardrums.

  44. aquaman Says:

    janvier is soooooo hot. andrew, you are such a funny guy. i was laughing loud reading your posts. hahaha!!!!!!!

  45. sire lee Says:

    wel i sort off agree, mejo mas feel ko si kyla rather nina. ahehe. eniweiz janvier luv u ule!!! mwah

  46. julyjuly Says:

    Jan is… a great guy with a good heart… he means well with everything he does…
    testimonial ba ito???haha
    ayan ha… i left a comment na, Jan.
    catch ya later beng!

  47. Vi Says:

    sire lee-batch 2006 lang ako..hehehehe:)

  48. sire lee Says:

    ganun, hehe, ibig sabihin hindi na kita inabutan grabe. mah full name is eduardo asiddao, u? add me at friendster, hehe ganun. d2 nagusap ahehe. more power to janvier. i love u ulit!

  49. Vi Says:

    hehehe, parang ganun na nga..:) di na ko nag friendster eh, sa ym nalang kita iadd..:) onga eh, ditoi na tayo nagusap..hehehe
    thanks migs and most especially JANVIER…mahla ko rin cya eh..hehehe:) hopelessly devoted to him:)

  50. wideyshut Says:

    my gawd, love ko na siya. pwede ba siyang maka one-night stand? hehehehe…


  51. pao Says:

    migs, kelan ang 5th run ng zsazsa?
    pls i-air mo naman dito sa MGG…
    i really wanna watch it.

  52. kris Says:

    ang pogi talaga ni janvier sana lumabas na cya sa T.V promise manonood kami


  53. tonyo Says:

    hindi naman marunong kumanta. sintunado!

  54. le bone Says:

    more of Janvier please.

  55. brent Says:

    i have seen his naked glory in hotmen…\

    how lucky ethel is….

    tsk…tsk… ako man, magdadalawang isip pumasok sa bahay ni kuya if i have a boyfriend as hot as janvier… ooooohhhhh

  56. Karelin Says:

    What is the gender/sexuality of “guy” he mean? boy? girl? gay? I hate the word “guy” nakaka-loshyang yan sa mga lalaki eh! Ayoko maging loshyang si Janvier dahil tinawag na “mystery guy” instead of “mystery boy”.The word “guy” has many genders: boy, girl, gay and asexual. Ano ba si Janvier? boy? girl? or gay? Answer please so than my anger stops!

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