Roxxxanne Premieres October 10

Jun Lana’s film “Roxxxanne” long awaited by Janvier Daily fans, yes inlcuding moi, is going to have its premiere showing at the U.P. Film Center on October 10, 2007.

Funny that just last weekend, Ethel Booba, Janvier’s current real-world girlfriend, just admitted that she was indeed the girl in the celebrated cellphone video scandal. Roxxxanne ikaw ba yan?


Photo above: Janvier Daily and Jay Acquitania. Premieres October 10  digg:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10  spurl:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10  newsvine:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10  furl:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10  reddit:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10  fark:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10  Y!:Roxxxanne Premieres October 10


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16 Responses to “Roxxxanne Premieres October 10”

  1. dowell Says:

    sigh… there is no need to comment.

    my days are becoming saturnine, or maybe i’m just becoming lethargic. i hate it when i’m not happy, and not sad at the same time. it’s weird.

    hi migs. nice evening to you.

  2. Migs Says:

    hello dowell.

  3. josh Says:

    wow, s janvier! I hope this will be released in DVD! i’ll wait for it. Is dis as contorversial?daring as Parola? :)

  4. David Says:

    does this mean you’ll be at the Film Center on October 10?? oh my god!! i might get to see you!! :)

  5. dokd Says:

    i saw janvier w/ ethel booba on boy and kris the other day. he didn’t say much and didn’t appear very articulate but i guess w/ boy and kris there, it’s difficult. i wonder if janvier is really serious about this relationship w/ ethel.

  6. nell Says:

    Pano naman kaming mga out of the country? Wala kami chance na mapanood yan. Kahit na yung Parola.

  7. randy Says:

    buti pa si ethel kahit mukhang bakla, may janvier. iba pa din talaga pag may toot…toot… lolz!

  8. fabbriche Says:

    What?! Sila na palang dalawa! Pano naman sila nagkakilala at naging sila? Gaano ba ka-daring yang film na yan?

  9. myke Says:

    will it be released in theaters?

  10. zirhc Says:

    Hi! how can I get a ticket for this premiere?

  11. Ken chu Says:

    Magkano yung ticket? =)

  12. Migs Says:

    I am in touch with Jun Lana, writer and director of the movie. As soon as I get the info, I will share with you where you can get tickets and how much.

  13. russel Says:

    can you please tell me where to get tickets?

  14. raven Says:

    sana libre ung tickets. :)

  15. jeff Says:

    hope 2 see janvier in person

  16. argo Says:

    is it gonna be shown in galleria lyk parola? hope i can hear back frm u migs..

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