Chris Cayzer, fine young thing


Chris finds and loses himself in his music, sharing every note and lyric intimately with his audience. Whether performing in a crowded bar or to a small group of close family and friends, when Chris sings the world before you fades away – all eyes are on him. If you ever have the opportunity to see him perform live, you’ll find his energy contagious and be captivated by his dynamic stage presence. The self-taught musician and singer is gifted with a natural and raw yet first-class voice. Most people are blown away by how young he is.

Yes, I’m blown away by good looking guys who know how to make beautiful music.


First saw Chris in that Bituin Walang Ningning soap on ABS-CBN. Cute!


chrisc.jpg Cayzer, fine young thing  digg:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing  spurl:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing  newsvine:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing  furl:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing  reddit:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing  fark:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing  Y!:Chris Cayzer, fine young thing


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25 Responses to “Chris Cayzer, fine young thing”

  1. ian Says:

    ei migs! wow! crush ko rin si chris!!! soooo hot! ganda ng boses… cute!!!

  2. McVie Says:

    Zino yung mujer?

  3. mc Says:

    edi si tuesday!

  4. pao Says:

    he’s so cute… nakita ko siya sa national leadership training sa teachers’ camp, baguio city.. i love him..

  5. fioux Says:

    I saw him on The Sweet Life sa QTV, he did an interview….he was so funny, na inlove tuloy si Wilma Doesnt sa kanya….parang nainlove na rin ako

  6. tita glo Says:

    nakatikim na kaya ang batang ito ng …

  7. paul Says:

    grabe!i met im already in person.wud u bliv of all places kung saan pa?sa emergency room of asian hospital in alabang,hes more cuter in person than in pics.kwento k nexty anu nagyari bkit nasa er din xa dat tym.

  8. caradinala Says:

    the highlight on the hair just looks …

  9. Ken chu Says:

    Cute nga…. Wala ng ibang pics? =)

  10. kiko Says:

    parang baby ni baby obrien hehehe…world peace!

  11. mekare Says:

    i love this kid! he isn’t homophobic. he’s smart and witty, too. on his radio show, he has no qualms about telling his guests if they are aesthetically pleasing. been with him for sometime this summer and i must say, this guy has a naughty side. darn. i might as well write a friendster testi for him! haha!

  12. mao Says:

    a real cutie!

    Migs, can you please feature Miguel Escueta? He’s a big crush of mine right now. Although medyo lumalaki ilong niya pag kumakanta na, bet na bet ko pa din. Weakness ko din kasi mga cute guys na talented.


  13. chuchucaracas Says:

    mukhang daks.

  14. gina Says:

    san ba ako makakakita sa shirtless photo niya…

  15. fattyacid Says:

    may resemblance kay francis magalona…kuneho at dakota rin kaya sya?

  16. sigepa Says:

    sa mata pare para cyang c Francis M. ano kaya itsura pag naka shirtless yang batang yan? hmmmm Migs sana nag lagay kanaman.

  17. vincedejesus Says:

    This guy is cute. REALLY CUTE!

  18. Tita Glo Says:

    oh ths kid is really cute! i love him na

  19. burn Says:


  20. Trishia Says:

    he looks good in side view…the reason I bought his first cd with no idea how his voice sounds was his cute shot in the album cover when I chanced upon it while browsing the shelves in a popular record bar…good he’s got voice and the album is good, is he a regular on tv? what show?…more photos please

  21. boots abawag Says:

    i love u! anakan mo ako!

  22. Calvin Says:

    my sis is so in to him… i’m not… :( but he really has a good voice match to how young he is… btw, how old is he anyways?

  23. EX_AGENT Says:

    hihi, crush ko na siya (Chris Cayzer), cutie, maganda boses, etc…

    Pag niko -close up sya sa TV ang Puro ko natutunaw & lagi akong nakatitig sa mata nya, ahehehe.

    More pictures ko if possible [pati mga extra ZAIDO bulging pictures]

  24. cainam Says:

    cute boy. di ko nga lang siya napanood kasi kapuso ako. pero, cute pa rin siya.

  25. serge Says:

    ohmigosh…sooooo cute…just wann kiss that angelic face of his…;)

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