Chris Friel, Fil-Am Hunk


Christopher Friel, a Filipino-American, was once USA’s representative to Manhunt International (in Beijing, China). Chris actually has Filipino, Japanese, and American lineage. For me he really looks more American tisoy more than anything else, although at some angles you’ll catch the Pinoy in him. He is based in Los Angeles, California, USA and has been featured on a number of TV shows in America, including MTV’s Date My Mom. He was Ginoong Filipinas-USA 2006. And by the way, dear kapatid Lance Raymundo is his cousin. Hehehe. Enjoy him, I mean Chris, this Christmas day.









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36 Responses to “Chris Friel, Fil-Am Hunk”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I like his legs! He kinda reminds me of Yao Ming though..

  2. kurara_chibana Says:

    ^indeed, a beefier and cuter version of yao ming! i just don’t know why he seems so “proud” of letting others see him smoke…

    i wonder if he “smokes POLE” too. Hihihi!

  3. mandayamoore Says:

    kahit na pausukan nya ako na parang manok o puno ng mangga, go pa rin ako sa kanya.

    merry christmas migs

  4. Leslie Says:

    all those puffing pictures of him was such a turn off. i was like cute, but then i saw him with those smoke..i dont know what he is smoking but eww.

  5. Migs Says:

    i think he’s smoking hookah… traditional Middle Eastern device for smoking tobacco. It is also known as a water pipe, narghile, shisha, or hubble-bubble. When I was in San Francisco recently, I heard my friends there talk about it as a fad among some restos there. I know there’s a hookah bar here in Metro Manila too… at least one is in metrowalk in ortigas.

  6. romevad44 Says:

    hes lyk yao ming meets luis manzano..hehe

  7. euges Says:

    Thanks Migs
    Folks enjoy the pix na lang
    Merry Christmass to all

  8. Lyka Bergen Says:

    OK SYa! Enjoyed!

    Merry Christmas to you from the beautiful ladies of Las Tres Estrellas! Happy new year na rin!

  9. br0wn_c0w Says:

    I like him!! HOTT! Yeah, he’s smoking hookah. Not really a turn off, well, for me at least.

  10. argo Says:

    guys, I mean gays…(ehem!) dont care bout d F*ck*n* smoke.. whether he’s a smoker or not, basta all i can say is..
    ” he’s sooooo.. Smokin’ H.O.T.! “

  11. jo Says:

    eew talaga the smoke! Nice pecs but underdeveloped legs, lalo na the calves.

  12. drklght Says:

    is he a dragon or something? hehehe … either way … papable na sya haha

  13. Dave Montero Says:

    Wow! Nice find again Migs!

    Happy New Year!

  14. finsan Says:

    Lance Raymundo is his cousin? hmm..ang dami niya yatang tinatawag na “cousins” - male models pa

  15. Owen Says:

    Yao Ming + luis Manzano … blah blah blah

  16. aeriol09 Says:

    ang taray nya !!!!!!!!

  17. Jimbo Says:

    Yup. He is the BF of Lance Raymundo in the states. Lance tells everyone na cousin, but in reality, BF niya. Come out Come out!

  18. Jimbo Says:

    Dapat isama din si Lance Raymundo sa list ng mga badingerzi. Kala niya tanga lahat ng Pinoy??? Drama niya na tawaging “cousins” and mga male models na kaibigan kuno??? hehehe If i know…kaya madalas pumunta sa Cali si Ate Lance dahil doon siya naghahada ng mga Dakotang male models. At may promise pa siya na idala niya dito para daw sumikat hehehe. Galing ng style ni Ate Lance Raymundo hehehe. He is the worst singer pa…yung Beautiful Sun niya is the ugliest song i have ever heard….naka make up pa siya dun! hahaha

    Ate Lance, lumabas ka na sa CLOSET

  19. Oblation Says:

    Lance is gay indeed. His previous GF attested to that as well; she’s now happily married to one of the honchos in SMB Asia and looks back funnily to her deceiving moments with Lance. Unfortunately, the girl (JR-G)is not aware that her hubby (Geran Guerrero) have had gay relationships as well.

  20. Niel Says:

    Hindi siya cute…parang Abnoy ewww

  21. linklinkan Says:

    Desisyon ng manager ni Lance Raymundo na si Angie Magbanua na huwag nang patulan ang ‘gender issue’ kay Lance.
    Malakas ang suspetsa ni Angie na gustong pasukin ng sinasabing male model (na diumano’y nililigawan ni Lance) ang showbiz.
    Si Lance ang gusto nitong gawing tuntungan para makilala ito.
    Sabi ni Angie, mas magandang pag-usapan ang pagdating dito sa ‘Pinas ng international photographer na si Tobin na kumuha ng mga larawan kay Lance sa Los Angeles para sa fashion book na ilalabas nito.

    Bading daw ba ang fashion photographer na si Tobin, na executive director din ng Studio M521 which handles the careers of some of the top international models kuno?
    Saan kaya na-meet ng Tobin na ito si Lance Raymundo at kinuha niyang subject sa pictorial?
    Hayan tuloy at pati si Lance ay napagkamalang bading din. Dumalaw pa sa Pilipinas si Tobin at kunwari ay naghahanap ng Asian faces na puwedeng gawing models niya. Hindi kaya si Lance lang ang binisita niya?
    Okey, may kahinatnan kaya sa Hollywood ang career ni Lance Raymundo bilang fashion model?
    Akala ko ba eh SINGER siya? Naku, ha, ayaw ni Ina Raymundo ng ganyan, ha!

  22. Gerry Says:

    if i am Angie , i will stop defending Lance, coz he has been parading his sexuality in an irresponsible way. Like the other nite, he was seen @ West Hollywood with some white dudes. Then what will be excuse again? ” OH imhanging out with my “cousins” ! again?? you seem to have lots of caucasian cousins Lance! hahaha. Just give it a rest….if your talent is Gay, then , let him continue to fool himself…he thinks he can fool the Filipinos and the media, he should look around coz everyone is laughing at his crzy gay antics =)

  23. Gerry Says:

    haha TOBIn is not even popular here. His Top Models kuno are fresh off the streets na binibihisan niya haha….i dont know wat he does to them after the camera’s lights and lens are off. that is his business….
    He got a hold of Lance through Chris Fiel aka Cousin (daw) haha ni Lance. Well, off coure atcheng lance likes the idea of being surrounded by his “caucasian cousins” who are packin 6 or more u know what i mean hehe.. to make the story short, Tobin and Lance have the same interest… “Caucasian Cousins” haha I rest my case …

  24. harajuku Says:

    nice pair of eyes

  25. Count_Ochu Says:

    I think maliit ang “nota” niya ayon sa mga pics, hehehe :P

  26. anonymous Says:

    malamang nag papa pictorial si Lance sa US para mag mukhang international yung portfolio niya, para makakuha siya ng modeling gigs dito sa pinas (as if naman!) para maging close siya sa mga modelo dito (na lalaki of course!) puro lalaki kaya yung mga modelo na kasama niya sa mga pictures sa friendster at kung saan saan pa hihihi

  27. Gerry Says:

    pa mhinta to the max si Ate lance. Kita ninyo naman na mahilig mag make up si Atche.Tapos, “cousins” daw niya ang mga “caucasian” boys hehehe ano siya BALE???? mahilig talaga sa 6 inches or more si Ate Lance. magaling….matindi ang kanyang hasang hihihihihii

  28. Chris Friel is Mr. Asia USA 2007 | manila gay guy Says:

    […] as Chris Friel, previously featured here as the Fil-Am Hunk, passed the crown at the end of 2006 to the new Ginoong Filipinas-USA, he won another title this […]

  29. anthony Says:

    ur ryt……hes so…

  30. steve Says:

    He just isn’t that hot?!? I don’t see what all the hype is about… Not a fan… at all

  31. angel03 Says:

    hot hot hot!!!

  32. pepron Says:

    No, I don’t think he’s hot… I’m trying to think of going in bed with him but the thought terifies me…hmmm. Maybe, it’s because he looks to foreigner to me…I don’t know…

  33. michael Says:

    he has great looking legs

  34. paa Says:

    ang pogi naman nyan..

  35. ahr_ku Says:

    okay lang saakin kahit magin P.A. nya ako!!

  36. rogelio Says:

    hello! how are you? miss u………..kiss u…………

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