Born on Christmas Day


If indeed the Holy Child was born on December 25, right at this moment, a couple of thousand years back, the Holy Couple must have been looking for a place to stay. A place, however humble, that will be honored as the only place on earth where something, someone divine is born. Today I wish that all of us realize that we each have our own divine something to deliver to this world — our true, authentic self. With it, we are most powerful, and we can be the best person we can be, for ourselves and for others. May the season remind us of the people and events that have been instrumental in bringing us forth in this world, not just our physical self, but more so, our whole being. And for those who are still journeying, seeking for the right time and right place, I pray that you realize that who you really are is not anyone’s business to smirk on, to stone, to embarrass. Our true self can be most divine, if only we let it.

Migs the Manila Gay Guy, sometimes naughty, sometimes icky, sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, sometimes witty, sometimes corny, wishes you — dear readers, dear friends — a Christmas full of love! From the bottom of my heart, may we have…. World Peace! on Christmas Day  digg:Born on Christmas Day  spurl:Born on Christmas Day  newsvine:Born on Christmas Day  furl:Born on Christmas Day  reddit:Born on Christmas Day  fark:Born on Christmas Day  Y!:Born on Christmas Day


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4 Responses to “Born on Christmas Day”

  1. anton Says:

    hey migs…let me bethe first to greet you a merry christmas and a happy and prosperous new year…i hope to read more ofyour blogs in 2007…keep up the remarkable work!

  2. Chronicle Says:

    Can you post some stuff of Luke Jickain, Coco Martin and more m0re m0re photos of Mr. Chester Noledo

  3. br0wn_c0w Says:

    Happy holidays, Migs! I hope you had a blessed Christmas! May you always be loved.

  4. Migs Says:

    Hi Anton, Brown_Cow — salamat! Merry Christmas din sa inyo, and all the best in 2007!

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