Pasko Na Sinta Ko

Christmas is really just around the corner — and while almost everyone is busy with their Christmas lists, season’s greeting cards flying all over, Christmas shopping wild rush here and there, let us not forget a number of us, especially gay men, who will be celebrating this season as single folks.

I would say to those single gay men, don’t fret, never let the season bring you down. Christmas is not just for happily coupled people. So smile, and focus on the good things life has given you. I’m sure you will find a lot of things to celebrate about!

Now, for those who still want, for whatever reason, to feel the melancholy of singlehood — here’s Ryan Cayabyab’s version of the ultra-famous Filipino Christmas song: Pasko Na Sinta Ko. Taken from Cayabyab’s 1991 BMG CD “One Christmas.” It’s one sad, sad song — sung so soulfully,a cappella, by Ryan Cayabyab. Na Sinta Ko  digg:Pasko Na Sinta Ko  spurl:Pasko Na Sinta Ko  newsvine:Pasko Na Sinta Ko  furl:Pasko Na Sinta Ko  reddit:Pasko Na Sinta Ko  fark:Pasko Na Sinta Ko  Y!:Pasko Na Sinta Ko


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4 Responses to “Pasko Na Sinta Ko”

  1. mcvie Says:

    I only have one word to say to all single gay men who feel “left out” of this season because they’re single: FAMILY.

  2. migs Says:

    AMEN to mcvie.

  3. neon Says:

    hirap ngang maging single. biruin mo i’m doing christmas shopping na mag-isa. =(

  4. oxymoronic Says:

    its very painstaking to spend christmas alone.. im one of those call center kids who have to work even on christmas eve.. huhu.. :(

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