Paolo Laroza 2


New photos of Paolo Laroza fresh off the grill — photos taken by Vince Lopez on Nov. 1, 2007.

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19 Responses to “Paolo Laroza 2”

  1. blahblahblah Says:

    nice armpits. :) hairy a

  2. James Says:

    zero percent body fat! :-)

  3. Kazan Says:


  4. Isaribi Says:


  5. vince Says:

    migs, does he remind you of that janvier guy? apparently! mukhang may bagong fixation ka. but seriously, vince lopez’s photography does him justice–cool pics! the longer one stares, the hotter this guy gets.

  6. pepron Says:


  7. Mike Says:

    yeah he’s hot!

  8. kai Says:

    He’s a bit layogenic nga pero ok naman body… must be a good top… too bad im top too :) haha

  9. Mikey_Liling Says:

    Isa siyang “laman tiyan”.

    Choosy Tuesday itu!

  10. pepron Says:

    @ vince:

    so you notice…so may idea ka na kung sino yung philandering actor chuva!..pero in fairness sabi naman nung actor makikipag-split sya dun sa girlfriend nyang commediene…hmmm; para siguro kay Migs!!!

  11. ewan Says:

    hmmmm…wala akong masabi pero mejo hawig niya yung mummy sa the mummy…

    i don’t know if its me or my imagination…

  12. rodier Says:

    ok ang body but i dont like the face.

  13. smoothshaver Says:

    I am crazy about this skinhead guy. So very sexy with his smooth shaved head and great smooth body!! More kalbo men please!!

  14. mell Says:

    Sinigang na HIPON

  15. kim jones Says:

    ads ba ang mga pics na itis 4 DEODORANT???

  16. kim jones Says:

    ads ba ang mga pics na itis 4 a certain DEODORANT???

  17. Rye Says:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! mommy, i’m dripping!

  18. maverick Says:

    he’s my kind of guy. i love skinhead guys. hotness galore :)

  19. tom Says:

    bakit hindi mo fineature si cris lomotan? sabay sila shinoot ni vince lopez

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