Paolo Villavicencio

Our eyecandy hunk feature for today is lasalista Paolo Villavicencio.

paolo-villavicencio3.jpg Villavicencio  digg:Paolo Villavicencio  spurl:Paolo Villavicencio  newsvine:Paolo Villavicencio  furl:Paolo Villavicencio  reddit:Paolo Villavicencio  fark:Paolo Villavicencio  Y!:Paolo Villavicencio


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39 Responses to “Paolo Villavicencio”

  1. Sentosapark Says:

    He looks sexy and hot!

  2. Fernando IX Says:

    yummy… lalakeng lalake

  3. rOckY Says:

    whoa. *jaw drops*

    I so went to the wrong school, LOL

  4. nakedmile Says:


  5. Anino Says:

    ah…ah…ano ba yun?ah…ah…

  6. regina Says:

    kamukha sya ni cookie este pekto hehehehe

  7. ethan Says:

    As Paris Hilton would put it, That’s hot!

  8. joshMe&Doves Says:

    nice pits! :)

  9. riffraff2000 Says:


  10. peterrr Says:

    he’s nicole hernandez’s (pond’s model) boyfriend if i remember correctly

  11. pepron Says:


  12. paoloswife Says:

    anong sabi ni riffraff2000….”pantinga” Hoy! Tanggalin mo yang dental floss mong blindfold para makita mong mabuti si Paolo.

  13. kimberson Says:

    more info about this guy please! SARAP! I want to be his girlfriend. CHING!!!

  14. [D.W.A] Says:

    Nice pitz, grabe! Sana may ganyan din akong BOYFRIEND (ambisyus talaga ako, hehehe)

    More power Manila Gay Guy. com :)


  15. blue_harajuku Says:


  16. lordrommel27 Says:

    am more interested on his legs. baka hindi well formed yung legs nya. he’s not hot, at all!

  17. WWE Publicist Says:

    Mukhang taga-benta lang ng BUKO!!

  18. Gina Cole Says:

    Taga-benta ng buko? Helloeeeeer! If I’m not mistaken, ang mga Villavicencio ang major stockholders ng Aristocrat Restaurant kung mga kamag-anak man niya iyon….and they are all from La Salle.

  19. astroboi Says:

    bf of nicole hernandez… another equally hot person…

    @ gina cole- villavicencios don’t own aristocrat, maybe u were referring to tripleV (dads saisaki etc) but nope he’s not part of that family.

  20. tazmania Says:

    Gina deary, ang sabi ni WWE MUKHANG TAGA BENTA NG BUKO at hindi niya tinatanong kung ano, sino at kung taga saang school ang mga kamag anak niya!!! Getz mo ba yung point niya?! Geesh bro!!!

  21. kai Says:

    definitely hot….
    but his face is too cute for that hot body, ya know what i mean?

  22. bedrock Says:

    may hawig ka pekto…hehehe 4 pics

  23. Anino Says:

    gwapo nman!

  24. jak Says:

    it baffles me how some people can criticize someone who is infinitely waaaaaaaay hotter than they could ever dream of becoming…

  25. fattyacid Says:

    ganda ng katawan…sarap dilaan…malaki rin kaya? ~,~

  26. ewan Says:

    i agree, kamukha niya si pekto slash cookie…hot nonetheless…

  27. Rye Says:

    hooooooooooooooooooot pits!

  28. fifi Says:

    ay oo! malaki’t mahaba… ;) tanong niyo lang lahat ng mga naging gf niya.

  29. michael Says:

    Paulo is a hunk!

  30. michael Says:

    Paulo’s GF is one lucky lady

  31. La Sallista Says:

    Animo La Salle!

  32. sushi77 Says:

    @paoloswife: uhm, i think what riffraff2000 meant with ”panting” was that it makes him pant (i.e., to yearn eagerly or breathe heavily) and not “pantinga.” ;)

    anyway, i do think paolo is rather attractive…body-wise, that is.

  33. Fernando IX Says:


    That’s the reason we must read well first or misconstrue things.. (im panting.. im short of breathe…) but gosh, he’s pretty attractive, aint he?

  34. Fernando IX Says:

    ewww, breath pa la yon.. hehe

  35. george Says:

    Parang he’s too muscled for his face. His face is still is best asset.

  36. jayzee Says:

    nauuhaw ako glurrp ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  37. erl dee Says:

    uu nga, pekto, only better version.

  38. yanietoot Says:

    He looks like Rudy Youngblood the actor of Apocalypto.. Aight..

  39. regina Says:

    see? parang kakambal sya ni cookie este pekto hehehehe

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