Juddah Paolo and Mojo Jojo Kiss

Is it true that Juddah Paolo and DJ Mojo Jojo french kissed in Embassy Bar at the Fort? Proceed to see the alleged photo that captured the scene.


How true?

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10 Responses to “Juddah Paolo and Mojo Jojo Kiss”

  1. Boy Abunda Says:

    well, isn’t that pic tells the story itself..it looks like it’s them already,and no photoshop expert will do a better job.

    imho,it’s real.

  2. chriscapade Says:

    baka dare lang sa kanila un.

  3. peterpic Says:

    i’d agree with chriscapade. plus which i heard juddah is so secure with his masculinity, he wouldn’t be afraid of doing such a thing.

    although kung totoo man yan… shouldn’t he now be called… “judday”? (shudder)

  4. jam Says:

    wow if jud is vading mga dicreet jan bka matipohan ka ni jud, got a chnace to sleep with him, sna ako un ngekk!!

  5. what_boys_want Says:

    YES! Juddah Paolo has this tendency to kiss guys! I saw him snog another guy (non-showbiz) during the Tim Yap-hosted Halloween party at Greenbelt 3 a few years back. He actually saw me seeing him! (dang, bakit hindi mo rin ako hinalikan??!)

    But his family cooks great rice cake products (biko etc.) They sell somewhere in Cainta.

  6. ang-ang Says:

    That is soo hot!

  7. Pravilno Says:

    Juddah? Noooooo!!!!

  8. darkster Says:

    it was a dare for mojo jojo’s morning show

  9. Asyano Says:

    Uy fave ko yan! Sana ako rin!!!

  10. ethan Says:

    I’ve seen Juddah in person, at the locker room where he goes to gym. He’s quite small.

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