Raymond Gutierrez leads Gaydar!

Raymond Gutierrez

Amazing how in less than 24 hours from posting it here in Manila Gay Guy, the Gaydar rating site has accumulated close to 5,000 unique votes. For every celebrity in the line up, the visitor is asked “How Gay is He?” and given a 10-point rating scale, with 1 corresponding to “He’s straight” and 10 to “He’s Gay.” Here are up-to-the-minute top 3 notable results:

1. Raymond Gutierrez, brother of hunky Richard Gutierrez and beauty queen Ruffa, leads the pack as the one that activates gaydars the most. He has so far received an average rating of 9.38 (out of perfect “gayness” score of 10, based on 631 votes), and comments such as:

Totally gay, he tries to disguise it but he moves like a total queen.

Gaydars were ringing like anything….

gaydar is way off the chart!!!!!

And very succinctly said:


2. Paolo Bediones follows Raymond Gutierrez, and fills the second top post. This is actually a surprise for me. He received an average “gayness” rating of 9.19 based on 648 votes.

3. Another surprise result: Piolo Pascual, most widely rumored to be gay, received an average rating of only 3.3 based on 557 votes. Seems people still think he is actually straight (or they wish so?) The only celebrity that received a “straighter” rating was Sam Milby, averaging 2.09 based on 803 votes. Both Sam and Piolo beat Ahron Villena, Rafael Rossel, Luis Manzano, and many others in the “straightness” arena. Well all I can say is that I have seen Sam and Piolo in dates only manangs would consider “wala lang.” Ay - my bias is coming out! LOL!

Well, it’s not too late to lodge in your votes - be heard!

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72 Responses to “Raymond Gutierrez leads Gaydar!”

  1. Pao Says:

    ay ano ba to.

    1. Raymond Gutierrez is gay. totoo yan, hindi na speculation.
    2. Piolo and Sam diba?! ano ba yan. charot.

  2. nicky Says:

    of course naman, sa bb pilipinas 2005 nga eh, ganda nya maghost, isa syng gorgeous gay guy :)

  3. jenny Says:

    i don’t think he is gay. it might? i just don’t like the other comments because he sounds like a real boy. he is really cute and his twin brother richard is also cute! i don’t think he leads the gaydar.

  4. emomarcelo Says:

    I saw Raymond Gutierrez at the Shangrila shopping mall one afternoon. He was wearing dark glasses and was with a group of ugly girls. He swayed so effeminately and waved his arms so exotically; it was very clear he was the most feminine of them all. He is the Queen.

  5. blu Says:

    duh? people??? i had the chance to watch the BB PILIPINAS…no doubt!!!
    NO D O U B T!!!

  6. jonat Says:

    I saw him gushing with a model friend (whose name i cant recall) sometime back early this year in GB4’s Prada store.

    do the math. :)

  7. perla Says:

    NAMAN!di na dpat tinatanong yan e….i know yeah i’ve seen him walking around ATC lyk a gay fashion icon!talbog c Ruffa!!!!

  8. name Says:

    he is not gay. in fact, bianca king even said that if he would have a boyfriend right now it would be raymond gutierrez and besides he has lots of exgirlfriends back in the states. I think he’s a cool and smart guy who deserves some respect.

  9. jerome Says:

    ang dami namang bobo sa pinas o. di na nga gaydar ang kailangan sa mga yan eh, kahit aso amoy na sila eh. tanungin mo mga taga abs-cbn pag di ka pa talaga bobo.

  10. Jhune Domingo Says:

    Gay? maybe effeminate. He idolizes his sister and mother. As glamorous as Ruffa and as fierce as mama Rama. I had “gay” ex-boyfriends before. They’re not really that bad, in fact they are more receptive in talking with any topics/gossips. They can instantly belong with your girl friends. Generally, they’re also better dressers.

    He does have some sort of “beauty queen” shield around him - always in poise, formal, polite and chastise. It reminds me of Right Said Fred’s song, I’m too sexy.

    I have a new bf now but I would pick him in a heartbeat otherwise. He’s so stunningly handsome! I hope my bf doesn’t get jealous if he sees this.

  11. Jhune Domingo Says:

    I’ve read so many websites saying this and, saying that, until I convinced myself that he is gay. I’ve only seen several appearances of him on TV, that by any measure is not enough to judge and make disrespect of him. He’s not even an actor and yet the allegations are incessant. Who knows maybe that’s the reason why he doesn’t want to become an actor.

    Sure we all know that someone pretending to be something else is bad but we do not have the right to judge someone based on rumors, innuendos, hearsays and false pretensions. I admit my previous post are all just innuendos and from false pretensions, nothing can be proven, but good enough to start more rumors.

    He isn’t even claiming anything out of the ordinary nor did anything wrong to offend anyone, he’s just another person, like us.

  12. di aq bakla Says:

    cguro nghahanap kau ng kagaya ninyong bading kaya ninyo cnasabi na si raymond bading! at tsaka cguro maka dj mo kau, kc naman eh c dj mo kya ung bading inggit siya kay raymond dhil ung sa qtv mms na program ni raymond ay mas maganda kaysa kay dj mo

  13. andree Says:

    what a cliche and also a passe!!!!

  14. okray Says:

    kailangan pa bang imemorize yan?

  15. jo Says:

    If Richard is Raymond’s twin brother, and both have identical genes, OH MY GOSH, Richard must also be…

  16. elleniram Says:


  17. rhoda Says:

    it’s not he’s hosting job that is being questioned at the bar. it’s all about his sexual orientation… hehehe!!! and YES he’s 101% totally gay… talaga namang feel niya beauty queen xa nung rumampa silang magkambal sa BENCH!!! siyeeettt!!! ang hips super sway from left to right!!! walang kaeffort effort!!! talagang sway to the maxxx!!!!

  18. unmee Says:

    he’s NOT gay. friends saw him in a bar in makati making out with a girl.
    these rumors are all bull.

  19. parpole Says:


  20. andrew Says:

    Teka, teka, mga ateng. ‘Wag kayong mag-away-away. Ang tanong lang dito eh kung bading si Raymond Gutierrez. Yun lang. No more, no less. It’s not about his hosting skills nor his looks nor his character. It’s just about his gender. Entiendes?

    He’s gay. Period. (Opinyon ko ‘to. Walang mang-aaway, please.) ;)

    (…so is Paolo Ballesteros, Lucky Manzano pati tatay n’ya, Carlos Agassi, Diether Ocampo, Rainier Castillo, Uma Khouny, the Samiolo tandem, and the list goes on and on and on…)

  21. weh Says:

    i can’t believe people are arguing about his sexual orientation. nah. he’s not gay. saw him kissing bianca king.

  22. coconut nut Says:

    yes he’s 100 %, i’m gay and my gaydar can smell it from miles away

    this is not to put down raymond. i just think he should come out now and be proud of who he is!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. someone in taiwan Says:

    masasabi ko lang., we are now a modern humans it’s not a big deal this time..

  24. closer5 Says:

    i dont think he’s gay!

    he’s so hot in person! saw him in a friends party and grabe ang sex appeal in person. lalo na when he’s a bit tipsy… lumalabas ang pagka sexy nya! pero he was with a girl that night. mestiza yata ang type nya.

  25. kapitan Says:

    yes obviously he’s gay but it’s no big deal naman

    yun lang po ang obsevation ko kay raymond

  26. anonymous Says:

    he’s gay period! you guys shouldn’t argue about that anymore..we have common friends…and it’s the pretty obvious…the way he moves…you’re too slow if you haven’t noticed it…he’s gay, trust and believe me…

  27. anonymous Says:

    Richard is straight ok the genes thing pls give it up! But to those who question Raymond’s sexuality…he’s gay that’s it..

  28. anonymous Says:

    i think richard is gay too. i can detect it sa kanyang pananalita(listen to his voice) and kilos. although magaling siyang magpamin sa camera ng kaunti, but sometimes it gives away!!! lumalabas minsan talaga eh

    and you know what? if one identical twin is gay, there’s a chance that the other is gay too.

  29. robt Says:

    naahhh.. im not convinced this dudes gay. you guys r probably just jealous. he’s cultured, has style, and articulate. and he’s a pretty good tv host. leave him alone.

  30. gayraymond Says:

    bading yang si raymond halatang halata naman. napakaingay nia sa SOP lalo na pag nagsama sila magkapatid. laki ng boses nila pareho asar.

  31. Jimbo Says:

    Well…let’s ask Brent Javier coz nagtikiman na sila lolz

    Dapat isama din si Lance Raymundo sa list ng mga badingerzi. Kala niya tanga lahat ng Pinoy??? Drama niya na tawaging “cousins” and mga male models na kaibigan kuno??? hehehe If i know…kaya madalas pumunta sa Cali si Ate Lance dahil doon siya naghahada ng mga Dakotang male models. At may promise pa siya na idala niya dito para daw sumikat hehehe. Galing ng style ni Ate Lance Raymundo hehehe. He is the worst singer pa…yung Beautiful Sun niya is the ugliest song i have ever heard….naka make up pa siya dun! hahaha

    Ate Lance, lumabas ka na sa CLOSET

  32. Jumbo Says:

    mali ang akala ng marami. hindi bading yan. dami na nag try na suyuin pero girl talaga ang gusto ng papa niyo. same as sam milby. pareho silang laking states kaya yung pagiging friendly and articulate akala bading na.

  33. Count Ochu Says:

    The world is full of posers out of their own volition, leave them be.

  34. jolina Says:

    ive never heard raymond denied on public that he’s gay…….. he even lets his brother and mother defend him? silence means yes

  35. rene diaz Says:

    some people says” that raymond is a gay” i believe that showbiz because,GMA7have a lot of beutiful girls like rhian, but he have no girlfriend that is why i can say that he is a gay

  36. anonymous Says:

    hey robt! we’re not jealous….maybe you’re the one who’s jealous….if you just wanna your raymond is straight world then go on live with it….i’m just telling the thruth….well, i can’t blame you if your only source of info is the television…it just works like that..and common friends are more reliable than mere media….go to embassy, and when you bump into the gutierrez bros, then you’ll see how gay raymond is…

  37. Kaleena Says:

    I saw Raymond with a group of girls in Powerplant once. Total queen bee! Even I was embarrassed by his effem actions! Besides, he and his twin brother look like retards! Or is it alien? Now, I can only hope Rafael Rosell is gay, but I hear he’s dating Malaya Lewandowski, the ABS-CBN talent who occasionally dances in production numbers in ASAP with Marla Boyd. Raf is my dream boyfriend!

  38. chad Says:

    the first time i saw him sa star myx, i knew he was gay. the hand gestures and voice really gives it away. it’s not his articulateness, his actions lang talaga are too gay. being “cultured” or laki sa states is not an excuse. way before pa naman sumikat both him and his brother, may chismis na may brother na gay si richard. he reminds me din of jack from will & grace hehe.

  39. Kaleena Says:

    Correct ka, chad. He looks like Jack from Will and Grace. They both look like retards with horse-like mouths.

  40. anonymous Says:

    he has denied it several times in interviews. lets give the guy some respect. you guys keep forcing the issue, but u will never get to a conclusion. i dont know why its such a big deal to a number of people here. if he says he’s not gay, then he probably isnt. dont post here like you know the guy personally. drop it already.

  41. anonymous Says:

    ….oh and by the way, he’s looking mighty fine nowadays. so dont sit there and pretend your’e better looking. he’s hot.

  42. becool Says:

    he’s not gay. he is pretty hot.

  43. sharon bading Says:

    i was once in powerbooks in greenbelt looking for arundhati roy’s “the god of small things.” i was distracted by a giggle from my back. when I turned to look at him (for it was a man), this guy raised his eyebrows. he was with a girl who was painfully made-up and a boy who looked like a girl.

    the guy looked familiar. I continued looking for the book and this guy continued making girlish talk. when he’s gone, the saleslady who was then beside me made a face and said: raymond na bading!

    there you are. i rest my case.

  44. anonymous Says:

    see! now, are you guys contented?

  45. bacardi Says:

    Raymond Gutierrez is going out with Bubbles Paraiso.

  46. janna Says:

    raymond g. and paolo b. are both gays! obvious naman e ayaw pang aminin! Cute nga nila nung Bb. Pilipinas 2007, nagsama pa silang maghost parehong bading!

  47. snapple Says:

    sa culture kasi natin if someone is effeminate and soft, that means he is gay. that’s why yun ang conclusion ng mga tao about raymond.

  48. iwitness Says:

    yes i think raymond is really dating bubbles paraiso. i used to go to embassy alot and would always see raymond gutierrez and bubbles paraiso there very sweet and holding hands all the time. i also saw them in boracay last summer very sweet and i saw him kiss and hug her

  49. anonymous Says:

    its amusing how much some people want him to be gay. and no one has proved anything in that sense so far. and, imho peoples respect and admiration for him doesnt really on his sexuality.he’s charming, has nice style, and is a talented host.

  50. becool Says:

    i don’t know if bubbles and raymond are really dating but I saw them very sweet to each other. I also have pics but I wont post it in respect of them

  51. becool Says:

    *to them

  52. mhavie gutierrez Says:

    hi my raymond lam mo crush tlaga kta,at hindi ako na niniwala na gey ka,I LOVE YOU..

  53. yamagutzi Says:

    naman,,sige nga penge picture niya na act like a gay,,baka naman malamya lang siya kumilos,well……………………………………….?

  54. liezl of manila Says:

    stop talking about piolo and sam kng gay or not,kze e2 na ang twin sister ni captain barbell…. raymunda guttierez

  55. raymuNd Says:

    mabait c raymond kht gnun cya or what, irespeto ntn ung tao kze hnd nmn nya tyo pnapakialaman. db?

  56. abby Says:

    oh my god! Mond is my friend and NO! he is not gay…. he’s a totally open minded person and if he’s gay,, we would have all known that by now! NOW STOP IT! wala kayong magawa!

  57. Gina Cole Says:

    yes…si raymunda na daig pa sa kaartehan ang shufatid niyang 2nd princess ng miss world.

  58. joaquim Says:

    Scienfifically pwede mangyari na one of the twin brothers is gay, nasa female hormones lang yan kung equally distributed hekhek! Anyway I’m gay and I have a straight twin brother. =)

  59. roma Says:

    i saw lance raymundo and travis kraft sa greenbelt, sweet talaga ang dalawa, i think travis is now the hotest model in town, pinagaagawan nina ben chan, manuel pangilinan,tim yap, kerel pascual, and the winner.. lance raymundo, sana hwag kang machoke, ate

  60. mariah Says:

    Bading cna raymond gutierrez, piolo pascual, carlos agassi, marvin agustin, dominic ochoa, sam milby, paolo ballesteros, diether ocampo, luis manzano, paolo bediones, uma of pinoy big brother etc etc. ayaw nyo nun mga tita lahat ng kinahuhumalingan ng mga babae eh mga vakla. dapat proud tayo di va?

  61. lee Says:

    what’s the deal with lance raymundo. I see his name in every comment. May galit ba kayo sa kanya. He is not hot as a straight guy anyway so leave the poor guy alone.
    Raymond ain’t that hot either so care if he is gay. He doesn’t have a wide smile so he’s straight.

  62. chad Says:

    So you’re saying all gay people have wide smiles? (If wide smile is an idiom or whatever then sorry I’m not familiar with it.)
    About Lance Raymundo… Yeah what’s the deal? Sino ba siya? =P

  63. roma Says:

    ate pag wide ang smile ng isang lalake gay sya, sa kaka-bj kasia nya ng mga notes, nawide na ang mouth nya, kaya isang indicator na gay ang isang men pag he has wide smile, agree???

  64. monsour abraham Says:

    Ika nga eh ; walang lihim na hindi mabubunyag.Eh kong bakla man sya abay di mabuti para dalawa ng beauty queen sa pamilya nila.Someday,somehow,the truth will always prevail di po bah Mama Rustum Padilla?Amen po !Pero ki bakla man o hindi eh mahal na mahal ko pa rin zya.

  65. veneto Says:

    just because a guy acts effeminately doesn’t mean he’s gay. it all matters on who he gets into bed with. seems to me you want to turn every single guy in this unfortunate world into homosexuals. pah!

  66. gelly Says:

    grave naman …….
    he is not gay…..!

  67. gelly Says:

    obvoius naman sa mukha na lalaki talaga xa…….!

  68. raffy Says:

    he is GAY … stop the argument

  69. pepron Says:


  70. model Says:

    his surname hinders him to reveal his true identity.. patay xia kay tita anabel and tito eddie..

  71. effie Says:

    he’s gay alright. during ruffa’s wedding 100 years ago, he was this chubby kid sashaying down the aisle and waving at the crowd as if it was his fashion show. nonetheless, he’s nice. when i went to see SOP live last year to have a chance to meet Richard, I ended up talking to him, instead.

  72. fattyacid Says:

    he seems nice….and gay! ^_^

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