Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!


Back in the olden days, celebrity rivalry was just Nora Aunor vs. Vilma Santos. Let’s relive those golden, glorious moments with these two actresses singing each their own version of, what do you know, “I saw Mommy Kizzing Santa Klaws.” (OMG! Christmas is nearing!)

Which one is better, or may I say, which one is worse? This one’s a blast! Listen and laugh your heart out!

Have a funny rest of the week guys!


Listen to Nora:


Listen to Vilma: vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  digg:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  spurl:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  newsvine:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  furl:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  reddit:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  fark:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!  Y!:Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!


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89 Responses to “Nora vs. Vilma: Merry Christmas!”

  1. jerome Says:

    Hands down that Nora’s version is way better!

  2. fruityoaty Says:

    Vilma Santo looks cuter and her voice sounds cuter.

  3. Riku Says:

    Way way far better Nora’s version

  4. roy Says:

    Nora’s version is more way off than Vilma’s version

  5. tobby Says:

    Nora’s the real singer, how come Vilma’s more entertaining?

  6. Juni Says:

    this a blast ! vilma’s version is more entertaining - childlike , very innocent - more apt to the song :)

  7. jakki contreras Says:

    how can i download these songs, it’s very entertaining and relaxing both is very funny

  8. noel garcia Says:

    vilma’s version no doubt……..santa klaws ano ba yan ate guy……..

  9. gilbert Says:

    jun is correct….the song if for kids in general even though nora sings well, medyo baduy for me. However Vilmas song sounds like lata but it cute and childlike at mas bagay sa song. Sofor me vilma is better on this particular song….

  10. joshi Says:

    its a children song, and vilma sang it well this time. Nora’s version is a bit baduy.

  11. jamby Says:

    Voice quality wise, definitely Nora’s voice is superior. I beg to disagree about nora’s diction, re: “santa klaws”, that’s the correct way to pronounce it.

    Although vilma has never been a good singer, the song fits to her perfectly. It’s funny, hilarious child like. Her diction is something to make you laugh!

  12. mimi Says:

    hey where did you get this files? I want them on my blog too if its ok with you guys.

    To answer the question

    Vilma nailed it, she is soo entertaining, I could just imagine the big ribbons and pigtails.. Well as for Nora, I’m a fan but what happened?

  13. Jeannie Says:

    I like Vilma’s version. Very entertaining.
    Ano nangyari kay nora para siyang namatayan
    sa kantang ito.

  14. Juls Says:

    My God…I like Ate Vi’s version of course though shes not a singer but her way of rendering the song makes it very christmas like…very jolly and cute. agree ako na yung kay nora para syang namatayan…

  15. josie Says:

    Mas gusto ko ang version ni Vilma, ang saya2x pakinggan, buhay na buhay ang pagka-kanta, nakaka-indak. Yung kay Nora naman ay bakya ang dating ng boses nya at walang kasigla-sigla.

  16. Gina Says:

    VILMA’s version is FAR FAR better. This is supposed to be a children’s song and Vilma sounded cute and innocent UNLIKE Nora who sang it as if she was singing at the WAKE of her DEAD CAREER!!! Bravo VILMA!!!

  17. joey Says:

    honest opinion, and no fan mentality Nora is supposed to be the better singer, she’s the GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN VOICE,as they say,but I can’t understand VILMA’s version is much much better,(at saka parang hindi naman out of tune,dinoktor kaya?)more entertaining and perfect for the song,if they gonna release this song as a CD, I think GOLD RECORD yung ke ATE VI… HEHEHEHEEHE…… baka simula na naman ito ng GYERA ng mga VILMANIANS AT NORANIANS.

  18. Jessica Says:

    I like Vilma Santos’version it’s more lively. I agree with Gina and others nora sounded like she was singing at the wake.

  19. tessy Says:

    Vilma sound so cute here and it fits her vioce….really perfect for her…mapapaindak ka sa kanya.

  20. Pow Says:

    Wow! Nasurprisa ako ah, may naitago pa pala kayong ganitong mga lumang kanta noong bata pa sila, hehehe. As a singer, I am focus to the voice of NORA which I expect her to sing well.Pero iba ata ang narinig ko-ang daming “shssshh” sa pronounciation niya. And to my surprise kay VILMA na hindi singer, ehem….Entertaining, with Good Voice Projection….with feelings and Style, hehehe. Sana buhay na ako noon para naging manager ni Vilma (uso na ba noon ang Vilmanians? sali ako) hahaha! -jokejokejoke.

  21. joseph Says:

    Ginamit na tong files na to sa accent training namin sa call center.

  22. Ed Lozano Says:

    of course Ate Vi’s version is much better, hindi na pinagtatalunan yan. jamby, pwedeng pakibigay ng reference tungkol sa tamang pronunciation ng ‘clause’, hindi kaya ykw version yan? just asking!

  23. naomi Says:

    nora’s a good singer but what happened….. “santa klaws” daw!? vilma’s version is more better, the way she pronounced those words in the song however medyo “exag” lang ng konti bcoz of her voice……

  24. Jeremy Says:

    Thumbs up for Vilma Santos’ version and thumbs down for nora aunor’s version. Akala ko ba singer si nora? Baka high na rin siya noon pa man!

  25. Justine Says:

    I like Vilma’s version. She is much prettier too.

  26. albert Says:

    both are gems of opm history when these two stars were literally untouched by anything like starstudio or talent center - magaspang pa - real diamonds in the rough - these babies have gone a long long way since then - kudos to them and their role in pinoy pop history.

  27. Claire Says:

    Vilma’s version. Beautiful then until now. The one and only Star for all Seasons.

  28. Kyle Says:

    I just have to post my comment this time. Definitely Vilma’s version. Eversince I found out about this site. Vilma makes me visit this site over and over again and listen to her sing. Very refreshing! She has magic and you just get addicted to her. Indeed pretty even then until now.

  29. brandon lee Says:

    Vilma is cute but Nora has the voice. Don’t be cruel guys, the arrangements and technology have improved a lot since then - both recordings are dated.

  30. Marc Says:

    Definitely Vilma’s version. Nora a singer? Not with what I heard.

  31. John John Says:

    Panalo si Vilma! Platinum… wonder where you could get her songs?

    Nora? Oh well…

  32. lorraine Says:

    vilma’s version is cute & better than
    nora’s version.

  33. P. Molina Says:

    Nora’s voice was put into waste.Good voice, wrong choice of song! Vilma’s rendition was a lot better…full of life.It suits her childlike voice.As to the pronunciation of the word “Santa Clause”,Vilma was right on the mark.Remember, this is an American English song, so “Santa Klos” is the right way to say it.Most Europeans though, pronounced “Claus or Klaus” as “Klaws” like we, Filipinos do.

  34. OnTheMoon Says:

    oh well, vilma’s version is cuter. and you guys are so keen on nora’s pronunciation on the word “Claus”, that you failed to notice vilma’s way of saying creep. i think she said “CREP”.

  35. Chris Says:

    I like Vilma’s version. Tama yun pronunciation ni Vilma ng creep. Ikaw yata ang nagkamali nag pagdinig. She is a beauty even then hanggang ngayon.

  36. jake Says:

    Nora pa rin! sino ba si santa close ate vi?

  37. Jacky Says:

    Definitely Vilma! Who is this nora? Is she the same person caught in LA with drugs? How shameful! You call her a singer with the way she sing that song? Sound like she’s singing at a wake. The song supposed to be jolly.

  38. ace Says:

    Its definetely VILMA’S version. Its more entertaining than that of nora.

  39. let Says:

    i like the way ms. vilma santos sings! nakaka-inlove! :-)

  40. tagakiniglang Says:

    Bakita ganun…mukhang walang kaclass class yung kay Ate Guy nakakaloka…nakakatuwa yung kay Ate Vi parang nilampaso yung version ni Ate Guy…kaya siguro sikat parin si Ate Vi hanggang ngayon…nandito ang proof…yun lang po!!!

  41. joey Says:

    nora: worse
    vilma: better

    as frankly as that. just be honest to what you feel hearing them, that’s is if you know what is rendering a song is all about. period. walang aangal!

  42. jayL Says:

    cute yung kay ate vi. nora’s has a beautiful voice no doubt about it

  43. Christian Says:

    Nora’s version, very professional. Vilma’s version, very amateur. Para lang siyang kumakanta sa banyo.

  44. Rich Says:

    Thumbs up for Vilma’s version. Beautiful voice ba matatawag yun kay nora, parang kumakanta siya sa isang wake.

  45. Rafael Says:

    Of course, Vilma’s version.
    Happy Birthday Vi, and many more…
    Wishing you all the Best.
    Love you.

  46. bonadorinda Says:

    tinatanong pa ba yan? Vilma’s version siempre is much, much better than Nora’s. Vilma’s version is full of life and energy. Nora’s version sounds as dead as her career.

    Happy Birthday Ate Vi, the Greatest Actress of All Times!

  47. Mike Says:

    Tama! Di na dapat tinatanong yan. Mas maganda pakinggan ang version ni ate Vi. Kasing ganda ni ate Vi. May tama ka ulit,
    dead na yun career ni nora.
    Happy Birthday Mayor/Ate Vi, you’re THE BEST!

  48. jjicon Says:

    Professionally speaking, it should be Ate Guy’s version, no doubt. The issue here is who’s version is better, but some respondents were basing their answers not on the song but on the other aspects.

  49. tobby Says:

    your’e 100% right ijicon THE ISUUE HERE IS WHO’S VERSION IS BETTER? kaya nga nagtataka ako NORA AUNOR is much much better singer even the most avid VILMANIAN aaminin iyan, and even VILMA herself at alam ng buong mundo that VILMA is not a real singer pero bakit nga mas maganda ang version ni VILMA? and base sa mga reactions halos lahat enjoy at agree na VILMA’S version is better so mas magaling lang ba sigurong mag interpret si VILMA? or na emphasize lang na magaling na singer si NORA noon kasi nga ke VILMA lagi ang comparison na boses ek ek nga(hehehehe) same thing din na sinasabi nila na maganda si VILMA kasi nga ke NORA din kinocompare?
    sa PINOY kasi basta maputi maganda ke sa maitim? maganda yatang case study ito ano?

  50. jigdel Says:

    even if you stick to the way they sung the song, definitely Vilma’s version is way way better than Nora’s.

  51. mimi c Says:

    Nora’s version was professionally sung. You can hear the singer. “Klaws”, so???that is what we say in the Phil. Vilma’s is cute but almost out of tune, like a child’s, similar to my baby’s karaoke songs already stored on my memory file. And what did Vilma say, where did Mommy tickle Santa Claus????

  52. jpVISION Says:

    Yes that’s the way we sing it in the Philippines if we pronounce it in Pilipino. But since it is an English song it should be pronounce the way the Americans say it which is “clause”.

    I will take Vilma’s version of the song anytime over Nora’s version na pamburol. It’s a Christmas song not a funeral song for crying out loud!!!

  53. michael Says:

    I prefer Nora’s version. The comments about it being baduy and pamburol, I don’t get it.

  54. ALLAN Says:

    hahahaha! nakakatawa naman yung nagsabing bakya ang version no nora, madam yung mga bakya ang gusto ng mga pinoy. . hahahahaha

  55. will Says:

    Although I’m usually partial to Vilma, I’d say Nora’s is a better version by just a tad. I don’t see why people say she sang like she was at a wake. Yeah, Nora mispronounced Claus and a few other words, but Vilma couldn’t get the long e sound (creep, sleep,etc). But that’s typical of most Filipinos anyway.
    In any case, great find. Very entertaining!

  56. tito arms Says:

    nakakalokah!!! napa tumbling ako sa tuwa yun lang!!!!

  57. nanamasay Says:

    pinoy ako pero di ko gusto ang pagkabakya ni nora. mas nakakaaliw ang version ni vilma. christmas is supposed to be a celebration, full of joy and life. the way nora sung this song, christmas seems to be a wake service. vilma by a mile here.

  58. Ramirez Says:

    With this song, Vilma sang it better than Nora. Nora’s voice is musky, low, alto. To sing a kid’s song with this voice does not give it justice. Para mong narinig si Darius Razon na kumanta nang “Feliz Navidad”. I wish I can download these songs.

  59. em Says:

    Are you guys deaf? Nora Aunor’s version is really great compared to Vilma’s irritating version. Vilma can’t even pronounce and enunciate properly. Vilma very amateurish. Nora very professional.

  60. Marylou Says:

    Narinig ng anak ko itong mga kanta nila
    Vilma Santos at Nora Aunor ng pinakikinggan ko ito. Maski anak ko gustong gusto niya yun version ni Vilma Santos. Gusto niya ulit-ulitin yun kanta ni Vilma Santos. Hindi marunong mag sinungaling ang mga bata. Just like my daughter, I like Vilma Santos’ version.

  61. naglalayag Says:

    Nora should learn how to sing, really. di lang pala a better actress si Vilma compared to Nora. she is even better in putting the right emotions into a song. An what’s the matter with Nora? Santa Klaws? Give me a break.

  62. mike Says:

    What do you mean better actress? well maybe Vilma has managed her career very well but nora aunor is the real artist here. Vilma has yet to do a stage play and Nora has done several. The problem with some gays, masyado sila fixated sa feeling”fabulous” na looks ni vilma (na halata naman na retokada) Yes i am a noranian and proud of it because may basis ang choice ko. Sa version na ito, what is wrong with “claus” version of ate guy? sa europe that is how we pronounce it….

  63. mike Says:

    pwedi ba may plaka kami nyan di ganyan ang version ni ate guy something went wrong sa pagkaka gawa nito sa computer..

  64. Jason Says:

    We are talking about who’s version is better Vilma’s or nora’s. Paano pumasok ang retokada dito? Nakita mo ba with your own eyes na Vilma did it? What about nora ? Maski balitarin mo pa ng ilan paulit ulit, Vilma’s version pa rin talaga ang mas maganda at mas entertaining. Nasaan na si nora mo? Nahuli sa LA airport with drugs. Nakakahiya siya! Pati ang bansang Pilipinas dinamay niya. Ang tanda-tanda na di pa natuto.

  65. Ingrata Says:

    at di lang nahulihan ng droga, NUMERO UNONG PLASTIC pa sa showbiz according to Nanay Lolit. at di lang yan UTANGERA pa.

    si nora real artist? i don’t think so. VILMA is the most awarded ACTRESS of them all. she is the GREATEST ACTRESS the Philippine Cinema has ever produced. VILMA is the real artist dahil marunong siyang magbigay ng halaga sa kanyang propesyon bilang aktres.

    di lang better actress si VILMA. she is much much better compared to nora when putting the right emotion into a song. at yan ang totoo.

  66. marlowie Says:

    you know i never felt any emotion with vilma’s version. she never knows how to move the listeners’ feelings.nora is so fanstastic in her rendetion and effortless.vilma is nothing but a second rate trying hard copy cat.hindi sya nakakaaliw, nakakakilabot. and nora has a good pronunciation, with correct stress to every lalamunan nanggagaling ang boses ni vi or should i say sa ilong, si nora sa diaphragm kaya nabavibrate.

  67. marlowie Says:

    nag voice lesson ba si vi? listen how nora say her lines in movies, walang himala,WA lang, HI mala. si vi i sow mommyeee kissinnnggg sangta kkklose….ano ba yan puro sa ilong nnnnggggg.

  68. jluvrana Says:

    Vilma’s version is better PERIOD. Open up your ears. Obviously, it’s plugged just like your brain.

  69. gabrielasilang Says:

    kawawa naman si nora, LAOS na, nag-droga pa. so what kung galing sa ilong ang boses ni Vilma at least di sumisinghot sa ilong tulad ni nora. nora’s interpretation of the song is too one dimensional tulad na rin ng kanyang akting. walang kalatoy-latoy. tulad ng kayang akting, di nagbago ang kanyang pagkanta. walang growth. tsk..tsk..tsk.

  70. islndby Says:

    This is a x-mas song sung in the 1940’s by an american comediane entertainer for children, pinaiipit nya ang boses to sound more juvenile and entertaining, so this song is the wrong material for Nora to sing but bagay sa childlike voice ni Vilma.

  71. Cris Anasco Says:

    Vilma is much better. Though she is not
    a singer but she can entertain audiences
    with her beauty and performance despite
    she is not a real singer.

  72. ej Says:


    may rivalry pa rin pala sa mga fans ni nora at vilma sa 2007.

  73. mouthworxz Says:

    Vilma wagi sa round na ito tska di ba star for all SEASONS sya! hawak nya din ang christmas SEASON! char!

  74. iloveboom Says:

    vilma sounds like alyssa alano and rufa mae quinto…hahahaha vilma’s version is very funny….

  75. jimg29 Says:

    Very nostalgic, this wells-up my eyes and starts a rivalry with my family. I liked both versions.

  76. blue_harajuku Says:

    Vilma! Vilma! Vilma!

  77. isitla Says:

    si vilma parang iniipit na ipis ang boses!
    nora pa rin! golden voice talaga ang nagiisang superstar!

  78. eponine Says:

    first of all, HINDI KO ALAM GANYAN ANG EXTENT NG RESOURCES NI MIGS! what’s next? judy ann’s songs? just kidding.

    i think vilma’s version is better. i like them both as actresses.

    pasensya na if maiba ako ng topic, who is the better gay idol? nora or vilma? for me si nora. just take a look at the many ate guy impersonators. hehehe.

  79. apple Says:

    si nora parang may palaka sa lalamunan! ang bigat bigat pakinggan. imbes na magsaya ka dahil christmas song, maiiyak ka pa sa inis. si Vilma cute ang boses at na justify niya ang emotion ng kanta which is supposse to bring joy in the spirit of christmas.

    pati ba naman sa kantahan, talong talo pa ni Vilma si nora? kawawa naman si nora poor second na lang kay Vilma. ex-superstar na kasi siya, di ba?

  80. titit Says:

    eeeek! as a performer/singer, both of them sounded awfull and they doesnt even know how to pronounce the words. omg. i cant belive theyre the superstar and the star for all seasons. damn, im so SUPER upset for them. hehehe.

  81. flopsinaqueen Says:

    nora’s voice is a voice of a has-been star. never nag grow, never nag improve just like her acting.

    vilma’s voice is cute at bagay na bagay sa song. like her acting, her singing has a depth, full of emotions. she continues to amaze us. no wonder she is still on top of her game.

  82. lily Says:

    to jamby: diction has nothing to do with it. perhaps u were pertaining to their ENUNCIATION. DICTION is the choice of words. go check ur dictionary and go back to Elementary English. half-wit.

  83. rey of san jose Says:

    naman,,,, siyempre si nora aunor ang the better, anu ba naman ung mga nagsasabing it’s vilma, you are insulting the intelligence of our music expert, wag kayong maging fan mentality kahit saan yo daanin NORA AUNOR PA RIN…NORA NORA NORA

  84. rej Says:


  85. jay of nj Says:

    yun na nga. nora is the singer between the 2 and yet Vilma’s version came out better. nakapagtataka na Vilma has beaten nora in her ballgame. aminin man ng mga noranians o hindi, talagang iniwan na ng milya milaya ni Vilma ang arch rival niya. napagiwanan na nga sa takilya, napgaiwanan pa sa musika. poor nora…

  86. thestar Says:

    walang bago sa style ng pagawit ni nora. never nag-grow. Vilma’s version is way, way better than nora’s. period.

  87. dennis Says:

    It’s two (2) thumbs up for NORA!

  88. hiphop Says:

    VILMA by a mile!

  89. hiphop Says:

    puwede ba! VILMA’s version is more entertaining than nora’s. VILMA’s version is way, way better than nora’s.

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