Ms. Venezuela, ang baklang querida

missvenezuela.jpg Hello Migs,

How are you? I’ve been religiously viewing your site everyday for one good reason - I just love shirtless, nude and sexy Filipino men. I am Ms. Venezuela, a well-known badminton player here in the country. I am exceptional as to height (at 6′2″), beauty and elegance, hahaha! Yes, I am girly looking (looong hair) and an eye-catcher. I am writing you now because I want to share my love experience which is also an exceptional one, i guess!

I had this relationship with a married guy for thirteen (13) long years. We separated just recently, just a couple of days ago. We had an almost complete kind of relationship except from the fact that we don’t live together under one roof. The guy is a family man and married for almost thirteen years also. I thought our relationship would never end, we have been the best of friends in everything. I can go out with other guys but of course cannot go to bed with them. He agreed to that kind of set-up since I accepted the reality that he’s already married. Yun na lang ang consolation prize ko.

We supported each other, we gave each other almost everything of what we wanted. We shared each other’s earnings, expenses, everything. All the while I thought we will be together and grow old together, but to my surprise.

The truth is, matagal na pala niya akong niloloko. May kabit na pala siyang bagong girl for more than 4 months without me knowing. Medyo bata pa at 26 years old and I heard very hot daw sa sex according to my source. Di ako naniwala until one day I tried calling him in his cellphone. Accidentally, napindot niya ang answer button and he was unaware na naririnig ko ang
usapan nila nung girl. They call each other “babes”, and he told her kabit that he will just answer his cellphone at baka nag-checheck na naman ang kabit niyang bakla.

I confronted him and he gave me a solid reply. Mas gusto niya ang babae. Gusto na niyang kumawala sa akin. He was willing to give up 13 years of our relationship and it doesn’t matter if I’ll be hurt. His last few words - I’m sorry but you have to take it the hard way!

I accepted the challenge of separation. I finally gave up and closed the chapter of my life with him. He’s totally gone in my life. Now, I have to move on because I’m more than free.

Sana you can post this story of mine so I can get comments from your viewers. Please consider.

Salamat po.

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25 Responses to “Ms. Venezuela, ang baklang querida”

  1. Raymond Says:

    Napakasakit, Miss Venezuela! 13 years is a long time. But I think that a lot of those 13 years were still good times for you and him, so it is not a complete waste. He was good for you for a time, and you were good for him, so thank God for all that. Now that your relationship has ended, it is time for you to move on. I congratulate you for your dignity and strength in walking away from this failed relationship. A person with your personality and beauty will not be loveless for long. It is quite possible that soon you will meet someone better, and that you will finally get the genuine reciprocal homosexual relationship that you deserve. Vaya con Dios, amiga!

  2. peppoi Says:’s his lost , gurl! the left to the left..

  3. oxana Says:

    sis,that 13 years was worth to end!
    you dont deserve a person like him..
    after all its not your lost..
    its not worth keeping anymore..
    go gurl!

  4. supermanix Says:

    whoa, sayang the 13 years.

  5. yari Says:

    it hurts… yes.. but, who knows

  6. from1fagtoanother Says:

    kebs … wala na ba talagang masulat? ;)

  7. Jedd Says:

    Oh, Miss Valenzuela… He had you fooled the moment you found out he was married. It isn’t your fault. It’s difficult keeping a man who wasn’t completely yours to start with.
    Beauty queen ka pa naman, you shouldn’t have settled for a consolation prize. Na-backstage ka tuloy. I say, do a Miriam Quiambao, or even a Miss USA 2007. Stand up, dust yourself, proudly say as Migs would: World Peace!

  8. Jedd Says:

    fukc Ms Venezuela pala LOL!

  9. anton maton Says:

    hmmmmm … he gave u a dose of your own poison … (take note - hindi medicine … poison!). kung kaya niyang lokohin ang asawa niya, ikaw pa kaya na isang kabit lang?

    kabit ng bayan,

    anton maton

  10. dazedblu Says:

    Oh my gawd.. that was xoo rude, i agree with it’s not yer fault. 13 years of embracign the relationship is really tough, but the fact na niloloko since he was a married guy nga.. I don’ think he was right enuff fer yew pa.

    Maybe yew have to accept the fact he confront yew and that break-up.. so Get Over It.

    There’s is a good reason to live yer life better than the 13 years of yer relationship with him. It was really hard to escape from that stage pero.. consider other things in yer life so that it’ll be easy fer yew to release the tention and face a new life after one.

  11. Buddy Says:

    Niloko ka for 4 months…niloko nyo ang asawa nya for 13 years!!! what kind of a man is that, and what kind of relationship do u expect? You get what you deserve.

  12. whocares Says:

    ahihi dear ate migs… hehehe nwei sayang ang 13years and also gago yung guy.

  13. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …OMG! Ms. Veee, you’re not only stupid …you’re totally dumb! 13 years to a married man??? Why take something already bruised? :lol:

    …Is this story even true? Ms. Venezuela talks pinoy! It’s quite a slow week, I guess! oh well :)

  14. Eyeshane Says:

    Ms. Venezuela,

    Kumanta ka na lang ng ganito!!!

    Someday you’ll gonna realize
    One day you’ll see it through my eyes
    But then i won’t even be there
    I’ll be happy somewhere
    Even if i can’t

    I know
    You don’t really see my worth
    You think you’re the last guy on earth
    Well i’ve got news for you
    I know i’m not that strong
    But it won’t take long
    Won’t take long


    Coz someday, someone’s gonna love me
    The way, i wanted you to need me
    Someday, someone’s gonna take your place
    One day i’ll forget about you
    You’ll see, i won’t even miss you
    Someday, someday

    Right now
    I know you can tell
    I’m down,and i’m not doin’ well
    But one day these tears
    They will all run dry
    I won’t have to cry
    Sweet goodbye


    Coz someday, someone’s gonna love me
    The way, i wanted you to need me
    Someday, someone’s gonna take your place
    One day i’ll forget about you
    You’ll see, i won’t even miss you
    I know someone’s gonne be there

    Someday, someone’s gonna love me
    The way, i wanted you to need me
    Someday, someone’s gonna take your place
    One day i’ll forget about you
    You’ll see, i won’t even miss you
    Someday, someday

  15. fioux Says:

    Ang Taray, Monica Spear talaga ang picture. She is my favorite Miss Venezuela EVER!!!!

  16. Blonde_skinny_bitch Says:

    …esta loca chica! usted boracho para papi marido, porque?…toma nada mojitos y tequillas, ay caramba! :lol:

    …negra pilipino si comprender! …muy caliente! pero yo quiero brazilleno a todos! ayyyy mas barako yos miyo! arriba Guarico!!! ;)

  17. chuchucaracas Says:

    si! pero me gusta mas los hombres con pene grande.

    ok na yung 13 years, pasok ka na sa guiness book of world records hahaha…

    on a serious note, i guess we just have to accept the fact that when it comes to straight guys we could only get too close. it’s not that hindi totoo yung naging relationship niyo pero if he’s really straight then eventually he’ll go back the straight path which we are not on. just appreciate the good memories that came with it. tapos kaladkarin mo na lang sa EDSA yung mujer saka mo budburan ng asin.

  18. jimg29 Says:

    segunda pregunta a Senorina Venezuela: Comme ella describia a nino sin ojos la belleza la madre tierra? Si pueden, no kareerimas por tus lolas son lagrimas putatas!!

  19. chuchucaracas Says:

    es verdad. pero a veces no mas miramos la mirada pisika porque esta nuestro emosion que decididos.

  20. rAzAzO'o Says:

    … if you profoundly think about it, you suddenly realize that love is actually a quick sand, its only either you sink or you sink. no chances. and if ever, heaven or hell can be the next choices… c’est la vie.

  21. russel Says:

    that is one sad story, but as you hasve said time to move on,you are not dumb nor stupid you’re just inlove and there is nothing wrong with that. But now time to move on leave that bastard live a miserable life!!

  22. george Says:

    You fooled around too! Imagine for 13 years you were with him even if you knew he was married. Hello. Sorry, but you deserve it too. Did you ever think of the feelings of his wife while you had sex with him and hang out with him for 13 years? Both of you (you and the married man) are just one and the same.

  23. Ianicz Says:

    Accept it is a fact gurl, that to love to is to get hurt, we cannot wisely. 13 years is enough i think, Natatakot ako baka mawala rin sa skin yung lalaking pinakamamahal ko… but i am looking forward to it.. i am not expecting that it will be forever, man is woman. But now, i dont think if i am ready. But in time i know i will be..

  24. Chris Says:

    Ms. Valenzuela.. este Venezuela

    13 years is a very long time, more than half of my age. You have your right to cry over your feelings. Anyway, it was your choice to stick with that married man for 13 years, and I’m sure you used to believe that someday he’ll settle down wtih you.. but didn’t.

    It’s okay to choose to not to move on, and spend your time reminiscing the past, or to move on and throw out the window the wasteful 13 years in a haste… again, it should be by your choice!

    As long as you know that you love yourself, you’ll be fine either way!

  25. tobby Says:

    parang ganito yata ang pantasya ng lahat ng bading? kasi parang narinig ko na ang ganitong kwento….mga thrice na yata

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