Gay Christmas Shopping

Hello, hello, halloween time is over, so the next big season is… CHRISTMAS! Yahooo! And, christmas shopping craze is here again. I’m starting to conceptualize my gifts for friends and family this year… some ideas in mind at the moment:

1. DVD - I’m dying to get a hold of Shortbus - it’s an urban drama-comedy that follows a varied group of seven people, among them a dominatrix and a sex therapist, as they navigate between the paths of sex and love in modern day New York City. It should be perfect for my gay and girl friends!

2. CD - hmmm… I’ll go for the recorded literary readings like this:

3. Food stuff - this one is the easiest, and if I go lazy doing Christmas shopping I may just go this route! And if I do, I would probably go for Becky’s Kitchen — I super love their crinkles and almond-cherry brownies. They are the finest I’ve tasted, and the sweetness is just right.

4. Books - I have lots of books in my mind… for friends who are more into pop fiction, maybe a Paulo Coelho would suit well.

5. Gadgets - electronic gadgets as gifts? Well, as long as they are pretty enough, and they fit my budget!

Now let me think more… and hey, if you have more ideas, leave a comment! Thanks, and good luck to you and Christmas shopping list as well! Christmas Shopping  digg:Gay Christmas Shopping  spurl:Gay Christmas Shopping  newsvine:Gay Christmas Shopping  furl:Gay Christmas Shopping  reddit:Gay Christmas Shopping  fark:Gay Christmas Shopping  Y!:Gay Christmas Shopping


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