Arnold Reyes - Dodong is back!


Arnold Reyes is back as “Dodong” in Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal’s 5th and last run at the RCBC Theatre, Makati City from June 15 to July 1, 2007. Don’t miss it!





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46 Responses to “Arnold Reyes - Dodong is back!”

  1. wrestler Says:

    i was sitting right beside the stage at CCP.

    Then scene where Dodong gets molested by the mga multo came in.

    I saw the mga multo trying to take off Arnold’s jeans and my heart skipped a beat.

    Eversince that moment, Arnold has been a wetdream for me.

    I can’t believe I’m SO bakla.

    If i didn’t have a partner I’d invite Arnold out to a nice dinner.

  2. meekong Says:

    he was seen with boy abunda several times in greenbelt

  3. mcvie Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, either he works for Boy’s company or Boy is managing his career. Or both. I’ve seen him many times with Boy and his team in ABS-CBN or in restaurants around the network, usually in the middle of a meeting.

  4. faceless Says:

    hi miggs. arnold is indeed sexy and mouth-watering. can you please feature another theater actor, jay espano? he is the rumored bf of rj rosales. they are now based in singapore.

  5. bels Says:

    … its really nice working with this actors…. as part of zsa zsa zaturnnah ze muzikal.. we tend to know the inner attitude and the true identity of our co-actors…. nway.. nice photo’s … and take note of the photpgrapher.. ahaha!!! well… plz do watch the next re-run of zaturnnah.. i think wer in need of new “DIDI” so.. if u feel like watching the fabulous NOODLES of dodong… better help ada to swaloow that pink meteorite!!!!

  6. brandoun28 Says:

    how much for the tickets in zsazsa zaturnnah? thanks!

  7. bubbles Says:

    I agree with faceless. Jay Espano will be hot as Dodong. I saw him on TV in Singapre. I think he’s a big start there or something because people were talking about him.

  8. andrew Says:

    Yum-yum naman tong si Arnold. Kainis! Hehe! Tnx sa pix, Migz.

    (Kelangan talaga hawak yung ‘note’?) :P

  9. Brown_Boy Says:

    I heard that Jay Espano is playing Dodong this time.Some body told me..A friend of a friend who works in CCP.Can anyone tell me any truth about this? And how does he look like? Is he hot too? The more hot Dodongs the better and the merrier…hehehehehe

  10. rod Says:

    i’ve heard a lot of horrible stories about arnold recently, he is also a subject of a lot of hate campaign in the internet in the theater circle bec of an incident involving a junior actor he apparently took advantage. hope arnold is aware of this!

  11. chunchi Says:

    well i feel bad for arnold..naka trabaho ko na sya..he is a good guy,obviously galit sa kanya ang taong nagkakalat ng hate campaign na ito,di naman totoo yun!and besides,d naman tatagal sa industry si arnold kung masama ang ugali nya..and im sure that all theater people na nakatrabaho ni arnold will agree that he is,mabait and profesional..haay

  12. rye Says:

    Hot… steamy hot… this is what a typical pinoy gwapo hunk should be!!

    hmmm… hot!

  13. Zaturnnah ze Muzical - 5th run! | manila gay guy Says:

    […] There will be three hunky Dodongs that will alternate each other: Arnold Reyes, Lauren Novero, and Janvier Daily! Wooo-hoooo! (I’ll watch at least 3 shows just to catch […]

  14. FC Says:

    Agree that he is good natured. We got him to play a certain a role in one of our corporate events and he was really really professional. He didn’t even complain about anything.

    And when I got to talk to him, he was serious and more importantly very ambitious, which are qualities hard to find these days. He did mention that going showbiz is not the way for him. He’d rather improve his talent than pursue big bucks. Beat that.

    I’m all for this person.

  15. Rod Says:

    FC, are you refering to the coke event in subic… there are lots of stories from fellow theater actors who joined the event.. contrary, maybe your not aware, he makes everybody feels his a hunky “diva,” when everybody knows his sexuality well, also, because of the him or could be the 400/show pay, nobody joined the Cagayan de Oro tour except him.. this only proves how unpopular he is among his peers..

  16. Hmm Says:

    400/show pay?

  17. rod Says:

    yeah! 4,000 for 10 shows. Pathetic for a 35 year old strugling “diva” as our peers would put it.

  18. Chris Says:

    ei. watched zsa zsa at the ccp and i will watch it again at the rcbc tower in makati.

    i enjoyed the play a lot–the characters, the script, the talents.

    of course, arnold reyes is a male beauty to behold. i just wish i could meet him personally someday. or if in luck, befriend him. hay…

  19. Arnold Says:

    Im inviting everybody to watch

    Zsa Zsa Zaturrnah Ze Muzicale (The Musicale Play)

    Where: RCBC Plaza Theatre (C. P. Romulo Theatre), Ayala Avenue, Makati City

    When: Playdates: June 16 / June 24 / and July 1, 2007

    Tickets are available @ Php800 / Php700 / and Php500

    For Ticket Sales / Reservations / Group Booking / Sponsorships please call:

    Clarice @ 09155060093 /
    Arnold @ 09228828022 /

    This is your last chance to see this once in a lifetime play…Hurry Reserve your tickets Now before you miss your chance.

  20. wrestler Says:

    I don’t believe or listen to heresay. I only take what i see for myself. Gossip is a virus. Deadly for everyone (including those who listen).

    I’ve seen Arnold in Zsa Zsa Z. and he’s great playing the role. It’s admirable for an artist to do theatre (as in contrast to mindless TV). Cheers Arnold.

  21. rod Says:

    yes wrestler! cheers to this aging “bottom” diva!

  22. Glenn Says:

    ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal

    Date: July 1, 3pm
    Venue: Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza

    Ticket Prices:
    800 - Loge and Orchestra Center
    700 - Orchestra Sides
    500 - Balcony

    Call me at 0917-8303706

  23. rem Says:

    eh di wag ka manuod!!! staight or not arnold reyes will still be the dodong of our lives!!!hay naku rod,lalo mo lang pinapasikat si arnold reyes nyan!!!basta kami,manunuod kami ulit ng zaturnah because we want to fall inlove again to our dodong arnold reyes!!!no matter what you say,,we love and accept kahit ano pa si arnold reyes!!!

  24. joey Says:

    top or bottom,staight or not,hightide or lowtide,arnold reyes will always be our dodong!!!because of his performance as dodong,,na inspire kami magmahal ng walang tinitignan na brand!!!dahil sabi nga sa kanta ni didi”walang pangalan ang pagmamahal” yan naman ang esence ng zaturnah diba!!unconditional love!!!magmahalan na lang tayo!!!hindi yung ang dami nating nasasabing masama sa ibang tao!!

  25. je Says:

    KOREK!!!hi rod,mawalang galang na ate..parang hindi na ata tama ang mga sinasabi mo about arnold!!!kasama ko sya dun sa coke event na sinasabi mo!!!naka trabaho ko si arnold sa st louis,noli,hamlet at zaturnah!!!lagi sya lead sa mga play na pinagsamahan lagi rin sya lead sa mga commercials na ginawa nya kaya nung nakita namin si arnold sa rehersal ng coke event na yun,tinanong namin sya kung bakit sya sumali?eh alam naman nya na 4000 lang ang bayad sa kana for 10 shows..ang sagot nya sa amin,dahil daw kaibigan nya si sharon na syang kumuha sa kanya sa coke event na yun,at kasama nya kami na dati na nya katrabaho at kaibigan!!hindi ba HUMILITY ang tawag dun!!!kung kasama k namin sa event na yun,makikita mo kung gaano ka profesional si arnold!!!we never heard any complain!!!sa hirap ng pinagdaanan namin sa event na yun,wala kami diva atitude na nakita..lalo nga kami na inspire sa kanya kasi mula 1st to the 10th show,hindi nag bago ang level ng performance nya..kaya pati kami,binigay din namin ang best namin!!!baka naman ibang arnold reyes ang tinutukoy mo!!!sa tingin ko,dapat tignan mo ang sarili mo at yang ginagawa mo day!!!paninira yang ginagawa mo!!!perfect example yan ng kasamaan ng ugali!!day bakla na nga tayo,masama pa ugali!!!wag naman ganun!!!at kung nag didiva si arnold reyes sa mga shows nya,dapat wala na kumukuha sa kanya!!!dapat wala na syang mga shows ngayon!!!kaya lang mukhang pinagpapala si arnold dahil ang dami nya shows ngayon!!kaya alam mo, kung wala tayo sasabihin sa kapwa natin na maganda,tumahimik na lang tayo!!!god bless you ate !!!

  26. koy Says:

    analysis ko kay rod hindi siya happy sa buhay niya kaya galit siya at inggit sa mga taong mahuhusay.kawawa ka naman rod patingin ka sa psychiatrist.

  27. pam Says:

    ha ha ha ha nakakatawa naman ang mga inggitero at inggiterang yan. hahaha i’ve been working with arnold reyes for 6 years now and NEVER ko shang nakitahan ng mga ugali na ibinibintang nyo sa kanya. kaya nga madaming madami shang projects lagi kc nga napakaprofessional ng taong ito at napakahumble pa rin kahit ang dami na nyang achievements. nakuuh! kaya sa mga naninira sa kanya, MAMATAY KAYO SA INGGIT sa kanya! bwa ha ha ha


  28. Pellegrino888 Says:

    Arnold is the perfect example of S and T. Sikap at tiyaga. Ive seen Arnold the very first time sa St. Louis, and then again sa labfest last year, sa Zsa zsa three twice na, and now sa rcbc again this june(next week pa) Saw him also sa Glass Menagerie. And his commercials. Yes, he is not perfect, and may have flaws. But then again, lahat naman ng tao may perceptions na subjective. Arnold got very far since nagboy band siya. And sa mga taong makisig, matipuno at may nararating, may mga naiinsecure din, normal lang naman yan. At nakita nyo bang maintriga si Arnold at pano siya magrespond? with grace, and tahimik lang nagtatrabaho, unlike others na gumagawa pa ng issue.
    Sabi nga sa musical, ang mga gay nagpapasaya sa buhay, may lakas loob magpakita ng nararamdaman. Di natatatakot ipaglaban ang tama at and minamahal.
    Arnold gives his very best, and divas in the real world work very hard and shine on stage. Insecure lang at kailangan ng counseling mga nagbabadmouth sa mga tulad ni Arnold.
    More power to Arnold, and to his good work. Kahit 30s na siya, so? do you see how he carries himself so well. tingnan nyo sa run this month, my bet is performance wise, he will still be the best performing dodong ever.

  29. erl dee Says:

    mabait siya! I can vouch for it! Madalas ko siya makatrabaho sa mga special events. Kulang ang mga talents na tulad nya . . . professional at walang kaarte-arte sa katawan.

  30. vincedejesus Says:

    I have known Arnold since he was 14 years old. He was my student in a music workshop. He is an actor, singer, composer. I have worked with him several times, the latest is with ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH where I wrote the lyrics and composed the songs… and now co-actor ko na rin siya since I’m alternating with Tuxqs as ADA.

    I don’t know what he does during his private moments but what has that got to do with him being an actor? And so what if he accepts low-paying projects? Ang talent fee ay hindi basehan ng kagalingan ng isang artist. Sa tagal ko sa industriya ng teatro, telebisyon at pelikula hanggang ngayon may mga nagbabayad ng NAPAKALIIT pero hindi mo mahindian dahil KAIBIGAN mo o KAKILALA mo. Ganyang ang Pilipino, may pagtanaw ng utang na loob sa mga nakatulong sa kanila. And MONEY is never a gauge of one’s worth as an artist. Ang babaw naman kung pera lagi ang basehan ng kaligayahan. At sa totoo lang, hindi mo napupulot ang P4,000 ha. Mahirap ang buhay. Ang pera ay pera.

    Weno ngayon kung bading siya? Weno ngayon kung galing siya ng outer space? Basta manood na lang kayo ng ZSAZSA ZATURNNAH ha!

  31. Nadriamez Says:

    ahh.. saw his aura and i can tell he’s just fine. it’s wonderful to have seen his and the rest of the gang’s performance (sadly, the last run of zzz)

    they’re all great, and i can say he played his role of dodong well (naihi lang ako ulit ng three drops sa kilig!)

    hehehe well, rumors are trash, they belong in the garbage

    kakatuwa tong gabing to, dahil napanood ko rin sa wakas ang musical ng zsazsa!


    ..makapag theatre na kaya

  32. ace Says:

    i watched zzz last friday, and i am now officially an “arnold reyes” fan. gosh, i was so mesmerized with him, the body, the voice, the face, the total package. too bad i was with my straight friends, i really wanted to hug him when we had our picture taken.

    vince, i love you na rin!!!!

  33. vincedejesus Says:

    I love you too ace.


  34. ace Says:

    hi vince,

    im your new “lover” (haha). well, im a lover of your work, i’ve been playing the zzz soundtrack on my ipod for the whole week. im sure u wont remember me, i was the guy with semikal hair last june 22, we had a pic taken, and you joked “pano bang pose, macho ba?”.

    i hope to watch zzz again before the end of this 5th run, and catch you and my “dodong” arnold.

  35. ian Says:

    grabe, i soooo love arnold! hehehe… ang ganda pala ng katawan nun! crush ko na naman sya since i watched him in hibik at himagsik nina victoria laktaw. hehe…

    i’m watching again on july 1, 3pm… :) anybody else who’s watching? kita tayo.. hehe… please contact me through my blog. this time, magdadala na ko ng camera. hehe.

    sir vince, great work! i still can’t get enough of zzz.

  36. Nadriamez Says:


    i might watch it again on july 1.. kasi nakita ko si arnold sa ad na nagluluto ng sinigang na bangus.

    ay day! gusto ko na ng bangus, kahit anung fish..kering keri!

    waaah! patapos na zzz muzical :-(

  37. Robbie Says:

    I just don’t even know why people tend to write ill about a person. For others, it seems that it’s the highets form of glorifying oneself if you destroy somebody’s reputation. I don’t think that Arnold would be given so much projects if he’s unprofessional and unkind. Just check the ticket sales. Showbuyers really make it to a point that they get to watch Arnold not the other Dodong. He was really superb with a hunkilicious body to boast! I really do hope that he will get more projects not only in theatre but in the mainstream televison and movies as well. The muscial version is miles away if it will be compared with the movie version! Even all the actors and actresses are way better in the musical version. Arnold is way better and yummier than the movie version’s Alfred Vargas. Don’t listen to your detractors Arnold! They are just so envious and jealous of your popularity! And for goodness sake, don’t label him as GAY! He’s as straight as your wooden broomstick!

  38. Robbie Says:

    AJ Dee is going steady with Pinoy Dream Academy Scholar Gemma Fitzgerald. I’m not a mere show watcher. I’m friends with some of the actors there so I should know! AJ and Arnold are good friends. It should not be mistaken as a love affair! I don’t see anything wrong of being seen together going out and having fun. I’m gay but I don’t stand other gays trying to make straight people gay as if they want all actors to be branded as gay. Grabe, lahat na ata gusto nila maging bading, si Piolo, Sam etc. It seems that we are already living in a double-standard world wherein we brand males that are unattached as gays already. Come on guys, we don’t have any right to pry on other people’s lives. We have better things to do than accucing all actors as gay. By the way, Arnold is not the boytoy of Boy Abunda. Boy is in a long domestic partnership with Bong Quintana, I believe Bong wouldn’t allow it if ever. The reason why they’re frequently seen together is because of Backroom Management Inc.

  39. alLymcbeal Says:

    haaaay… enough about bad-mouthing arnold reyes… sa paulit-ulit lang na pagpansin ng mga walang magawa sa “supposedly bad attitude” niya, lalo niyo lang siyang pinapasikat, mga day!
    eh, ano nga naman kung straight siya o hinde? does that make him less of a person? di nmn, ah…
    and c’mon… a lot already testified in his greatness as an actor and performer, myself included… and the person is just really great, ano ba!
    well… instead na kung anu-ano pa ang pagdiskusyunan dito, lets just admire this beautiful work of art! ;-)

    congrats sa last run ng zzz! :-)
    i saw it with my boyfriend and di ko kayang pigilin ang kilig everytime lumalabas si dodong!!! =p

    my deep admiration goes to the whole cast, especially to arnold and vince!
    and of course, THE great carlo vergara sat beside me at one time during the play! kudos!

  40. aL Says:

    i’ve always been a fan of arnold and whatever other people have things to say about him, it will just pass through deaf ears!
    sorry, mga day, pero wala akong time sa mga paninira niyo… =p

    anyhow, i watched zzz on it’s last run. saw it with my boyfriend. gustung-susto kong umalis sa matinding yakap nya at parang mas gusto kong tumakbo papuntang stage para si dodong nalang ang umakap sakin! ;-)

    congrats to the whole cast!
    and to vince, you were superb! i loved the acting and the music was wonderfully orchestrated! ;-)
    and how can i forget THE carlo vergara who was there and who sat beside me at one time during the play!

    you made me reach the peak that day! ;-)

  41. Robbie Says:

    To all the people who have been saying ill things about Arnold, Get a life! Arnold is not gay period! Arnold is not even staying in Munoz! And if any case even if his 35 already, what’s wrong with that? He doesn’t even look like his age! By the way, Arnold can be seen from Aug. 10 - Sept. 2 at CCP’s Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino via the sarswela PIlipinas Circa 1907.

  42. donn Says:

    Sorry robbie but by all accounts, arnold is gay. Hooray for us…hooray for him. Out and proud, thats the only way to be!

  43. Calvin Says:

    i like the speedo trunks! :D

  44. Jay Says:

    grabe naman ang negative comments about arnold. i dont know kung totoo iyong iba pero here are some facts:

    (1) with regard to PhP400 –> eh ano ngayon! tama si vince, mahirap ang buhay ngayon. and please magresearch kayo. the standard fee sa mga plays para sa ibang companies ay lower than PhP500. acting is not a glamorous life. kung events naman, depende na sa presyuhan iyan. may perks din naman travelling outside manila. lalo na if he wants to do it for a friend, and /or to escape persons like rod.

    (2) in terms of ethics, ive worked with this person in two UP plays. one in the early 2000’s and hamlet. all i can say is, nadagdagan lang siya ng years pero iyung matinong work ethics nia remained. di ko nakita iyong diva attitude na sinasabi ng iba. simple lang iyan, magmememorize at magrerehearse lang iyan. ni hindi makikisali sa mga mabababaw na kuento on others.

    (3) mean to junior actors? ah….sabi sabi lang iyan. actually, iyong mga junior actors pa nga ang may tendency maging mean. talikuran kung tumira. :)

    (4) for connie who wishes to see arnold on his knees…naku knowing the calibre of this person, di siya luluhod sa iyo or sa mga “friends” mo. and ano ba? good scholarly credentials? pakinggan mo nga ang sarili mo. di man galing sa UP si arnold, di naman sia tulad mo na pinapangarap na masira ang ibang tao. nako, itatatwa ka naming mga taga UP. so congrats na lang sa friend mo na nakahanap ng cute na print model na mula sa de buena familia!

  45. randy Says:

    ive watched most of arnold reyes plays and some of his cinemalaya films..i must say,hes a verry good actor!!!more power to you arnold!!!no matter what other people are saying,you still have our support!!they are just envy!!!

  46. angelibayani Says:

    vince is right. as long as we deliver, as long as we are professional, our personal lives should be nobody’s business. an actor’s sexual preference is irrelevant. but clearly, it is not his sexuality nor his professionalism that you have a problem with. seems to me that you just can’t take it that
    he’s blessed with talent, good looks and a good heart. you can’t handle it when he lands good roles or gets good projects. you think it’s not fair; you think there has to be something wrong with him. and since you can’t put a finger on it, since you can’t, for the life of you, figure out what it is - you attack him. you attack him where you think it will hurt the most. unfortunately, all you have done is discredit yourself. all that your crude and nasty comments have accomplished is to show how crass and boorish you are. if you have nothing but hearsay to back up your malice, then i pity you. and i find it even more pitiful that you post your nasty comments on a webpage where you enjoy anonymity. you have something to say to arnold? say it to his face. then maybe he’ll consider you worth his time.

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