Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk


Time to revisit our vintage hunks once again! Anton Bernardo, self-proclaimed “8-incher”, is it for today. He appeared in films such as Kesong Puti, Anakan Mo Ako, Sa Paraiso ni Efren, Sarangani, and Bedtime Stories.






Hmmm… hung nga! ;) I wonder, would anyone know where he is now? Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  digg:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  spurl:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  newsvine:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  furl:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  reddit:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  fark:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk  Y!:Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk


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41 Responses to “Anton Bernardo, vintage hung hunk”

  1. mahaderang_tamaraw Says:

    ang sarap naman nyan!

  2. race_sky Says:

    honestly, si anton bernardo ang isa sa pantasya ko since elementary pa lang ako. ang ganda kasi ng katawan tapos hairy pa bonus na lang ang mukha. kaso may tsismis dati na hindi talaga siya ganun ka “hung”. anyway, i still fantasize him and he is still a hottie.

  3. vince Says:

    at the height of his career, this guy was really HOT! i believe he left the country to work in japan after the movie offers stopped coming in. considering his body type (which leans toward flab), i’d say he would be on the heavy, chubby side by now. too bad.

  4. asia Says:

    mystica told the public na dyutay c anton, d tlaga cya 8incher, i think he lives in a pusali now?

  5. cass Says:

    sarap naman ng last pic, sana tinnagal nalang niya yung brief para mas masarap.. yummy

  6. Tita Glo Says:

    me thinks anton is in japan.

  7. aj Says:

    my god hot pala xa nun….yummy

  8. kantoTEEN Says:

    bongga talaga ang blog mo migs…. may mga vintage hunks ka pang nalalaman, aside from the fresh hunks na pinifeature mo… mabuhay ka! sana itodo mo na, i-feature mo naman ung mga “ANTIQUE HUNKS” from dekada 80’s sina greggy liwag, gino antonio, mark joseph etc…. hehehehe!

  9. L.A Says:

    Shet 8 inch nga yata ayun sa last picture…

  10. josh Says:

    mas appeal siya nung younger years nya at kulot pa siya (last Photo). Yung 4th pix kamukha nya prisipe DEsu ng Jumoung (Jumuong na naman…hehehe)

  11. anglandiko Says:

    ang laki ang lakilaki naman ng bukol niya susundan ko siya sa japan and make super landi to him o anong say ninyo. sana you make feature here yong mas antique hunks of the 70’s na sina orestes ojeda, bembol roco, ernie garcia, marco sison, philip salvador, al tantay, junior hunks of the 80 ’s naman sina william martinez, tom babauta, patrick dela rosa, edgar mande, albert martinez, gabby concepcion, domingo sabado, mark gil, tony martinez, bobby benitez………na naka trunks sila ok.

  12. Lyka Bergen Says:

    Bongga! Feel ko sya dati sa mga Chika-Chika mags collection koh! Naala-ala ko tuloy kung gaano ako ka desperada noon. Ching!

  13. krissss Says:

    taga boni yan mga ate last 4yrs ago katira yan mapapit sa bahay namin yummy talaga sya kaso yung asawa ehhh madahera bilat…..

  14. randy Says:

    i believe he’s still in japan. i happen to see a pic of him liplocked with a beautiful transexual when i was having a foot spa in one of the parlors in cavite. the transexual who’s very pretty (could fool a lot of men) is the sister of the parlor’s owner. the last time i checked, his built is still the same during his showbiz heydays.

  15. peak fantasy Says:

    i met anton a year in november 1996, a year before he joined showbiz in 1997, at crossing mandaluyong, and i had him at a motel in was raining very hard, and i cant forget my ecstasy with him..his real name is lawrence mendrez, sa buting pasig pa sya nakatira nuon..average size sya but he is the best kisser sa mga guys na natikman ko..flawless sya and he kept on saying “you’re so good” sa laplapan namin at nung biniBJ ko sya…

  16. peak fantasy Says:

    his wife was pregnant that time..he introduced me to his wife na chinita when we met again after a week sa food court shangrila mall…a year later i saw his foto in a tabloid at anton bernardo na sya…kahit na average size sya, i think i would love many more repeats with him coz talagang sarap nya humalik at bango ng hininga nya…i wonder how i can locate him now??

  17. peak fantasy Says:

    migs, how about featuring that hunk who was elizabeth oropesa’s past squeeze? i think ramos ang family name nya..his first name escapes me now, but he was hot, brown and “mouthfully” delicious!!

  18. DENNIS Says:

    His name is DANNY RAMOS.

  19. erik Says:

    i saw an old pic of anton bernardo in his naked glory some years ago. i dont believe his is measured at 8 inches. mukhang 5 inches nga lang yun eh, baluktot pa

  20. peak fantasy Says:

    erik, i saw that too. that was a fake foto, kasi di naman baluktot ang kay anton e.

  21. what_boys_want Says:

    he’s really hot, especially with that flawless skin and that boyish smile.

  22. vince Says:

    peak fantasy, just curious. how did your tryst with anton come about? may nagpakilala ba sa iyo or you just happened to bump into each other at crossing at nagpropose siya sa iyo?

  23. Danny lim Says:

    Please do add on your vintage hunk the 80’s male hunks… Gino antonio, specially Tony Martinez. I had been searching the web for tony Martinez pictures to no avail. He had been my fantasy untill today. i will have your web advertised if you can put his sexy pics.

  24. peak fantasy Says:

    vince, before we met at crossing mandaluyong for our tryst, we got to know each other at mercury drug san joaquin, pasig, and exchanged phone numbers. that was in november 1996, at di pa uso masyadong uso ang pager nun..i think he has just left his job at megamall..i took the first step as he looked so attractive that many customers at mercury drug pasig stole glances at him..i stepped up and introduced myself, then set a date at starmall (previously manuela), had a few drinks of beer, then i had him at a pasig motel..anyone knows what keeps him busy now?

  25. vince Says:

    peak fantasy, thanks for the reply. grabe, i wish i had your guts to just step up to a complete stranger and ask for a date. hahahaha. then again, kung hindi mo ginawa yun, you would’ve regretted letting the moment slip you by. did he work for mercury drug also, or was he just a customer?

  26. peak fantasy Says:

    vince, no, lawrence mendrez (aka anton bernardo) was a customer at san joaquin mercury drug which was his logical stop as he was residing in nearby buting area..of course, i sucessfully established eye contact to convey my message and he reciprocated with a faint, sexy smile, and that was it…when we finally met up in crossing for our tryst, he was garbed in simple shirt and thigh-and-butt fitting jeans, it was raining hard after a few beers, and we drove straight to that pasig motel…he was in the right mood and had an easy come, muttering “ur so good ahh” everytime our lips and tounge locked in lustful clip, as i crushed his butt on top of me, and explored his gorgoeus body …ahh, how i wish i can have him again..after 11 years….!!

  27. vince Says:

    by the way, peak fantasy, did anton charge a “fee” for his “services?” or was it one of those “trip lang” experiences?

  28. peak fantasy Says:

    vince, in fairness to anton, he didn’t set any conditions when he slept with me..when we were about to check out, i shoved some P1000 into his pocket and he asked me what’s that for? i replied that’s his taxi money; he didn’t say anything nor fished it out to count. i said i wanted one more torrid kiss before we left the room and he obliged….i guess he merely wanted a release as his wife was pregnant and he later said he felt comfortable with me…alas, showbiz beckoned and i later learned he became a protege of maryo delos reyes…but looking at the movies he later made, i found him a lot sexier when i had him before he joined the movies…this is all for now…

  29. jerogat Says:

    i used to work for a boss who was open about his sexcapades. over lunch one time he told us workers how he went to some mall shop where anton was then a counter sales staff and anton was giving him the dirty eye. our boss just looked at us with a naughty smile, leaving us guessing if something ever happened between him and anton…

    well, a year later my boss was riding a jeep and he was looking at a tabloid the person beside him was reading. in the showbiz page he saw none other than the guy who gave him the dirty eye, now being introduced as anton bernardo…

  30. romah Says:

    mas malaki ang kargada ni danny ramos kay sa kay anton, i think danny is in japan also working as hosto, he starred in sibak and he was great, pero hindi pa rin nya nagawang tunay na eba si beth oropesa kahit dakoya na sya, dahil ang lola nyo kepyas pa rin ang hanap

  31. fattyacid Says:

    gosh nung highschool days ko (circa late 90’s), he’s one of the hottest bold stars. me and my gay classmates would fancy over him and how big his **** was.

    i remember maraming gay magazines on circulation during that time…then biglang nawala hahaha.

  32. Tats Marquez Says:

    Anton is still sexy!

  33. Donn Says:

    Anton Bernardo is seen from time to time in “Impostora”, one of the leading GMA Kapuso telebabad. In the series, he’s hunting Sara [Izza Calzado] who accidentally ruined the face of his sister [Anna Larrucea].

  34. ap Says:

    2 words.
    bikini wax.

  35. ariel Says:

    ilov you anton.matagal n kitang pantasya.sana makita kita in longing for you

  36. george Says:

    Question: why are we so hung up about “inches”? Does it matter really? If you like the guy, you will like “it” no matter what size.

    or I am just an idot for raising this issue? Walang lang.

  37. leeroy Says:

    mga ate i had the chance to meet this anton back in the days when he was still working at landmark perfumery department. i was buying CK and he was the one who attended to me. he’s effin hot!! ang lakas ng dating because not only he was tall, he’s got a very nice bod and the best ass i’ve ever seen. masculine bubble butt. sobrang tambok!!he was teasing me for sure. he gave me his pager number and we communicated for a while. finally, we decided to meet after his work sa tapat ng cinderella just across landmark (wala pang glorietta nun) di ako nakasipot i had an emergency. hindi na siya na page since then. nagalit ata. couple of months later nasalubong ko siya also in makati with a girl na buntis. he looked at me nagulat din ako but we never said hi. the next thing i know nag artista na siya because i saw his pictures sa mga magazines yung chika chika. looking back, nanghihinayang ako. he’s my ideal guy na maka do. di ko man lang natikman ang lolo nyo. sayang sabi nga kanta.

  38. ninio Says:

    anton is simply adorable!

  39. Ben Says:

    Hello! Good day po! may I humbly ask you some naked pictures of our Philippine actors like Anton Bernardo, Dante Balboa & etc. paano ko po ba makontak sila? Please lang po. marami pong salamat…

  40. Zeeke Says:

    Ben, did Migs or anyone send you nude pics of any of the Philippine Actors? Can I ask too?

  41. Zeeke Says:

    Bytheway, just in case someone has any please send it to

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