Emilio Garcia, vintage hunk


vin·tage [vin-tij]
1. an exceptionally fine wine from the crop of a good year.
2. representing the high quality of a past time: vintage cars; vintage movies.
3. old-fashioned or obsolete: vintage jokes.
4. being the best of its kind: They praised the play as vintage O’Neill.

A hunk of the yesteryears, Emilio Garcia can (in my opinion) still pass as yummy to a lot of us here… may asim pa rin ang lolo.

More pictures ahead.







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29 Responses to “Emilio Garcia, vintage hunk”

  1. anton maton Says:

    oo panalo siya!

  2. chad Says:

    hindi na siya binibigyan ng sexy roles dahil medyo tumaba na siguro but yeah he’s still hot. i love his face.

  3. Kaleena Says:

    MIGS, I officially love you! Matagal nako nagpaparinig sayo about Emilio. Do you have any high-res copies of these pics? Ultimate daddy ko sya! Gano katindi ang lust ko sa kanya? I can die after I have him. I think the age and added heft add more to his sexiness. At ang kilikili, panalo! Is Miguel Garcia coming up next, dear Migs?

  4. Ares of UAE Says:

    Panalong panalo nga. Ang sarap ng lolo. He can give a lot of the young guys out there a run for their money!

    The second picture is the best in this set. Grabeh! Hhehehe. Kaleena, akin na lang sya pede?

  5. Kaleena Says:

    Ares, asa ka pa. High school pa lang ako pinagpapantasyahan ko na to si Daddy Emilio. Perfect ang katawan. Hindi todo muscles pero firm pa rin. At ang kapal ng braso, sarap isubsob ng face ko sa armfits nya!

  6. Angelo Says:

    Pinapantasya ko rin yang si Emilio nun, well, hanggang ngayon din naman. haha. Ganyan body type/frame gusto ko. Pareho tayo ng type pala Kaleena.

  7. Ares of UAE Says:

    Kaleena please naman akin na lang sya!

    Di ba gusto mo naman si Miguel Garcia (kung sino man sya) sya na lang sayo!



  8. riffraff2000 Says:

    yeah, he’s very do-able. But help me out guys, zino zyah?

  9. Ares of UAE Says:

    Taray mo naman Kaleena.

    Sige na nga sayo na sya! Hmmmmp! Maghahanap na lang ako ng iba!

    Pero if you change your mind ha…

  10. KittyQT Says:

    Purrrrrr, nabigay ang hilig ni Kaleena! I think your age is around…hmmm…hwag na lang kasi respect your elders daw, hehe!

  11. Kaleena Says:

    25 pa lang ako. High school ako ng sumikat yang si Emilio. At todo pantasya ako sa kanyang mananam-nanam na kilikili eversince.

  12. psyche68 Says:

    I think Emilio Garcia will always be one of those most desired actor (like Gabby Concepcion).

  13. cast Says:

    more vintage guys Migs…..

  14. andrew Says:

    Masarap nga tong si Emilio. Sayang lang medyo pa-sweet pa sya sa mga pix. Hindi man lang magpakita ng konting bakat o magpasilip ng ulo ng t*ti o kaya b*yag o kaya pubes man lang. Laging safe ang pix. Di gaya ni Juan Carlos Castro.

    Migz, pa-feature naman po si JC Castro, hehe! Salamas. :P

  15. mykel Says:

    Bakit sa last pic parang walang masyadong bulges???? Parang nabuhusan ng malamig na tubig ata kaya umurong…

  16. Danny lim Says:

    Please do add on your vintage hunk the 80’s male hunks… Gino antonio, specially Tony Martinez. I had been searching the web for tony Martinez pictures to no avail. He had been my fantasy untill today. i will have your web advertised if you can put his sexy pics.

  17. jemmahh Says:

    i also like emilio.

  18. jerogat Says:

    You know guys, I lived in the neighborhood where Emilio lived for a while, playing basketball in the nearby court where he played, having my hair cut at the same parlor where he had his. Waiter pa lang siya at that time for a popular restaurant. Either bulag ako at that time or I just wasn’t observing well…

    We didn’t know each other, but he was a familiar neighborhood guy. Then, all of a sudden, nadiscover siya and the entire neighborhood was like, “oy, kapitbahay namin si emilio garcia!”. The guy used to be fetched by his manager’s driver for whatever shoot there was, tapos soemtime later, while having my hair cut, aba may car na si emilio! it was a second hand thing, but wow, u could see the pride of that guy… how proud he was. the nice thing about this guy is that even when he was already sikat, di lumaki ulo niya, he continued living in our jologs neighborhood for some time, apparently saving for his own place. and he continued being friends with everybody. ive left that place na rin, and i think emilio deserves all the success he’s gotten.

    now guys, just imagine those days when he was still playing basketball, in sando and shorts…. boyish, boyish emilio… ahh, those were the days….

  19. romah Says:

    i think nakakalbo na si emilio pero animalistic pa rin

  20. Marlon Says:

    yan ang board member namin d2 sa san pedro! gwaping yan sa personal!

  21. Pravilno Says:

    One of the finest…

  22. TraViz Says:

    There are a lot of emilio starrers in vcd, he’s one of the yummiest and most manly actors we had…Migs, can you also feature Jestoni Alarcon, Leandro Baldemor, Raul Zaragoza and Gino Antonio and Illustre in your future posts?

  23. Jake Says:

    Thanks sa website na ‘to, at last may pics na ko to keep ng number 1 crush kong ‘to…and for you Cutie Hot EMil, you’re getting hotter and hotter and days goes by…

  24. Bewired Says:

    whew! i think he’s hot… who is he?

  25. paa Says:

    one of the best talaga. complete package :)

  26. karlito Says:

    yeah he’s hot =)

  27. lovely Says:

    yeah right!!he’s totally HOT!!hmm..actually he look like my present boyfriend..hahah.really i’m not kidding.

  28. lovely Says:

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”to my “BABY RAM”he’s already 23 now!!he actually look like “EMILIO GARCIA”luv it!!

  29. Pepron Says:

    very real and humble!…met him before…

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